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The Most Amazing Fact
By , Longmont, CO
This is kind of like a collection of my thoughts and observations. It's not really a story, with a plot line, but the people I've showed it to find it interesting. (more »)
Bullied Love
what happenes when Carly comes back looking diffrent? How will Tyson respond? (more »)
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Remember Me
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Robert Hastings adopts the fifteen year old daughter he didn't know he had until recently, when his ex-girlfriend called him to tell him so. Now Robert tries to build a relationship between himself and his daughter. (more »)
Words Answering My Fellows
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I try answering the questions frequently asked by my friends. In their opinions, I'm a student with strong characteristics. And some of my behaviors and ideas make them confused. So I wrote this brochure to answer their questions about my opinions. (more »)
The Ballplayer: Bo Jackson
Bo Jackson is arguably one of the best athletes that has ever live. He played in the NFL & MLB @ the same time, and most likely would've made the Hall of Fame in both if he hadn't had a hip injury. This tells you exactly who Bo Jackson is. BO KNOWS (more »)
The perfect child
the main character, Jonathan, encounters a lot of problems with family, school and friends. He has the perfect life at school but a sad, depressing and terrible life at home with parents that are alcoholics and drug dealers. (more »)
La Vie En Rose
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This is about a girl who just started her career as an OBGYN. One day, she meets a man who changes her and breaks her mask, revealing every emotion she tried to hide. (more »)
Brie Diaries
An account of myself as a fictional character. (more »)
Do You Believe in Ghosts? A True Story?
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A family does work on a house in Warminster Pennsylvania and they start to realize spooky things happening like talking lightbulbs (more »)
Central Park.The Tragedy Of Max Anderson.
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A young boy is saved by a true angel after a tragic night in central park. After years,Emily's(Max's mother) murder is underway after the police get a break in the case. (more »)
The Legend Of the Rising Hybrid
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If you would one day find out a dreadful secret behind your friend, will you keep it safe or tell it out to save your friend. A group of young people solve a mystery about a curse and works hard to protect their town from danger. (more »)
Depth Over Distance
I am here to introduce you to my sweet disposition, and the rare ingenuity of the deepest, darkest hours of my time. Because I want to emphasize that distance is worthless if you simply have no depth beneath your bones. (more »)
The life and lessons of a thing called Rick
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This book is about what i feel to be a way to better understand the mind of a wayward teen, and the solutions he used to bloom into a young adult. (more »)
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The Struggles of Tay
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There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I found mine. Hopefully from reading my story you will find your light. (more »)
Matrix: Book One Revolution
Cold and hungry they sat there waiting…waiting for her to save them. Who might this woman be? A God…. a King…. a hero…a soldier, the answer none and all. (more »)

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