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I Died Last Night
By , Chatham, IN

Story of a college drop out's "accident" during the previous night

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Meet the child, Joy, and follow her journey in her greatest discovery... I say no more for fear of spoiling her secret...

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The Road Less Traveled
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Alice and Brayden are always going on adventures for dates. Will this one have gone too far when an evil spirit is involved?

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Just a Dream?
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You wake up, but you don't know where you are. The only thing you know is that there is a strange little girl who needs your help. (more »)
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Willow is a seventeen year old haunted by her father's violent and sudden death. One day in the prairie through Willow encounters the storms that plague her life and a friendly ghost, that will help her find the peace she wishes for. (more »)
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Carter Goulding just lost his best friend, Cassie, in a metro accident. Soon, he meets the mysterious Anna, a girl with many secrets. But what happens when Carter realizes the terrible truth about Anna's past? (more »)
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Coping with the loss of her father, Noa Hart must move to Newton, Massachusetts and live with her mother. Now she's the new kid in school, but something's off. Naturally, the new kid should expect some attention, but not this kind of attention..? (more »)
The Angel's Fear
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The Angel's Fear describes a young boy's fight to escape the Dead and right the wrongs of the past. (more »)
Blunt's Solitude
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A man's father dies, and tries to sell land that his father owns. He is haunted by a ghost named Jonathan Blunt. (more »)
Ghost Whisperer
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She is confused. A little sixteen year old girl who has been contacted by people she thought were gone forever. She is definitely confused. (more »)
Dusk; a novella
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Claudette Emory finds herself in a nightmare realm pulled there by a dream so gruesome she does not wish to recall it. (more »)
Lurking in the Woods
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When many children are terrified by eerie sounds and objects, and his apprentice is convicted, Harry Mason knows something is wrong. Both took place near the Manor, or shall I say...The Haunted Manor. (more »)
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A haunted house welcomes the dare of four willing teenagers. But what will be expected in return? (more »)
The Afterlife of Beck Lovett
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Faylene Harps' life has completely changed in the shortest amount of time. However can she survive her new life long enough to enjoy it? (sequel to The Afterlife of Faylene Harps) (more »)
House on Hawthorne Hill
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What happens when four teens go into a haunted house? You're about to find out. (more »)
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Spirit Bound
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Josh gets more than he expected out of summer theater when he meets a strange girl named Alice Bennett. Drawn to her because of her mystery, Josh is soon taken on an adventure that will redefine life, death, and love. (more »)

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