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Celestial Stars
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Nova is an alien on the human planet, Fanfer. She is in the custody of the government. In other words, she is a prisoner, along with her younger brother Nakrill and her friend Hope.

(more »)
God's Dilemma
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Welcome to the day in the life of God, the Creator of the Universe. Join the Divine, nonchalant Creator as he takes you through an average day in Heaven and the certain tasks of running the Universe. (more »)
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Far away on the outer rim planets lies a mysterious threat known only as the "Ethereal" Its up to Captain Alan Ryke to defeat this unknown threat. (more »)
The Andromeda Fall
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The Martian Colonies (humans) have found stupid excuses to start a war. The Andromeda, an imperial flagship, leads the biggest space fleet to suppress this revolution. Yet in the event of the Andromeda Fall, a new war sparks up. (more »)
A girl has always dreamed about flying through the stars. One day she meets a star named Sora and they go on a quest to find his father. (more »)
Leaving Earth
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A fast paced novel about four teenagers training to go to mars. (more »)
Disrupting the Woods
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A man leaves a dysfunctional relationship looking for adventure, only to encounter a mysterious woman who forces herself on him in a strange forest. (more »)
Mars Mission
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Mars! The next frontier and the location of our adventure. Follow two teams through the story of our exploration of Mars. And others'. (more »)
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Zane, a Martian boy with problems. His parents, uncaring. The society he lives in dangerous and unpredictable. And soon, his world is about to come crashing down around him. (more »)
To Link the Cosmos
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Reese and Alec live in two different worlds that are somehow connecter. One day they meet by fate, and embark on a journey of the mind and home to find the true reality of their lives. (more »)
Stagnant Space Travel
A boy is kidnapped from his home on Earth and must adapt and escape from Mars as he needs to get home. (more »)
From Where We Started
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This wasn’t something I could travel back in time and stop myself. This was a mistake I had to bear. The destruction of an entire race! (more »)
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A soldier tries to regain his conscience and ability to feel normal humans things after being brainwashed into a mindless war machine by a mercenary company. (more »)
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Meet Thomas Thatcher, a thirteen year old runaway who simply wants nothing more than a home, but finds himself caught up in an other-worldly adventure to save the lives of many, in the process discovering where home really is. (more »)
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Lacerta Drovadoria- known as Lacey Darwin on planet Earth- is on a mission from the Stars to find her Destined Partner. Nick Slade needs a way out of his current life. Two worlds collide, and they can never be torn apart. (more »)
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Sylvia belong to the Corporation, a world with microchipped people being controlled. But what if someone were to escape? (more »)

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