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The Glitch in Number 104
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Charles Dillinger retraces his past as he tracks down the killer of the Monroe family. (more »)
Circus Daemonum
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When Puck meets a strange boy in a graveyard, she never expected to go to a circus that would destroy her life. (more »)
To Journey's End
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The three sisters: Machiko,Mayumi and Koemi are in the past only knowing that they are harvesters and their parents were just murdered. In order to return home they must kill evil,face the ultimate tragedy and support one another. (more »)
Dezriel and Jassie
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Two girls find each other at a concert, one saving her from sex demons, while the other finds out she's an angel. (Not finished yet) (more »)
Forgetting What's Forgiven
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This is a story about life and how one teen has to choose between love, lust, forgiveness, freedom and ultimately his life. This isn't just another story...this is life. This is real life based novel that has more truth than fiction. (more »)
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My take on angels’ vs demons, only with a twist... (more »)
Dominique and the Lost Memories
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This is about a girl being raised by a horrible family and gets spirited away into a magical new world. Later, she is sent on a journey to reclaim her memories of a happier before she lived with her family. (more »)
Back To Me
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I have been there and almost done that. Depression, then almost suicide. The pain will always be there, whether we like it or not. School is my how I cope yet my greatest folly. (more »)
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violet is beautiful,smart, and she loves her best friends Zallah and Desmaria and her boyfriend kaiden. she lives with her -basically her dad, he's JUST her mom's friend but he's in love with her mom- mom's friend lucian. (more »)
Losing Liam
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Liam is forgetting everything and everyone, and there is nothing Jack can do about it. (more »)
A Demons Contract
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What would you do for the one you love? Would you pray, or would you take an oath in desperation?

Love and life are entwined, but they are surrounded by darkness, tainted by the plague of death and greed.

How far would... (more »)
Mortis Sumbra
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The haunting memories of the past disturb a young man's sleep as he prepares for his last funeral in the morning. (more »)
Unexpected Things: The Memoir of Me
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My name is Caroline, and this is the Memoir of Me. Many people stay where they are all through school, and sometimes through their whole lives. I am not one of them. For two years I lived in London, England, and it has changed my life. (more »)
Time Lost In California
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Kara's plans for the summer and put on hold when her parents take her to California. She meets Nick, who seems like a really nice guy. Or is he? (more »)
Mixed 'N' Matched Love
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How does one person choose between two girls when one's a real beauty and the other's his best friend? (more »)
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