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The Road Less Traveled
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Alice and Brayden are always going on adventures for dates. Will this one have gone too far when an evil spirit is involved?

(more »)
Harold and the Herald of Silence
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I’m the not richest or smartest, but what I do have is family: a father who hates me, a brother who mocks me, a mother who doesn't love me, a sister who doesn't get me. A break-in made me do the unthinkable, and now my house only heralds silence. (more »)
Just a Dream?
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You wake up, but you don't know where you are. The only thing you know is that there is a strange little girl who needs your help. (more »)
This Life
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Valleri Davis arrives at Woodhaven Farm ready to prove herself, but what happens when Tom shows up? And John, who wants his job back? (more »)
The Darkness
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This is a story that hes two endings, and Its about a foster girl with one wild...imagination. (more »)
Four Minutes
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An account of a girl who survived a car accident under unusual circumstances, and how it impacted her afterwards. (more »)
Fearful and the Fearless
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Jonathan Crane finds a new obsession when Shannon- a girl who fears everything- comes back into his life after being presumed dead. (more »)
Angel in Disguise
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Paul's destruction is at the hand of a terrifying meat grinder, eager to grind his bones into a fine powder. Paul soon realizes his fate may not be so bad, seeing the benefits of the afterlife awaiting him. (more »)
Words Answering My Fellows
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I try answering the questions frequently asked by my friends. In their opinions, I'm a student with strong characteristics. And some of my behaviors and ideas make them confused. So I wrote this brochure to answer their questions about my opinions. (more »)
The New Season
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This story is talking about how Dante Carter starts off the new season and if he will beat the Yankees. (more »)
Inside the Mind of Victoria Sanderson
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Are psycho's really psycho's? No, we just have a different way of thinking. (more »)
Cell 666
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They're all destined to die someday--everybody's human--but who could have guessed it would be like this? (more »)
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It's October
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Maxi has to save her mother before time runs out! (more »)
Men Without Souls
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An expose on male vanity as seen in Oscar Wilde's novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. (more »)
Prometheus Thy Name is Captain
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Godhood has always been out of man's grasp. But when people are given the chance to become like gods the question is who will keep their humanity? (more »)
A New Era
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This is a story about war and peace. (more »)

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