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Angel in Disguise
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Paul's destruction is at the hand of a terrifying meat grinder, eager to grind his bones into a fine powder. Paul soon realizes his fate may not be so bad, seeing the benefits of the afterlife awaiting him. (more »)
Attempted Murder
By , --, TN
An author gets caught in a blizzard while trying to reach his dying aunt. When trapped in a house with a stranger, his morals begin to fade and his thoughts become more and more sinister. (more »)
Hide 'N Shriek
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Elisa Barnes is kidnapped the first time her parents let her stay home alone while they're out on a business trip. Richard, a man with multiple personality disorder, forces her to play his sadistic rendition of Hide 'N Seek. (more »)
One Head Light
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This is an introduction to a chilling tale of a psychic's struggle between good and evil. The question is whether to trust the humans or the aliens. (more »)
The Beast
A family of four go on a rock climbing trip to the mountains. Thought this fun trip soon goes terribly wrong. They are now trapped in a cave and must begin the long struggle of finding a way out. (more »)
Cell 666
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They're all destined to die someday--everybody's human--but who could have guessed it would be like this? (more »)
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God Save The Queen
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Dive into a short story of death and despair,mixed equally with corruption and horror and grim realities. Enter Alice Grim, spy master and horror, and learn of her hate for the queen of the land. (more »)
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An ordinary day turns for the worse as Dally steps into an unforgettable experience that turns her normal boring life around. (more »)
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Forty Seconds
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After a boy's father is killed on a mission in Afganistan, he lives a normal life with his mother in California. Suddenly, Peter's life is thrown into a physical and mental test to escape his certain death. (more »)
What A Doll
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When Sally, Tess, and Jackson move into there new home outside of the city, nearby family members get hurt, and mysterious things happen that nobody can find the solution to. (more »)
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When Katie Carse went missing and officer Justin Tolenharn's men find that she has entered Slender Woods, they fear they will never see her again. Read to find out why they believe this and find out if they are true! (more »)
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Its about a world where monsters from horror movies are all housed in a special hospital, kind of like a asylum. (more »)
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Anna claws is a demon in an ever growing world. she has had a tragic past and now she tries to make the most of her life. yet someone wont let her ... (more »)
Raven in the Shadows
Raven in the Shadows is about an orphan teenage girl who is recruited by the SSSO as a spy. And her once choice could save the world... or ruin it. (more »)
Night of the Faun
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Adelaide,a young french girl, comes in contact with rancorous demons from the other side. She must persevere and persist to remain true to herself before these unspoken creatures consume her morality. (more »)
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The Door At The End Of The Hallway
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A young man, fresh out of college, moves into the only apartment building he can afford: A tenement. At first, he is dismayed at the way his life is turning out. Yet, things start to take a surprising turn. (more »)

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