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DNA Infection
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Eight college students are fighting to live in a world of chaos. An infection has broken out all over the world. At the end of they day it will only be about who can pull the trigger first. (more »)
His Girls
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This is about a young woman who is pregnant and doesn't want to be. (more »)
The Lion Tamer
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After spending her life under the big top, riding a giant cat for a living, Jessamy didn't think that something as simple as a nightmare could shake her. But for the lion tamer, a horrifying dream could be more dangerous than anyone expected. (more »)
Life After Living
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What happens when you die? Well when Evangeline finds out, her world is tipped upside down quite literally...
Terra, Para, Infernum. The three dimensions within time that coincide to create the sacred bond known as existence... (more »)
The Story of The Forgotten Universe
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Power is something that people should not take for granted its should be something that is earned. No matter how you gain power it will always comeback to stab you in the back. (more »)
Eternal Fear
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I shall welcome you into my realm only once. Come to me and I shall show you my powers. (more »)
Immortal Soul
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Sara miller is a young girl who lost her family at a young age. but somethings happening and shes scared she will be like the things that killed her parents (more »)
Station 181
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A thriller and mystery with some odd occurrences (more »)
The Tinman
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Lying unconscious on the operating table, Daniel begins to dream; he's wandering the wastelands of his mind, searching for something. He needs it. And fast. If he doesn't he's never going to wake up; is he trapped forever? (more »)
Where the Truth Lies
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Read the long summary please. (more »)
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We are nothing but variables in their experiment. They call it the New World Project. I call it hell. (more »)
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Memory Illusions
By , Frederick, CO
Everyday I'm stuck in my past, trying to run from who knows what is after us. I don't know how long I can keep hiding. I think I will go crazy, or perhaps I already have. (more »)

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