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Tell Me What Love Is
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Would you know love when you've got it? Do you even know what it is?

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Ephemeral Nothingness
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In a reality that isn’t real, where feelings and memories fade into nothingness, a university psychology student discovers a paradox that shakes the foundations of his existence. 

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Escaping Reality
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Ashlinn is a girl who loves to daydream and submerge into her own world. But suddenly her world is flipped around and her fairytale is replaced by a living nightmare.

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The Boy with the Violet Eyes
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I exhaled, realizing I had been holding my breath. His expression softened and he took my face into his hands. He leaned forward and softly kissed my forehead. I blinked and he was gone.

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Blank Pages
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This story is based and is actually my life, its my struggle as a homeless teenage girl and how I soon had found peace at last. (more »)
By , middleton, NY
It was said, or rather, unsaid, that admitting one’s illness, even to oneself, would drive you to irredeemable insanity. You will soon be dead. For you see, this is a disease of the mind. (more »)
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Chain Reactions
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Lives unexpectedly collide for better and for worse. (more »)
The Glitch in Number 104
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Charles Dillinger retraces his past as he tracks down the killer of the Monroe family. (more »)
Of Eve
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When in the course of day, tears run down thy face and lets the world know of thy disgrace. Real World Problems (more »)
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Far away on the outer rim planets lies a mysterious threat known only as the "Ethereal" Its up to Captain Alan Ryke to defeat this unknown threat. (more »)
The Violet Hour
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I'm flying, I'm falling, I'm locked up, I'm crying (more »)
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Gamers from all over the world get stuck in a virtual universe. It has been 2 years since it happened and things are starting to get even stranger with the captive players that fight for their lives in the virtual world. (more »)
Solar Winds
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This is a bit of Firefly fan fiction, about events taking place after Serenity ends. (more »)
My Travelogue
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A novel about my tour of potential colleges. (more »)
Breathe No More
A 17 year old boy who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and is being compelled to do things by his personalities. (more »)
The Truth
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There is a fine line between realities in the mind. Which one is the truth? (more »)

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