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Psychosis Shmosis
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That was when it really hit me, it was happening again. When I looked up expecting her to be right there, I stared out into empty space. I was alone.

The true story about my battle with sanity.

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Nothing but an Image
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Everything is always the same in Kyle's life. Though one day his biggest fear will begin to corrupt him and he has no choice but to face it, although by then, it is too late

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The Bench
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Ava and Jack must deal with their inner demons while trying to hold onto each other.

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Inside My Head
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Aisling is Schizophrenic and she has a violence streak. Of course so do her imaginary friends. (more »)
The Third Person
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A girl with 2 personalities dreads the anniversary of her friends murder and the return of her third personality while helping a mute boy get on with life while she struggles to get on with her own (more »)
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"My stomach screams at me and tells me that I am a pig, and my thighs rub together loud enough that I was sure they would deafen me. I am once again reminded of my facts of life: I am fat." (more »)
Jane and Juliet are twins, attached at the hip. But when Juliet rats out on Jane for seeing things, there might be some heavy consequences. (more »)
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A red coat. A sick grandmother. A murderous illusion.
The better to frighten you with, my dear. (more »)
Those I Left Behind
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The journey of an outgoing, rebellious teenager, as she struggles with the challenges of living between cultures, traditional parents, guy drama, and her fear of being abandonment, during her time in a psychiatric hospital for depression. (more »)
90 Days
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90 days in prison. Should be a snap, right? (more »)
Before I Forget Me
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A twist in the works of Sir Arthur C Doyle. (He wrote Sherlock Holmes) (more »)
My Life With a Serial Killer
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Kevin shares his mind with a mass murder, his brother, Blain.

A story of how Kevin tried to control his alter ego, but soon there will be more to deal with, another person the brothers didn't even know about. (more »)
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A family's life turns upside down when they discover one of the twin daughters, Astrid, has a dark side and isn't afraid to use it. (more »)

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