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Miraculous Lovebug
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A distance is formed between Ladybug and Chat Noir that leaves them both less-than focused during a heated battle. Maybe the distant feelings really meant being closer than ever.

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The Syndicate Squad
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Imagine a few people with secret lives team up to save the world. I know its seems cliche but i guarantee that it is one of the best things I’ve written.

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Northern Flight
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What if you had everything in the world. Imagine an entire city is your responsibility; you have to save it. They don't trust you because you're identity is a secret. And you have one more thing...

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Happiness is Overrated
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Happiness is the downfall of us all.

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Double-A and the Author
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You are living your life, thinking things are swell and great, when lightning strikes, leaving you waiting for superman. Anyway, this is a story about heroes and action and, oddly enough, the writing process. 

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Life is Not A Game
The story of a young girl who discovers a whole new world ahead of her. Can she conquer this new land and save it from an evil that is spreading fast, seeking to destroy all? (more »)
Dreams and Memories
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It's a collection of stories with one about live in our world but uderwater and another about reality shifting! (more »)
Time Until Death
Adam Jameson is a brilliant man. He created the space elevator, perfected the teleporter, designed the moon base. But you surely know the story of his life already. This is the story of his death. (more »)
The Dragon's Heir
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16 year old Embroll Raxivir is supposed to save the world. Join him as he struggles to find out who he really is and embrace his newfound destiny as a hero. (more »)
A Change in Fate
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What would you do if you had to save the world? Andrea is asked exactly that question as she is exposed to a world that seemed impossible. Until she became a part of it. (more »)
Prometheus Thy Name is Captain
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Godhood has always been out of man's grasp. But when people are given the chance to become like gods the question is who will keep their humanity? (more »)
Books Of Wonder
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This might sound like some Doctor Who stuff, I've never watched it before. Written for a friend who is obsessed with the show. (more »)
Legacy of Dawn
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The four daughters of the Mediterranean Goddess of hope Siren have to over throw their mother, who has been corrupted by a traitor . Will they save the way of the Gods or be destroyed by their mother and her army. (more »)
'The Beginning'
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Cam Gullerene and her friends Tilly and Lily go to the park one day... when it starts to rain. They incounter a strange lady with a briefcase...that will turn their day upside down. (more »)
The Art of the Rubber Band
By , Warwick, NY
The story of how Rubber Band Man came to be. (more »)
The Night I Thought Would Never End: An...
By , Scotch Plains, NJ
This is the true story of a girl finding out the true horrors of drug addiction. (more »)

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