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Fragments of Memory
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Somethings are better left unrevealed. On a trip back to her mother's homeland, one girl discovers memories that were supposed to be forgotten long ago. Now she knows too much.

(more »)
Into the Lightening
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I heard muffled snores coming from their room. I rose from my bed, stopped and cringed when the floor creaked under step. I waited till I heard snoring again, slipped the bag over my shoulders, and then gingerly crept from my room. (more »)
Between Two Worlds
This is the story of a man who goes on a quest to look for the girl he is caring for when she goes missing. Instead, he ends up having to save the world from demons after he gets transported to a whole new universe. (more »)
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A conflict between the gods has broken out. Over what? A mortal woman has been the subject of interest to the gods. Who is she? What is she? (more »)
The Sky's the Limit
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A love arrow causes a mortal to fall in love with a goddess, putting her in danger with the Olympian law. When she secretly goes to Earth to break the spell, she finds herself torn between following tradition and her growing attraction. (more »)
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A story of a girl who falls in love with a man who is anything but mortal. Will their love stand the test of time; overcome betrayal, deception, jealousy, lies, and above all, mortality?
Can it be her choice, to not to be swept away? (more »)
Death Falling
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Aeron was a smart, quiet boy. But that all changes when he is called to take Thanatos's place at the Doors of Death, and to become a god. (more »)
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Legends of Azaria: Catalyst
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One minute Zephyra is being woken up in the dead of night to find her home under attack, in the next, she wakes up to find herself in Quatrares; the home of the Gods. (more »)
The Directors
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A young teenage girl must find her way through the trials of her first year of high school while fighting an ancient evil. (more »)
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Ancient Hawaiian tribes still survive today on the tropical islands. Two tribes are on the brink of devastating war when the heavenly gods start to get involved. Everything goes downhill from there. (more »)
Unlocking Alterdon (Short Story)
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When Faith is taken to Ireland to look for a lost civilization's literature a storm forces her to make a peroulus jump, which lands her in Alterdon. (more »)
Books Of Wonder
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This might sound like some Doctor Who stuff, I've never watched it before. Written for a friend who is obsessed with the show. (more »)
Legacy of Dawn
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The four daughters of the Mediterranean Goddess of hope Siren have to over throw their mother, who has been corrupted by a traitor . Will they save the way of the Gods or be destroyed by their mother and her army. (more »)
Bonds Between Worlds: The Cheater of Death
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Kyle never really had much of excitement until the day both his life and the world changed forever. (more »)
Disappearance at the River...
Men are disappearing without a trace and Zell and his mongoose, Bindi, seem to have the odds in their favor to figure out what's happening, but the road to figure out the mystery, is more dangerous than they thought. (more »)
Don't Freak, But I Might Be a God
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I need to get my story out there. Me and my friends, we are traveling the world, finding others like us. Oh, did I mention we're reincarnations of gods? Yeah, that's kinda important. (more »)

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