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Tower Twenty
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It's a time of war and the smartest of those 18 years of age, official adults, are drafted. People take it as an honor, unknowing it is a certain death sentence...

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Jason Bourne and The Dead Man
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Jason borune is a detective in Bermen, Germany, one day receives a call saying that his dad has been murdered......

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Promise Me
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A girl and a boy who once thought life was easy until they got older and they experience heart-shattering events that leave a permanent scar.

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Corrupted, Betraying Monsters In Feathers
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"I did my duty and served the Lord and his name..."

"Don't trust anyone..."

"Monster! Traitor!"


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SilverFalls Academy
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In a world full of people with amazing powers and gifts, there deep in a forest lies Silverfalls academy, an academy for all who wish to be heroes, they train every day and work to master their powers.

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What Lies Only Is Revenge
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There is a Princess named Era who is looking for revenge for her father's death and who framed her for it. She will do anything even if it meant to reveal her skills to clear her name. (more »)
The Secret World of the American Vampire
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There are so many secrets surrounding the Saunders'but to add to all this, the Saunders’ are one of the most prestigious families in Vampiric society and in this world reputation means everything. (more »)
The Party of a Lifetime
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Arianna goes to a party with her friend who is the opposite of Arianna. Christina has done this before but Arianna is surprised at what she sees upon arrival. (more »)
The Kings Promise
By , SLC, UT
It is not a curse, but a shadow, an the answer to a secret long forgotten and desired. It is so black, that not even love can shine through it. It is the past. (more »)
Carter Huffington
A story about a spy in the 40s who has help from his old love of his life and gets into all sorts of trouble with many people after him. (more »)
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Ancient Hawaiian tribes still survive today on the tropical islands. Two tribes are on the brink of devastating war when the heavenly gods start to get involved. Everything goes downhill from there. (more »)
I've Got a Secret
By , Freeport, ME
How can a secretary be of any worth to the secret organization she works for? (more »)
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The valiant General known only as Michelle attempts to defend the dystopian city-state of Lorthof from the armies of her former lover, the power-mad dictator Wister Wahsilby. (more »)
The Girl Who Speaks For Dead Men
By , London, United Kingdom
This is about a girl who grows up, slowly realising the importance of her father’s being a soldier. This is based on real life events, although the character does not exist, everything she does and all the events that accrue do. (more »)
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When You Say Nothing At All
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Amari, a kind young man who was born deformed, must deal with betrayal and the loss of everything he loves. (more »)
A Tale of Importance
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John Herbert Wesley is a simple man who never takes for granted the simple joys of life until his life is forever changed by the actions of a jealous man and a proud ruler. (more »)

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