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The Wrong King
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an America run by an unloving King. Follow the King's Way, or be Neutralized.

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The Man With a Crooked Smile
By , midland, MI

it's the year 250X And a young man named alowin is tending his fields when...

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SilverFalls Academy
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In a world full of people with amazing powers and gifts, there deep in a forest lies Silverfalls academy, an academy for all who wish to be heroes, they train every day and work to master their powers.

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The Emancipation of A Songbird
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A story about a girl kidnapped for music.

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The Revenge of Glint
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This is a story from present to past explaining what has happened to the infection and alpha team (more »)
The Andromeda Fall
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The Martian Colonies (humans) have found stupid excuses to start a war. The Andromeda, an imperial flagship, leads the biggest space fleet to suppress this revolution. Yet in the event of the Andromeda Fall, a new war sparks up. (more »)
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Benevolence takes place in a rural Indiana town where things haven't really progressed since the 50's. There is still strong, racial hatred that needs to be dealt with, but can two A.A teenagers do it alone? (more »)
Hunted (Edited Version)
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I can hear their footsteps and I'm scared. (more »)
Sun's Child
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Destiny is a funny thing. And for Carson, it will turn the world upside down. (more »)
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Inside the Mind of Victoria Sanderson
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Are psycho's really psycho's? No, we just have a different way of thinking. (more »)
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Roseabella discovers not everything is what it seems (more »)
Double Life
Short story about two brothers, twins, who have grown up to be two very different men. Brian, the younger of the two is sick of living in his brother's shadow and has finally reached his breaking point. (more »)
Heather and Kate Step Up Chapters 1-3
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Heather and Kate are thrown into the Step Up movie and they have to fight against everything they feel. (more »)
Dusk; a novella
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Claudette Emory finds herself in a nightmare realm pulled there by a dream so gruesome she does not wish to recall it. (more »)
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After finding her life ended and then restarted as a member of the undead, German - American Wilhelmina Adelaide must find a way to escape the situation she is in and most importantly - survive. (more »)
A Light For Seymour and Other Stories
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A dark, eerie chapbook with themes of violence, isolation and love. (more »)

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