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In this book detective James Abdul finds himself inserted into a secret society that is part of a world wide plot. (more »)
Between Two Worlds
This is the story of a man who goes on a quest to look for the girl he is caring for when she goes missing. Instead, he ends up having to save the world from demons after he gets transported to a whole new universe. (more »)
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Paul once lived a normal life, but when his mother passes away, his whole life goes to hell from an ignoring father and violent brother. So, he's sent to an academy called SunWorm where he must spend the rest of his life until his college years! (more »)
'Round The Way Girl
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Luz has been imprisoned for a crime she didn't commit. Her husband, Lucky is the head of a dangerous MOB. As all secrets unravel, will Luz risk her life to save herself and the people she loves? Lucky's hiding something huge, and no one's safe. (more »)
Inside My Mind
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Action and romance that never cease. A new concept in every chapter! Simply impossible to put down! (more »)
Living on the edge of fear-short story
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In Vineville, Joanna York discovers a ominous disease that will change her life forever. (more »)
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A conflict between the gods has broken out. Over what? A mortal woman has been the subject of interest to the gods. Who is she? What is she? (more »)
The Sky's the Limit
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A love arrow causes a mortal to fall in love with a goddess, putting her in danger with the Olympian law. When she secretly goes to Earth to break the spell, she finds herself torn between following tradition and her growing attraction. (more »)
The Lion Tamer
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After spending her life under the big top, riding a giant cat for a living, Jessamy didn't think that something as simple as a nightmare could shake her. But for the lion tamer, a horrifying dream could be more dangerous than anyone expected. (more »)
Chasing The Dealer
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Different points of views tell the story of three spies and 1 Headquarters on a mission. (more »)
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A story of a girl who falls in love with a man who is anything but mortal. Will their love stand the test of time; overcome betrayal, deception, jealousy, lies, and above all, mortality?
Can it be her choice, to not to be swept away? (more »)
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It looked like just an ordinary painting in repulsive Aunt Margaret's large creepy house. But then I discovered something amazing about it . . . (more »)
Divine Retribution
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A knight that slays demons has to save his own life from his king and his scribe and find a way to save his kingdom as well as finding a way to love the forbidden girl. Written in mostly old English. (more »)
Trapped Inside
Bill is an average boy that comes from a rich neighborhood in LA. Although his life seems perfect,he still has trouble fitting in school. (more »)
A Stranger in The Bushes
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Lindsay Corbet gets the shock of her life when her ex-boyfriend, Jeremiah McCool comes back to town and weird things start happening to her. strange phone calls and only Jeremiah can help her. (more »)
Willow Abandoned
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Excited to go on an adventure and visit her family,seventeen-year-old Willow Collins, goes on a road trip. Little does she know that she will never make it to Washington ... (more »)

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