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Corrupted, Betraying Monsters In Feathers
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"I did my duty and served the Lord and his name..."

"Don't trust anyone..."

"Monster! Traitor!"


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Journal 1
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Every day, we walk the Earth, sharing it with all kinds of species... Who knows what else we share it with?

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Alphabet Soup for the Undead Soul
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Aren't you sick and tired of the lack of resources for your undead needs? Well look no further than the convienent, alphabet organized, Alphabet Soup for the Undead Soul!

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Life Is But A Dream #1
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Lilly and her sister Brooke go on an aventure in the woods, I wonder what occourance will happen?

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Gojira Monsters Unleashed
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Godzilla is back! Bigger and badder than ever! For some reason, the earths atmosphere is changing rapidly and Dr. Chuang doesn't like this. She believes this could be the start of something big, she believes things are about to get rough. (more »)
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At 16, Jocelyn just wants to be independent. She's tired of being bullied at school and being smothered by her overprotective mom. She gets more than she bargained for when she's pushed to enter the haunted house that stalked her dreams as a child. (more »)
I'm no Angel
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Angel is a monster truck racer/ dare devil/ motorbike racer kind of girl. She seeks thrills and to keep her adrenaline pumping. She believes she doesn't need a guy in her life, until she meets the guy that changes everything. (more »)
Books Of Wonder
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This might sound like some Doctor Who stuff, I've never watched it before. Written for a friend who is obsessed with the show. (more »)
To Link the Cosmos
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Reese and Alec live in two different worlds that are somehow connecter. One day they meet by fate, and embark on a journey of the mind and home to find the true reality of their lives. (more »)
The Forgotten Goddess
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Think of a world where there are angels, shape shifters, and fairies, well welcome to Celeste Nighte's world... (more »)
Disappearance at the River...
Men are disappearing without a trace and Zell and his mongoose, Bindi, seem to have the odds in their favor to figure out what's happening, but the road to figure out the mystery, is more dangerous than they thought. (more »)
The Legend of the Batbark Woods
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This is a story I made two years ago in sixth grade. It's about two siblings who stumble into the most horrifying forest anyone could ever imagine... (more »)
Water in the Fire
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This book is about an organization called Brifly that tracks down the unusual. (monsters, creatures, ect. from a rift in time/space) Riki, one of the workers who is an undercover to protect mankind from the bad creatures finds a girl in the water. (more »)

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