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Another Birthday

Andy steps outside to get some air and clear his head, what he didn't expect was to find a large spaceship looming in the canyons of his hometown. After seeing something like that his life would never be the same.

(more »)
An Adventure of PatsyLou Scottsdale
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A 693-year-old woman that travels in a lime green telephone booth. What could be more exciting than that? (more »)
Gojira Monsters Unleashed
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Godzilla is back! Bigger and badder than ever! For some reason, the earths atmosphere is changing rapidly and Dr. Chuang doesn't like this. She believes this could be the start of something big, she believes things are about to get rough. (more »)
Am I no Alien, YOU ARE!
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Mira is a native of Perra, perra meaning Paradise,4th planet in a solar system. After her normal pranks and spunky teen behavior, she shoved into termoil as her world seems to be ending, literally. (more »)
One Head Light
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This is an introduction to a chilling tale of a psychic's struggle between good and evil. The question is whether to trust the humans or the aliens. (more »)
Disrupting the Woods
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A man leaves a dysfunctional relationship looking for adventure, only to encounter a mysterious woman who forces herself on him in a strange forest. (more »)
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You'll have to read it to understand it. (more »)
Dear Mr. President
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Alina is the presidents daughter in the year 2064.Alina then meets Drew and life beings changing rapidly.swept away in a flood of terrorism and blood shed,who knows what's truely for the right reasons? (more »)
Extant: Part Two
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After being shuttled off the main airship carrying the human race, Deirdre crash-lands on a mysterious alien planet. (more »)
Extant: Part One
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At the warning of the destruction of the earth by a meteor, all humans over forty are shuttled out into space on airships headed toward the Alpha Centauri galaxy. (more »)
The Night The Doctor Came Back To McClarens
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The Doctor meets the gang from "How I Met Your Mother" and regails them with tales of his adventures. (more »)
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A girl finds herself dropped into a parallel universe with strange humanoids called Niklaydas. She will have to discover who she is to learn why she got there. (more »)
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Zane, a Martian boy with problems. His parents, uncaring. The society he lives in dangerous and unpredictable. And soon, his world is about to come crashing down around him. (more »)
She's not Alone
an odd farm girl's life is turned upside down and sideways and longways when a series of events consistently change just when she thinks she has everything understood. (more »)
Blessed Curse [Working Title]
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Future, parents all die due to insufficient way of living (On some sort of electronic devise). Children are extremely intelligent. Some have special abilities. Main girl believes she IS the curse that starts misfortune in her friend’s lives (more »)
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Lavender Ice
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Follow Aiyana through her journey, in this tragedy. (more »)

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