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A Day to Remember
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Charlie and Kim had been friends ever sence Charlie can remember, they do everything together. Sometimes people will use things against you, which might even be your best freind that you feel like is your sister.

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Lies and Deceptions
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Faina Lumeer has always known that she was different from everyone. What she doesn't know is that she holds the most powerful tool to survival that will determine if the ones she loves lives or dies. 

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Jane Doe
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Jane Doe lives a comfortable life attending the world's most prestigious boarding school when Peter Grey appears in her life, and everything comes crashing down around her. (more »)
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Dear Mr. President
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Alina is the presidents daughter in the year 2064.Alina then meets Drew and life beings changing rapidly.swept away in a flood of terrorism and blood shed,who knows what's truely for the right reasons? (more »)
Live While We're Young [Liam Payne/One Direction]
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Kaitlynn and Liam had been madly in love. But when he leaves, everything changes. What happens when he finally comes back? (more »)
Ari's Story
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This is a story about Ariana Lopez, who deals with situations that most teenage girls don't have to deal with. A disorder that makes her a genius. Being stalked. Also, the typical drama with guys. (more »)
The Perfect Soldier
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Year 2113, the planet of Splice is in turmoil. A ruthless dictator is taking over with his army called Vigilance. (more »)
Lost in Lies
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She is lost. No family, no friends, she doesn't even remember her name. When she is found she believes she is living a perfect life, but could all of it could be a lie? (more »)
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She trusted no one. She had reason not to and a background to go with her hate of men (minus her toddler brother). So when she's assigned to tutor the school's basketball hero, will that change Melonie's perspective on life? (more »)
Beyond the Boundaries
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Almost eighteen, Noa will finally get to leave The Community where she's grown up. But soon she discovers that her superiors are hiding something...something deadly. (more »)
The Diary of Evelyn Crowley
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Poverty forces Evelyn and her mother to leave Evelyn's father behind and move hundreds of miles away. At least, that's what Evelyn believes until she comes across something that changes her life forever. (more »)
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The inner world of a woman living a life which seems to be one of perfection, but in fact she is screaming for help inside. (more »)
The Knowing
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When newly graduated Peg begins having weird dreams about wolves and they tell her that her life is a lie what is a girl to do? When she is is lost in a fight with herself over which world is real what will she do? (more »)

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