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Reality: The mask that appeared that day
By , Petal, MS

This is the story of a young Koji Morishige, as he struggles to maintain his grip on reality before him, after becoming the owner of a demonic mask. 

(more »)
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Willow is a seventeen year old haunted by her father's violent and sudden death. One day in the prairie through Willow encounters the storms that plague her life and a friendly ghost, that will help her find the peace she wishes for. (more »)
The Ellipses
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With a month out of school, 3 friends decide to go on a trip across the U.S. to get to know each other better. But what if it has the opposite effect, and tears them apart? (more »)
R & B
This book is about the adventures of The Golden Children, aka Children of various gods. They all live up in the sky in a big castle among a fast moving city with big potential. (more »)
Sun's Child
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Destiny is a funny thing. And for Carson, it will turn the world upside down. (more »)
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Roseabella discovers not everything is what it seems (more »)
A Particular West Mage: Operation Tonbogiri
By , Walnut Grove, MN
The world is full of magic, full of magic organizations. There's good guys and bad guys with magic at their disposal. But only one mage can stop them, and he's Fate Avogadro, a 14-year-old albino boy who lives in New York. (more »)
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To Keep the World Turning
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How far would you go to save a life? Would you give your own? (more »)
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Shadows of Light - Part 1 - The Legacy Is Born
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A New story; an ancient prophecy. High school freshman Edgar Freeman will soon learn his true destiny. Safely hidden away until the age of 15, mysterious powers will soon awaken.

And King Henry will stop at nothing to destroy him. (more »)
Pure Half-Blood
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What happens when the king of the gods and a powerful witch are parents to the most powerful fifteen year old girl in the supernatural world? Pure half-blood or pure Mean Girl? (more »)
An Illusion you wont forget
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Jasper Whitlock's family befoer he was changed. Later co-insides with bella swan's story and all that jazz. (more »)
A Different Direction ~ Rated MA ~ Slash...
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I never thought I'd end up here with my imprint. I never thought that a leech could be my imprint...let alone him...the bronze haired held back one. But now he's mine. My Edward. (more »)
THE PURGATORY SAGA #1-People of the Fire
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Good souls go to Heaven...Bad souls go to Hell...And the ones in between go to Purgatory. Here, the Apocalypse has finally come, and all life will be wiped out to find the way into the afterlife. (more »)
The Cullen Girl
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Things aren't always the same, even you were adopted. (more »)

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