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Kevin and the Ancient Aztecs
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This teenager named Kevin, insults his high school social studies teacher about his personal family, and the teacher assigns him a big project that's worth his whole grade.

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The Beginning of the End
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a true story about the first (and quite possibly last) time i asked out a girl.

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¨Mariah¨ is a short story about a young lady. Her brother takes her along with him. They arrive and realize that the game is over and all they see is an empty dark football feild. 

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Wake Up Call
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A story about a man John Hoffman who keeps waking up in different parts in his life to find out what happened to him and his family.

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Mysterious Girl Misunderstood
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There's no reason anyone should change for anyone else or for society. Who says we need or should listen to society? No one! So why not just be yourself? Thats who you were made to be right? Well now is your time!

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The Girl Behind The Mask
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A young girl hides her true self behind a mask. She likes to pretend but soon she begins to learn to learn she doesn't need her mask. (more »)
Alison finds out a captive disease has taken her over, she doesn't know what to do. With a terrible past that keeps catching up with her and her “perfect boyfriend” and “best friend” on the line she struggles between each dying breath. (more »)
Bullied Love
what happenes when Carly comes back looking diffrent? How will Tyson respond? (more »)
Remember Me
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Robert Hastings adopts the fifteen year old daughter he didn't know he had until recently, when his ex-girlfriend called him to tell him so. Now Robert tries to build a relationship between himself and his daughter. (more »)
Words Answering My Fellows
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I try answering the questions frequently asked by my friends. In their opinions, I'm a student with strong characteristics. And some of my behaviors and ideas make them confused. So I wrote this brochure to answer their questions about my opinions. (more »)
The Ballplayer: Bo Jackson
Bo Jackson is arguably one of the best athletes that has ever live. He played in the NFL & MLB @ the same time, and most likely would've made the Hall of Fame in both if he hadn't had a hip injury. This tells you exactly who Bo Jackson is. BO KNOWS (more »)
The perfect child
the main character, Jonathan, encounters a lot of problems with family, school and friends. He has the perfect life at school but a sad, depressing and terrible life at home with parents that are alcoholics and drug dealers. (more »)
La Vie En Rose
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This is about a girl who just started her career as an OBGYN. One day, she meets a man who changes her and breaks her mask, revealing every emotion she tried to hide. (more »)
Brie Diaries
An account of myself as a fictional character. (more »)
Do You Believe in Ghosts? A True Story?
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A family does work on a house in Warminster Pennsylvania and they start to realize spooky things happening like talking lightbulbs (more »)
Central Park.The Tragedy Of Max Anderson.
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A young boy is saved by a true angel after a tragic night in central park. After years,Emily's(Max's mother) murder is underway after the police get a break in the case. (more »)

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