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Behind The Curtain
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Torn between trying to do academically better or let his imagination run free, a teen finds himself slowly fading into his imagination.

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From the Recollections of Nothing at All
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Memories are the reason that we are what we are. If memories are tampered with, what happens to an individual's world? What becomes of their experiences, emotions, joys, sorrows, achievements...? (more »)
Just a Dream?
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You wake up, but you don't know where you are. The only thing you know is that there is a strange little girl who needs your help. (more »)
Finding the Garden
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All Gemma has ever wanted is to go outside, just once in her life; experience life outside the walls of her bedroom. (more »)
The Lion Tamer
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After spending her life under the big top, riding a giant cat for a living, Jessamy didn't think that something as simple as a nightmare could shake her. But for the lion tamer, a horrifying dream could be more dangerous than anyone expected. (more »)
A Subconcious Sedition
By , Wyckoff, NJ
Tom Tawn has to learn how to tame his nightmares, or else they will end up killing of everyone he knows and loves. (more »)
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It looked like just an ordinary painting in repulsive Aunt Margaret's large creepy house. But then I discovered something amazing about it . . . (more »)
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A story about a boy with a gift with which he must make an important choice. (more »)
Dusk; a novella
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Claudette Emory finds herself in a nightmare realm pulled there by a dream so gruesome she does not wish to recall it. (more »)
Vista di Sogno
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As David Steeley moves further and further into a world of dreams, it's up to his sister Nicole to stop the souls of the dream world from Taking him. (more »)
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Meet Thomas Thatcher, a thirteen year old runaway who simply wants nothing more than a home, but finds himself caught up in an other-worldly adventure to save the lives of many, in the process discovering where home really is. (more »)
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Getting your teeth out is a hassle. (more »)
The Teal Door
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its only a small part but i hope you like it. (more »)
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a boy discovers that instead of being an only child he and his siblings are Keepers of the Mind (more »)
Immortal Soul
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Sara miller is a young girl who lost her family at a young age. but somethings happening and shes scared she will be like the things that killed her parents (more »)
The Tinman
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Lying unconscious on the operating table, Daniel begins to dream; he's wandering the wastelands of his mind, searching for something. He needs it. And fast. If he doesn't he's never going to wake up; is he trapped forever? (more »)

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