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Andromeda: Queen of Monsters
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The untold story of Queen Andromeda and how she and Perseus really fell in love.

(more »)
Between Two Worlds
This is the story of a man who goes on a quest to look for the girl he is caring for when she goes missing. Instead, he ends up having to save the world from demons after he gets transported to a whole new universe. (more »)
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A conflict between the gods has broken out. Over what? A mortal woman has been the subject of interest to the gods. Who is she? What is she? (more »)
God's Dilemma
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Welcome to the day in the life of God, the Creator of the Universe. Join the Divine, nonchalant Creator as he takes you through an average day in Heaven and the certain tasks of running the Universe. (more »)
Gojira Monsters Unleashed
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Godzilla is back! Bigger and badder than ever! For some reason, the earths atmosphere is changing rapidly and Dr. Chuang doesn't like this. She believes this could be the start of something big, she believes things are about to get rough. (more »)
Hidden Charm
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A love god creates a special charm when she notices people on Earth are having a hard time finding true love (more »)
R & B
This book is about the adventures of The Golden Children, aka Children of various gods. They all live up in the sky in a big castle among a fast moving city with big potential. (more »)
Death Falling
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Aeron was a smart, quiet boy. But that all changes when he is called to take Thanatos's place at the Doors of Death, and to become a god. (more »)
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The Hunting
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A book of life after death, a truley capturing start to the afterlife and whats to come. (more »)
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Isabelle Rizzo is your average teenage girl. Which is why she's shocked when the new kid, Gabriel, is so into her. But Gabriel isn't human, and soon, Izzy finds out that she may not be all that human either... (more »)
THE PURGATORY SAGA #1-People of the Fire
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Good souls go to Heaven...Bad souls go to Hell...And the ones in between go to Purgatory. Here, the Apocalypse has finally come, and all life will be wiped out to find the way into the afterlife. (more »)
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Her father had killed the barbarian king. And now the High Priest would kill her. Maybe it would have been wise to leave the Priest's horse alone. (more »)
The Loupe-Garou
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Siobhan, a werewolf, and a vampire are the only two beings who can prevent the Apocalypse. (more »)

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