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Lurking Shadows (Completed edition)
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People say "Blood is thicker than water." however, the original saying is, "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb." and while my family wishes I was gone, the friends I've chosen are here to stay. Or at least I hope so. (more »)
Just Leave
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Olivia and James are close. They consider each other siblings, as they have a lot in common. Will they run away? Will they run away together? (more »)
Love Lost
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A classic country girl and city boy fall for each other, but with a twist. (more »)
Who Am I
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Alex Black must travel across America to save the country. Not knowing who he is, he is forced to trust someone he doesn't know in order to accomplish what he knows he must do. (more »)
Astria's Nightmare
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My hands and up to my elbows were coated in red my clothes had splotches of the red here and there and one giant splat on my stomach are of my shirt...No. They were looking at the red. They were looking at the blood. (more »)
The Last Fight
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With Natalie in a state of depression, it seems like any fight that breaks out will end the wrong way. Azex brings a challenge, but will it truely be the last battle? (more »)
If Only
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If only he made most of his time while he had her.
If only he loved her for who she was.
If only she realized she was perfect for him. (more »)
The Locket Under the Sea
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After scavenging through the abandoned box, she discovers a beautiful silver locket that has a name printed in it.
It was her name: Emma Butler! (more »)
love can be a killer
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its a story that may happens to any one of us (more »)
The Girl Who Cried Ugly
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A twist on Alice and Wonderland. A story that will make you ask yourself what true beauty is. (more »)
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Tiffany Miller is getting older now, but still runs into trouble. She must use her mind and her insecurities to rescue her family. (more »)
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Tiffany Miller is a child with an empathetic sense, a photographic memory, and an incredible database of information. Can she brave the elements of social interaction? (more »)
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"Why do you hide behind that costume?" he asked me one day.

"I don't want you to know who I am," I responded. "I prefer to keep my reputation intact." (more »)
The Kingdom of Kandolia
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Angel was born in one world and hears the grievances of her death from another.
There is no doubt that The Kingdom of Kandolia is a mystery, but it is also a spiritual combination of friendship and love; and the meaning behind the two. (more »)
Into the Lightening
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I heard muffled snores coming from their room. I rose from my bed, stopped and cringed when the floor creaked under step. I waited till I heard snoring again, slipped the bag over my shoulders, and then gingerly crept from my room. (more »)
Waiting For Darkness
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The beast in front turned his horse around, whipped out his sword and just quick enough for Celia to blink he severed the head from the beast clean off (more »)

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