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Spawn of the Night

Author's note: My own relationship that ended tragically when he passed away in a car crash inspired me as he...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My own relationship that ended tragically when he passed away in a car crash inspired me as he always told me such tales. In remembrance of him, I wrote this out (as he always encouraged me to explore my inner "author"). Everybody deserves to have a look at his creativity. :')  « Hide author's note
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Never Ending Torment

Autumn of 1672, Lucinda Montevoy/Nightshade

I rose to the early morning sun and looked around me. Something stirred within me that caused me to sigh with pleasure. I looked down to see that I was still joined with my husband. I giggled and slipped away. He groaned softly in his sleep and his eyes fluttered open. “‘Morning, my love,” I whispered and kissed his lips. “Good morrow, sweetheart,” he in turn kissed the tip of my nose. “Did I please you last night?” I asked. “Very
I had a hard time writing this chapter but I needed to say write something tragic.
much,” his voice was muffled as he pressed his face into my hair, inhaling deeply. “Really?” I was excited. “Yes, love. Did I hurt you?” he asked, pulling away to look into my eyes with concern. Tears burned the back of my eyes. “No, Daryn. No, you were amazing to me. I barely felt the pain. It was more like pricking your finger on a rose thorn,” I smiled through the tears, completely honest with him. “I’m so sorry, Lucy. I know you bled last night. I really am sorry,” he said. I leaned over and kissed him hard, “I was carrying around too much blood anyways.” “You devious little witch,” he grinned and his fingers found my waist. I screamed and laughed as he tickled me. Doubling over, I fought his hands until they gripped my waist and pulled me over him. Our bodies were pressed together from chest to toes. I could feel him again as he slipped inside me. I smiled easily now. He smiled back. “Are you hungry, wife?” he asked, his eyes dancing with mischief. “Famished!” I exclaimed cheerfully. Why don’t we wash up then I’ll fetch us both some breakfast. Or more likely, lunch,” he grinned. I laughed, “Whichever!” He sat up and pulled away from me. I watched dreamily as he wrapped a sheet around his waist and opened the door a crack. He called out for hot water then closed it. Daryn slipped back into bed with me and covered our bodies with the duvet. Hot water was delivered and the doors were locked behind the servants. Before I could comment, Daryn scooped me up into his arms and dunked me into the bath of water and slipped in after me. My muscles ached in the uncomfortable positioned so I shifted till I was seated with my back against his chest and our legs in front of us. He swept all my hair over my right shoulder and nibbled on the other. I chuckled, “You’re mad.” “Only for you,” he replied smoothly. He brought water up to my shoulders in his cupped hands and drizzled it over my hair. I was still a little uncomfortable so he lifted my hips and guided himself into me. Now, I actually did feel more comfortable in his arms. I never knew taking a bath could be so... Interesting.

I didn’t want to leave his side ever again. I sat on his lap at the the dining table and he didn’t care. Instead of reprimanding me, he fed me the best cuts of meat and pie from his own plate. I smiled dreamily at him and he brushed his lips against my cheek. Only when he let go of me and gave me a gentle shove in the small of my back, did I sit on my own chair on his right. “How are you feeling?” he asked. “Better than I’ve ever felt in my life,” I smiled back. “Sir, I need to have a word with you alone,” Colt interrupted our dinner as he bolted in. “Have some manners, man,” Daryn muttered. “Hi, Colt,” I said shyly. “Hey. Captain, we need to talk now.” “What is it?” my husband stood, concern in his eyes. “Our ship has been compromised. We’re sailing tonight; with or without you. I need to ask you now if you wish to come with us or to stay in the comfort of your own home. Mind it you have a wife to worry about now,” Colt said in hushed tones. Daryn’s eyes cut to mine. He mouthed an apology and I felt my heart crumble. He was leaving. “Give me till 1700 hours. I’ll be there. Stock up as much as you can. Have the sails unfurled by the time I get there. I want us to sail as soon as the sun sets. We’ll be safer at night,” Daryn was giving orders as though he was born to do so. “And your wife?” Colt asked, clearly shocked. “She’s a woman. She’ll do as I bid her,” Daryn said breezily. Anger coursed through my veins. “Lucinda, go to your chambers. Don’t leave till I call you. Lucy, listen to me! I will make sure you’re taken care of but I expect you to listen to me,” Daryn was saying but I ignored him, stood up and stormed up to my room; slamming the door.

“Lucy? I’m leaving now,” Daryn knocked softly on my door. Once again, I ignored him. He slammed his fist into the door, “Damn it, Lucy. Will you at least say goodbye to me? I know I shouldn’t be leaving but my crew comes first and always will. I’m sorry.” “I hope you rot in hell,” I muttered before opening the door for him. “Lucy, look, I have to leave,” he started but I cut him off, “Goodbye.” Then, I slammed the door in his face. I was so angry with him, I hoped he died. How dare he leave me like this?

2 month later...

The signs were there. The morning sickness; the cravings; the absence of my monthly periods. I was pregnant. And I had to tell Daryn.

Dear Richard,
I am not certain if you would call this good news or not. But I am pleased to inform you that I’ve taken with child. For your knowledge, it is yours.
Richard, I need you home with me. Come home.
L.A. Montevoy

4 months later...

I was in my 6th month of pregnancy now. And I was really ill. Daryn hadn’t acknowledged the pregnancy yet. I cried every night waiting for some word from him. Nothing came. I read in the papers one day that there had been a huge battle between Nightshade and the Royal Navy. My illness got worse that day with worry. Then, the pains came.
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