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DNA Infection
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Eight college students are fighting to live in a world of chaos. An infection has broken out all over the world. At the end of they day it will only be about who can pull the trigger first. (more »)
Dezriel and Jassie
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Two girls find each other at a concert, one saving her from sex demons, while the other finds out she's an angel. (Not finished yet) (more »)
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17 year old Matt narrates the last 2 months of his life during a zombie apocalypse, along with his girlfriend Cara, and friends Jay, Allie, Darcy, and Danny, learning how to understand what their last hours will be like. (more »)
Hexually Active
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What happens when a 17 year old finds out she's a witch? A whole lot of nonsense. (more »)
Two Days To Colorado
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Every think about all those downloads you make? Have you ever thought they those downloads could be the start of an apocalypse that would leave no survivors, The Zombie Apocalypse. (more »)
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In a world with technology and magic, you'd think there'd be less personal trouble with all this chaos going on. You'd be wrong, especially when considering Salvador, a bounty hunter with an obscure past. Drama, action, comedy, and romance. (more »)
Extant: Part Two
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After being shuttled off the main airship carrying the human race, Deirdre crash-lands on a mysterious alien planet. (more »)
Extant: Part One
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At the warning of the destruction of the earth by a meteor, all humans over forty are shuttled out into space on airships headed toward the Alpha Centauri galaxy. (more »)
Bar Dynasty
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It's been ten years since the Gang Uprising began. It's been four years since Annika started contributing to the cause. And it only takes a few minutes for her to realise that things need to change. Now. (more »)
Unconquerable Soul (Previously known as Duty:...
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It's been 80 years since the Chaos left the world in ashes, and everyone likes to think the new society will stay perfect and peaceful forever. But they couldn't be more wrong. (more »)
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He took our Cidy. We want it back. (more »)
Make Waves
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The biggest fear in America has gone from heights and death, to the ocean. Somethings gone wrong, towns are getting wiped off the map, and people are getting killed. (more »)
Year 2013
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In the game of life and death, Nekola and her 4 friends must fight for their lives. How will they survive in a world of death? (more »)
Fallen One's Vengence
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In the secret preparation of the coming apocalypse The Queen appoints her heir for the next generation of cursed humans living their second lives on the decaying earth (more »)
Past Apocalypses
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Did you ever want to know the story of the few survivors from after the Great Zombie Attack? Here's your chance! Read about the romance, blood and gore after the shook of finding your loved ones dead wears off. (more »)
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Have you ever stopped to think what the world would be like if vampires took over and made humans their slaves? (more »)
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