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Peyton has a mysterious shadow...she doesn't know what It is or where It came from...all she knows is that her life will never be the same, now that it's been touched by evil...by It.

(more »)
Stuck in the 1800's
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a girl has recently experienced her grandmothers death. What happens when she has to start living with her father and his newly wed wife. She gets so sick of them she travels to the 1800 (more »)
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Paul once lived a normal life, but when his mother passes away, his whole life goes to hell from an ignoring father and violent brother. So, he's sent to an academy called SunWorm where he must spend the rest of his life until his college years! (more »)
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Adena is a 18 year old suffering from bipolar disorder. Shortly after meeting Kris, her world begins to soften. (more »)
SunWorms *preview
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A story about a boy named Paul Grey, as he is sent away from his old, ruined home, and put into an academy where he'll stay until his college years. (more »)
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"My stomach screams at me and tells me that I am a pig, and my thighs rub together loud enough that I was sure they would deafen me. I am once again reminded of my facts of life: I am fat." (more »)
The Party of a Lifetime
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Arianna goes to a party with her friend who is the opposite of Arianna. Christina has done this before but Arianna is surprised at what she sees upon arrival. (more »)
Life Changes
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After Losing her Father at 16, Kayleena is forced to leave home and moves to Arkansas where she battles her monsters everyday. Can she survive the emotional roller coaster her life has taken? (more »)
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Carter Goulding just lost his best friend, Cassie, in a metro accident. Soon, he meets the mysterious Anna, a girl with many secrets. But what happens when Carter realizes the terrible truth about Anna's past? (more »)
Dezriel and Jassie
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Two girls find each other at a concert, one saving her from sex demons, while the other finds out she's an angel. (Not finished yet) (more »)
How to disappear
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As three boys are beginning with their lives, they begin to seemingly disappear as they are victimized by their own flaws. (more »)
Back To Me
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I have been there and almost done that. Depression, then almost suicide. The pain will always be there, whether we like it or not. School is my how I cope yet my greatest folly. (more »)
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A young teeenager with one leg must overcome the daily bullying she receives-the bullying that is the cause of her depression, and suicidal thoughts and actions. (more »)
The Struggle
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A girl currently lives a horrible life with her repulsive father. She wants to escape the pain through death, but all that changes once she meets a boy. Is she still willing to commit suicide, or will she give life a second chance? (more »)
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If you hate yourself, how can you love yourself? (more »)
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Those I Left Behind
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The journey of an outgoing, rebellious teenager, as she struggles with the challenges of living between cultures, traditional parents, guy drama, and her fear of being abandonment, during her time in a psychiatric hospital for depression. (more »)

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