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No One Likes A Liar, Mr. Holmes...
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This is based off a prompt I was given: Irene convinces Sherlock to wear a collar for her, nothing else, and in return she owes him.... Anything. She also gives him a time-limit to get ready- 30 minutes.

(more »)
The Difference Between Diversions
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A burnt and disfigured face leaves Mari Knox with a cynical outlook on the world. Jack Merrick's family is falling apart. What happens when the two high school freshmen cross paths? (more »)
The Alternative: Chapters 1-5
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Sam Summerton is going to die. But he doesn't want to. He wishes he could take everything back, let go of the past, redeem himself. He does not want to die after living such a shameful life. Fortunately for him, there is an alternative... (more »)
The Last Fight
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With Natalie in a state of depression, it seems like any fight that breaks out will end the wrong way. Azex brings a challenge, but will it truely be the last battle? (more »)
The Kingdom of Kandolia
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Angel was born in one world and hears the grievances of her death from another.
There is no doubt that The Kingdom of Kandolia is a mystery, but it is also a spiritual combination of friendship and love; and the meaning behind the two. (more »)
Just a Dream?
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You wake up, but you don't know where you are. The only thing you know is that there is a strange little girl who needs your help. (more »)
A Thousand Miles
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A girl wakes up in a cell with no memory of anything else. In a scene of madness, she meets Jared, an ordinary boy who is supposedly able to help her. Can she trust him? (more »)
Forever and a Half
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Georgina Fitzgerald reflects on her rebellious teenage years in Greenwich, CT, filled with love, hate, drugs, alcohol, sex, and death. (more »)
Letters From The Front
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This is a short story about a World War 2 soldier fighting in France just after D-day. The story includes his fight as his Regiment nears St. Lo and the struggles of his love at home as seen in their letters. (more »)
As the faucet drips...
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Hi, my name is Remy, I'm 17 years old, a girl, and I run.
All the time.
I run.
Just running from everything.
Along the way, I meet people. I see things. I do things.
And, uh, this is my story. (more »)
Creatures of Fear
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Narration is taken from the point of view of the ancient Greek Author of the Fates, Veronika, who is curse with humanity after speaking to an infant. She spends 1,121 years with a girl who was cursed by her father, Leo the Wise. (more »)
Hún Jörð
The story follows Luka Dzarewic, a theology major from Manhattan who thirsts for spiritual knowledge. He comes across a Nordic cult, 'The Church of the Mother.' He is intrigued, but is worried once he finds an ominous video on their website. (more »)
The Kassy Jones Chronicles & The Time A God...
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The Chronicles of Kassy Jones & is a six part book series that follows our heroine, Kassy Jones and her journey through being a teenager (more »)
Without the Body, the Soul Lives
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A collection of poems and prose related to my concentration for my portfolio about the difference between a soul and a body. (more »)
Rabbitfoot Elementary
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A little girl faces life and death while being held hostage in a school shooting. (more »)
It's just happening
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It's Just Happening is mainly about an adolescent teen looking for her place in the world. She has a helpless mom, a crab of a step dad, a job to juggle to put food on the table and the awful symptoms of love occurring. (more »)

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