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From the Recollections of Nothing at All
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Memories are the reason that we are what we are. If memories are tampered with, what happens to an individual's world? What becomes of their experiences, emotions, joys, sorrows, achievements...? (more »)
Lurking Shadows (Completed edition)
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People say "Blood is thicker than water." however, the original saying is, "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb." and while my family wishes I was gone, the friends I've chosen are here to stay. Or at least I hope so. (more »)
The Alliance of Three Kingdoms: The King's...
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The unlikely team of Samuel and William must assemble again. The stakes are high, for the Warrior King's Life may be at stake, all the decisions at the hands of William's father. (more »)
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The only thing twenty-two-year-old Candace Madoc and sixteen-year-old Allie Cross have in common is the worldwide mass murder of over a hundred people. Candace, the cause. Allie, a victim. Fictional character Violet, their worst nightmare. (more »)
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Lily Gonestar has always known she was… different. But nothing prepared her for the strange and unusual life, adventures and experiences. Lily is a Penneastrum (more »)
Time Lord
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Lincoln Colthurst: the Doctor. Ever heard of Doctor Who? This is the story of a non-traditional Doctor, who cares more than he shows. An action-packed adventure full of detailed descriptions, drama, romance, and of course, the T.A.R.D.I.S!! (more »)
Path of the Waves: The Tale of Caleb Morrings
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In the tumultuous years preceding the War of 1812, Caleb Morrings is an American Navy-man who is pressed into service under the British Flag. Follow his journey to the USS Chesapeake as the seas erupt in some of the most important battles of the war. (more »)
Marriage isn't for Me
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An elderly wife tells her story of the love of a lifetime, and how they made it through each challenge they faced together. (more »)
Daily Breád
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Tragedy strikes and leaves John all alone. He is then reunited with his best friend and someone he should remember but won't. (more »)
To Die a Samurai
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Set in feudal Japan, a young samurai lord thwarts an attempt on the emperor's life. (more »)
!!CAUTION:Handle With Care!!
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Arihanna has never really seen a healthy relationship,she never lets a guy get to her heart.
What happens when A perfect guy struts into her life and chips away at her heart's shield?

Will she let him love her? (more »)
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Through The Eyes Of A Foxhound
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Maximus Dare is the loyal Foxhound of Ananias and Eleanor Dare, settlers in the new Roanoke Colony, can they survive living in the new world? (more »)
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You'll have to read it to understand it. (more »)
The New Beginning
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Mutants are taking over the world and they have a mean hunger for human flesh. Can a few of the last survivors continue surviving? Or will they be taken down one by one? (more »)
The Spark of a Leader
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Imagine a world where you may be born with a magical ability that lets you control the elements. A world where magic is found in small crystal spheres that only the powerful can use. (more »)
The Test
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Eric Witherford has just turned thirteen, and now it is time for him to take the "Test" which is a written test to become a man. (more »)

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