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My shaking hand runs up and down the side of my head. Thick thread lines the hard surface and suddenly I realize what this is.
There is a mask sewn onto my face. A MASK.

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Take Me Anywhere
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He is a heartbroken man with coffee stained lips.
She is an intelligent woman with the world in her eyes.

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All That You Have is Your Soul
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Isabel's on her way to see her dead mother. Joe's on his way to somewhere, he guesses. And when they meet, nothing much happens, really.   

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The Void
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"Take off the blindfolds" someone said as I gained consciousness once again... (more »)
River Of broken Dreams
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Ciana(China) is abused by her father Nathan, along with her brother Adan. Adan is leavening for a life of a sailor. His best friend, Brice is always there for them. Ciana is abused more when her brother is away for the littlest things. (more »)
How Rare and Beautiful it Truly is that we exist
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Alice and her sister Mae are always together; or is it all in her head? (more »)
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The Secret World of the American Vampire
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There are so many secrets surrounding the Saunders'but to add to all this, the Saunders’ are one of the most prestigious families in Vampiric society and in this world reputation means everything. (more »)
Electric Night
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A girl is stuck in a world where she has to earn the right to control her own life. (more »)
Give Me Sanity? Just ... not yet.
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Sarah's got Goblin King on the brain, as usual. Question is does he realize how far gone she really is? ;) A series of drabble-like snap shots of Sarah's inner fantasy world.

Rated M for mature themes.

I'm keeping... (more »)
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❝We refuse to see how bad something is until it completely destroys us❞ (more »)
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A red coat. A sick grandmother. A murderous illusion.
The better to frighten you with, my dear. (more »)
What's seen from atop the buildings
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Blair meets a boy named Oliver, and it's what you expect of a teen romance novel. That is, up until the plot twist. (more »)
Double Life
Short story about two brothers, twins, who have grown up to be two very different men. Brian, the younger of the two is sick of living in his brother's shadow and has finally reached his breaking point. (more »)
Mimic of a Beat
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A Short Story for Young Adult Readers about a soldiers longing to be with his wife in war stricken New York where he phases in an out of dreams. (more »)
Loving My Dearest Enemy
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He just had to answer my riddle with beef. I just had to punch him in the face. I just had to fall in love. Dear lord,... help me. (more »)
The Mermaid's Kiss
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When Auril catches his first glimpse of one of the mysterious merpeople, everything changes... (more »)

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