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The Void
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"Take off the blindfolds" someone said as I gained consciousness once again... (more »)
Cybertron:the darkness before
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Before the war, before Cybertron's destruction, they were known as Megatronus and Orion, brother in spirit, but destined to become the most prominent figures in time, and worst enemies. This is their story. (more »)
Star Trek the Next Generation: Mitosis
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What happens when Westley Crusher is infected with an unknown virus after a peace treaty with the Romulans. (more »)
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In a dystopian future, Jasper Pyrite is one of the lucky candidates to compete for the title, "ultimate indifference." (more »)
By , la quinta, CA
The world is slowly falling apart, self-destructing as the climate changes. Nothing is as it seems. Who knew humanity could be so dangerous? (more »)
Electric Night
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A girl is stuck in a world where she has to earn the right to control her own life. (more »)
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Far away on the outer rim planets lies a mysterious threat known only as the "Ethereal" Its up to Captain Alan Ryke to defeat this unknown threat. (more »)
Section Three
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Section Three is a dark place that no man or woman would want to be sent to. It tells outsiders that these people are insane or a mistake in society. (more »)
Case Study 001
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This short story follows the medical journey of several science experiments that were implemented during the 1980's. (more »)
New year's blood
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The year is 1899.
'Two opposites will be brought here, when the Webb has fallen, to decide the fate of the city.' (more »)
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Loder Voss ventures down to the ravaged world of Terra with her team of specialists, only to find herself thrown into an environment of turmoil and confusion. (more »)
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Jo has to move, again...but this time, she has to leave her home planet. What can she do when she is faced with secrets she doesn't want unveiling? (more »)
A Twist on Reality.
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Have you read The Outsiders and loved it? Well than you'll this science fiction adventure where they team up with Alissa Hagen and follow on a mission to see what the heck is going on! (more »)
To Link the Cosmos
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Reese and Alec live in two different worlds that are somehow connecter. One day they meet by fate, and embark on a journey of the mind and home to find the true reality of their lives. (more »)
From Where We Started
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This wasn’t something I could travel back in time and stop myself. This was a mistake I had to bear. The destruction of an entire race! (more »)
Model 33Alpha
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A malfunctioning robot, or perhaps something more. (more »)

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