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Retribution is the story of sixteen year old David, and his descent into insanity and dehumanization. 

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A Lumberjack's Cabin
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If someone told you to do something, would you do it?

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Is working the night shift for an inasne asylum really worth it?

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Happy Birthday
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This story revolves around a young girl Irham on her 18th birthday party. Can her birthday bring luck or dark fate to her? What lies ahead of the 'journey to the mansion' her parents invited her to?

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The First Chrononaut
Eugene is a young scientist that has created the world's first time machine. However, during a trial run of his new invention, he learns that the near future is nothing like he expected. (more »)
Harold and the Herald of Silence
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I’m the not richest or smartest, but what I do have is family: a father who hates me, a brother who mocks me, a mother who doesn't love me, a sister who doesn't get me. A break-in made me do the unthinkable, and now my house only heralds silence. (more »)
Del Salto
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The 1920s are supposed to be a whimsical time for all. But what happens when a new disease runs rampant through a lone hotel? Will this newlyweds honeymoon be filled with love and lust or fear and death? (more »)
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Charlotte Hall is your average 18-year-old girl . . . Or is she?
Follow Charlotte on her thrilling adventure! (more »)
Just a Dream?
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You wake up, but you don't know where you are. The only thing you know is that there is a strange little girl who needs your help. (more »)
Hún Jörð
The story follows Luka Dzarewic, a theology major from Manhattan who thirsts for spiritual knowledge. He comes across a Nordic cult, 'The Church of the Mother.' He is intrigued, but is worried once he finds an ominous video on their website. (more »)
Of Selcouth And Loss
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What if there was something powerful enough to kill an immortal? Something like...a fatal illness that causes its victims to rot from the inside out. Imagine what it'd do to the human race. (more »)
Angel in Disguise
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Paul's destruction is at the hand of a terrifying meat grinder, eager to grind his bones into a fine powder. Paul soon realizes his fate may not be so bad, seeing the benefits of the afterlife awaiting him. (more »)
Attempted Murder
By , --, TN
An author gets caught in a blizzard while trying to reach his dying aunt. When trapped in a house with a stranger, his morals begin to fade and his thoughts become more and more sinister. (more »)
Hide 'N Shriek
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Elisa Barnes is kidnapped the first time her parents let her stay home alone while they're out on a business trip. Richard, a man with multiple personality disorder, forces her to play his sadistic rendition of Hide 'N Seek. (more »)
One Head Light
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This is an introduction to a chilling tale of a psychic's struggle between good and evil. The question is whether to trust the humans or the aliens. (more »)
The Beast
A family of four go on a rock climbing trip to the mountains. Thought this fun trip soon goes terribly wrong. They are now trapped in a cave and must begin the long struggle of finding a way out. (more »)

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