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Deja Vu
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I man, regular in every sense, is given a power over his future. He's about to discover that, despite his power, his future is completely out of his control (more »)
Jane Doe
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Jane Doe lives a comfortable life attending the world's most prestigious boarding school when Peter Grey appears in her life, and everything comes crashing down around her. (more »)
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Life is Not A Game
The story of a young girl who discovers a whole new world ahead of her. Can she conquer this new land and save it from an evil that is spreading fast, seeking to destroy all? (more »)
R & B
This book is about the adventures of The Golden Children, aka Children of various gods. They all live up in the sky in a big castle among a fast moving city with big potential. (more »)
The Daisy Chain
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In a country destroyed by war and opposition, the rebel’s son and the government general’s daughter form an unlikely alliance. (more »)
The Directors
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A young teenage girl must find her way through the trials of her first year of high school while fighting an ancient evil. (more »)
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Aria awakens, and finds a whole new side of the world she thought she knew. Earth. Air. Fire. Water. How far is she willing to go to protect those she loves? (more »)
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I wanted to thrash around, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t call for help, all I could do was lay there, in more pain than I have ever been in in my entire life. (more »)
Prometheus Thy Name is Captain
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Godhood has always been out of man's grasp. But when people are given the chance to become like gods the question is who will keep their humanity? (more »)
The Story of The Forgotten Universe
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Power is something that people should not take for granted its should be something that is earned. No matter how you gain power it will always comeback to stab you in the back. (more »)
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Within a military hangar a new generation of super-soldiers breeds. Their powers the likes of nothing the world has ever seen. Tensions run high and some experiments believe that there is a life for them beyond training and their future call of duty. (more »)
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Casey had always wondered what the red light in the lights of her school were for. Now she knows. Do you? (more »)
The survivor
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From coping with their new powers and other visitors, to trying to figure out who stole your clothes while you were bathing in the waterfall. How will Anthony and his 7 government reject friends survive on Island 6? (more »)
The Voice.
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A girl wakes to no memory, no name, no idea of who is; just that is had been kidnapped. Confused and scared she begins to hear a voice, is important to her she knows, but how? (more »)
Clairia: A World That is, Yet isn't Home
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Clairia has a hard life; only a few close friends understand her, and not even her own parents accept who she is. Her pain is-wait? That isn't her real life? Turns out the life she really should have been living is a lot more difficult and painful. (more »)

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