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An Affair taken to far?

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Wolf Girl
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Briar, the Wolf Girl, is the that was girl born and raised on a wolf preserve. She knows she's special but she's soon going to discover just how deadly being special is.

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Harold and the Herald of Silence
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I’m the not richest or smartest, but what I do have is family: a father who hates me, a brother who mocks me, a mother who doesn't love me, a sister who doesn't get me. A break-in made me do the unthinkable, and now my house only heralds silence. (more »)
Del Salto
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The 1920s are supposed to be a whimsical time for all. But what happens when a new disease runs rampant through a lone hotel? Will this newlyweds honeymoon be filled with love and lust or fear and death? (more »)
Hún Jörð
The story follows Luka Dzarewic, a theology major from Manhattan who thirsts for spiritual knowledge. He comes across a Nordic cult, 'The Church of the Mother.' He is intrigued, but is worried once he finds an ominous video on their website. (more »)
Truth and Justice
This is the story of a girl named Megan. She's not normal, she has a special power, she works for the FBI. When there is a copy-cat Zodiac killer in San Francisco she is called to investigate. What will happen? Will she make it out alive? (more »)
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Knockin' On Heavens Doors
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Death is a path we all must take. Unfortunately for some, death takes us far to early than we intended. (more »)
Fearful and the Fearless
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Jonathan Crane finds a new obsession when Shannon- a girl who fears everything- comes back into his life after being presumed dead. (more »)
Attempted Murder
By , --, TN
An author gets caught in a blizzard while trying to reach his dying aunt. When trapped in a house with a stranger, his morals begin to fade and his thoughts become more and more sinister. (more »)
Hide 'N Shriek
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Elisa Barnes is kidnapped the first time her parents let her stay home alone while they're out on a business trip. Richard, a man with multiple personality disorder, forces her to play his sadistic rendition of Hide 'N Seek. (more »)
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A young man with a dark secret struggling to keep his secret hidden (more »)
Arsenic and not-so-new-lace
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A sequel to Arsenic and Old Lace (1941 Broadway play) (more »)
It's Murder, Wright?
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Marcus Wright, an investigator is called to the crime scene of the murdered Victoria Maxwell...nothing is what it seems. (more »)
The Story of Eris
By , San Diego, CA
A simple story, really, depicting the struggles of a girl as she faces her inner demons. (more »)
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Unforgivable is a book about strength, love, loyalty, and survival.It's about corruption and the insanity that true love can cause. This book hints at the real impact that people make on our lives, and their footprints across our hearts. (more »)
Parker Are You Here? Where Are You?
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All the sudden she tripped over something! It was Parker's backpack she opened it and there was one of his shoes! It was covered in blood! (more »)

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