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Spawn of the Night

Author's note: My own relationship that ended tragically when he passed away in a car crash inspired me as he...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My own relationship that ended tragically when he passed away in a car crash inspired me as he always told me such tales. In remembrance of him, I wrote this out (as he always encouraged me to explore my inner "author"). Everybody deserves to have a look at his creativity. :')  « Hide author's note
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Till the End of Time

The look on their faces were the looks of pure joy. Admiral Ashe led his daughter down the aisle before presenting her to the bridegroom. Daryn smiled adoringly as she took his hand with the daintiness princesses strove to muster. Even under her veil, Daryn could see Lucinda blush scarlet. He whispered to her, “May I kiss my bride?” She smiled back, a show of pearly teeth under a stream of white lace, “In a minute, you can kiss your wife.” Daryn had never felt the joy that warmed his bones
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till that moment. The chaplain struggled to hold back his own grin. He began to read the vows that would bind the two together forever.
“Dear brethren, we are gathered here today to witness the joining of these two young people in holy matrimony. Please join me in prayer;
when you created mankind

you willed that man and wife should be one.
Bind Richard and Lucinda
 in the loving union of marriage;
and make their love fruitful
so that they may be living witnesses 
to your divine love in the world.
I believe the couple have written their vows to each other?” the chaplain ended his small speech. Daryn smiled and went first;

“Lucinda Ashe , I promise to be your husband, your lover, and your friend,
I will be your partner in parenthood,
Your supporter through the hard times,
Your playmate through the good times,
Your comfort in times of grief,
Your collaborator in adventure,
Your accomplice in mischief,
Your confidant in relaxation,
Your student and your teacher,
Your biggest fan and your best friend,
Your strength in your times of need and vulnerable to you in my own,
And most of all, your soul mate on our exciting ride of life.”

Lucy blinked back tears and cleared her throat;

“Richard of Montevoy, I choose to love you, to cherish you, and to respect you in all ways, always.
I promise to participate fully in our marriage partnership.
I will give fully of my mind, body, heart, and soul.
I promise to make your plans and dreams as important to me as my own.
I promise to do my part in the hope that our lives together will be healthy, happy, and abundantly satisfying.
I swear to rededicate myself to these vows each and every day for the rest of my life.”

It was Daryn’s turn to blink back the tears that sprang behind his eyes. He fumbled for the ring on the pillow brought in by the ring-bearer. Ridiculously, he put it back and decided to fist pull off Lucy’s left glove. She was giggling and the crowd of spectators were chuckling. He was grinning from ear to ear as he finally got it off and slipped the ring on her fourth finger, “With this ring, I thee wed.” Lucinda picked up the other ring and gently took his left hand in hers. “With this ring, I thee wed,” she slipped it on his fourth finger and they smiled into each other’s eyes. “I now proclaim you; man and wife. You may, Richard, finally, kiss your bride,” the chaplain smiled. “No. I can finally kiss my wife,” Daryn lifted the veil from her face and caught her by the waist. She was already laughing before he bent her backwards and delivered a long, sweet kiss on her waiting mouth. The crowd cheered and clapped for the newly weds. Lucinda’s parents were shocked to see the love radiating from the young couple.

Daryn steadied Lucinda and whispered in her ear, “Get ready to run.” She gripped his hand tighter in encouragement. He counted to three and the couple took off down the aisle before they were rained upon by grains of rice and confetti. Once inside the carriage that would take them back to ‘Richard’s’ estate, Daryn swooped down to kiss his bride once more. “I love you, I love you, I love you!” he grinned. Lucinda nuzzled against his warmth, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Once again, the bride was whisked off to a separate chamber to get ready for her wedding night. Daryn paced in his own room that he was to give up tonight to move into the bridal chambers he would share with Lucy for as long as they both should live.

Lucinda was stripped off her veil and gown and her hair was undone; allowed to fall in all its shimmering golden glory. A silk chemise was replaced in favor of a gown. The same silk robe she wore in the morning was dropped on her shoulders and tied loosely around her waist. Its hem flowed past her ankles and pooled around her feet. Her satin slippers were replaced with flat-footed ones. Perfume was drizzled over her pulse. Lavender and rose oils were rubbed onto her skin. She was ready to face her groom.

He was already waiting for her at the dining table. He jumped up to attention when she slipped through the door. His eyes would not stray from her as she crossed the room. Lucinda hesitated before the table. Daryn held her hand gently and sat her down on his right. He slipped into his own seat before breaking the silence, “Are you alright?” “Quite, thank you,” she replied. They were served exactly five dishes; roast beef and potatoes, vegetables, poultry, fruits and sweetmeats. As his wife, Lucy served Daryn the pick of the plate. He watched with boiling hunger as her robe slid down her shoulder when she tried to place a carving of beef on his plate. Her eyes caught his staring and she hid a smile, “Amused, are you?” “Oh, very,” he let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. They ate their main courses with relish and famish. Later, Daryn refused to allow his lady to dine on fruits and sweetmeats and insisted they took the trays of food with them to the balcony outside. Confused but respective, Lucinda obliged. He bid her lie on the recliner and rested her head on his lap. Plucking a grape from the fruit bowl, he held it to her lips. Before she could bite it, he withdrew his hands by an inch. Lucy whimpered and raised her head to catch his fingers, her teeth pulling the grape while her tongue lathed his fingertips. A breath caught in his throat but he didn’t stop there. Later, when several drops of grapes were devoured hungrily by his bride, Daryn held a small strip of sweetmeat to his darling’s lips. She smiled, “Do I get that or are you going to tease me?” “If you want it, come get it,” he smiled and slipped one end of it through his pursed lips. She smiled and sat up to kiss him, stealing the delicacy from his lips. His arms snaked around her waist and the kiss grew heated. Her own hands betrayed her coolness as they slipped around his neck and hugged him close to her. The food was forgotten as he slipped his hand under her knees and lifted her up into his arms. She broke the kiss to rest her brow against his and smile as he carried her to the bridal chamber.

Candles burned their flames out. The moonshine stole into the dark room and highlighted the figures of the sleeping couple. Their bodies were entwined, joined still, and exposed to the night. Blood marred the thighs of the woman and stained the sheets beneath her. Torn silk that once belonged to a chemise was scattered around the bed and a heap of white waistcoats, trousers and shoes rose in the corner alongside a soft silk robe. Golden hair was painted silver in the moonlight. Tanned and fair skin alike was the color of downy white. Wind blew in through the windows and a soft whimper rose from the bed. The man pulled away from the woman and extinguished a flame groggily before pulling at the duvet at the bottom of the bed. Before he allowed it to rest around the shoulders of his wife and himself, he slipped into her once more and hugged her close. She whimpered again and moved slightly against him. He sighed in content and pleasure and the two drifted back into soundless sleep.
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