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Daring to Save the World
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What happens when aliens invade Earth and only one million children are left to save it from the clutches of evil droids?

(more »)
Once Upon An Adventure
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This is a Sofia the First fanfiction parody writtten for Sofia the First fans. (more »)
A Twist of Fate
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What if you were born with a necklace that led you to your soulmate? (more »)
The Fear Family
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A Wierd Family with a weird curse placed on them. From death and secrets to silence and lies. Will they be able to break the curse before another innocent life is taken? (more »)
Keep Running
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Tyler is a girl with a hard past. She ran away from her life. After changing her name and finding a job, she is fine. James was part of Tye's past. He looks for her. Little does he know, she is right in front of him. (Sequel to Just Leave) (more »)
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The Merits war is over, and it is 16 years later. Meet their childern as they go through the repeat in history. (more »)
The Difference Between Diversions
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A burnt and disfigured face leaves Mari Knox with a cynical outlook on the world. Jack Merrick's family is falling apart. What happens when the two high school freshmen cross paths? (more »)
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It's hard to escape something that is inevitable. This short story expresses the thoughts and feelings as well as the memories of our hero as he literally walks towards his inevitable fate. (more »)
Lost With Romeo
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I looked pointedly down at my desk while in my peripheral vision I could see him leaning back in his chair, cheekily smiling while waving. I slammed my head on the desk and sighed. (more »)
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A Cry For Help
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Jessica Suarez A Girl who loves to meet new people just might have a frighting meet with death. Is she going to Find help in time or will she end up meeting her worst nightmare? (more »)
There Are Worse Things I Could Do
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"In today's society, there is a single structure you are supposed to abide by. A set of rules not connected the government, but to the way people believe we should live." (more »)
Death Creek
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Emma Williams and her friends are going to a mysterious place called death creek. Little do they know that they are dying off; who could be behind this? (more »)
The Alternative: Chapters 1-5
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Sam Summerton is going to die. But he doesn't want to. He wishes he could take everything back, let go of the past, redeem himself. He does not want to die after living such a shameful life. Fortunately for him, there is an alternative... (more »)
Never Say Goodbye
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Sasha Smiths have been depress because she has cancer and she always says she would never find a boy to love her or like her. But all that change when she moved out in California. (more »)
The First Chrononaut
Eugene is a young scientist that has created the world's first time machine. However, during a trial run of his new invention, he learns that the near future is nothing like he expected. (more »)
Blank Pages
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This story is based and is actually my life, its my struggle as a homeless teenage girl and how I soon had found peace at last. (more »)

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