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Eros: An Unrelated Title
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You're not very informed, you write for the sake of writing. 

Here is the result of one such endeavor. 

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Shakespeare and the Girl
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What do you really know about who Shakespeare was? Why were women finally allowed to act? Find this out and more in Shakespeare and the Girl.

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Fearful and the Fearless
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Jonathan Crane finds a new obsession when Shannon- a girl who fears everything- comes back into his life after being presumed dead. (more »)
Words Answering My Fellows
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I try answering the questions frequently asked by my friends. In their opinions, I'm a student with strong characteristics. And some of my behaviors and ideas make them confused. So I wrote this brochure to answer their questions about my opinions. (more »)
A Subconcious Sedition
By , Wyckoff, NJ
Tom Tawn has to learn how to tame his nightmares, or else they will end up killing of everyone he knows and loves. (more »)
Give Me Sanity? Just ... not yet.
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Sarah's got Goblin King on the brain, as usual. Question is does he realize how far gone she really is? ;) A series of drabble-like snap shots of Sarah's inner fantasy world.

Rated M for mature themes.

I'm keeping... (more »)
Hope Re-Lit
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Blue is a girl who has to survive. She has to survive with everything in her power. And that power... Might run out. (more »)
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Those I Left Behind
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The journey of an outgoing, rebellious teenager, as she struggles with the challenges of living between cultures, traditional parents, guy drama, and her fear of being abandonment, during her time in a psychiatric hospital for depression. (more »)
The Magnifying Glass
By , Chappaqua, NY
National attention is focused on students at high-pressure American high schools. Is the call for reforms working? Students at Roosevelt Valley High School think not. A play drawn from interviews of students at the 79th best school in the nation. (more »)
A Particular West Mage: Operation Tonbogiri
By , Walnut Grove, MN
The world is full of magic, full of magic organizations. There's good guys and bad guys with magic at their disposal. But only one mage can stop them, and he's Fate Avogadro, a 14-year-old albino boy who lives in New York. (more »)
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Dusk; a novella
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Claudette Emory finds herself in a nightmare realm pulled there by a dream so gruesome she does not wish to recall it. (more »)
A New Era
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This is a story about war and peace. (more »)
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After finding her life ended and then restarted as a member of the undead, German - American Wilhelmina Adelaide must find a way to escape the situation she is in and most importantly - survive. (more »)
Rabbithole (Momento Mori)
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A man is having strange dreams and strange happenings connected to them (more »)
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This is a story I wrote, it hast to do with revenge, love and pain. How much emotions effect how are are. (more »)
The Voice.
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A girl wakes to no memory, no name, no idea of who is; just that is had been kidnapped. Confused and scared she begins to hear a voice, is important to her she knows, but how? (more »)

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