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Spawn of the Night

Author's note: My own relationship that ended tragically when he passed away in a car crash inspired me as he...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My own relationship that ended tragically when he passed away in a car crash inspired me as he always told me such tales. In remembrance of him, I wrote this out (as he always encouraged me to explore my inner "author"). Everybody deserves to have a look at his creativity. :')  « Hide author's note
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What She Wanted

Summer of 1762, Daryn Nightshade

“I can see the prospect bloody thrills you,” I muttered dryly. She scrambled out of my arms and shrank away. “Don’t say that. You’re a bloody idiot!” she said, her voice trembling with fear and anger. “I know that,” I snapped. “Why tell me now? Why me?” she seemed to be asking herself more than me. “Lucinda, why are you so afraid of me? Because of stories you heard? Because your darling society painted me to look like I’m the very
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devil himself?” I asked, fighting back the ball in my throat. “You are the devil himself come to haunt me,” she said, her eyes wide with fear. “But why you?” I demanded. She flinched, “I don’t know.” “Lucy, what evil have you done to bring the devil’s wrath on your pretty little head?” I reasoned. “I... I... Don’t look at me like that,” her eyes were glistening with tears. “Lucy, look at me. You’ve kissed me, you’ve touched me, you’ve felt the thundering of my heart under your hands. How am I a ghost?”I sighed. This woman was difficult. She took a shaky breath, “Those are all things I should never have felt.” “It’s my sin, not yours,” I threw caution to the wind and drew her close to me. “Why did you take me?” she asked, looking me defiantly in the eyes. “I would be lying if I said it was for my own pleasure. I didn’t even know there would be a woman on board. But when I saw you, it was already too late. We were already on course. I told my crew not to harm you. Their idea was to lock you up in my cabin and leave you at my mercy. Turns out I’m left at your mercy,” I sifted my fingers through her golden locks and buried my face in the comfort they permitted. “What’s your name again? What’s my name again?” she hiccuped. “Lucy,” I laughed, “my name’s Daryn.” “You’re Captain Nightshade. You’re a pirate and you’re wanted by the Crown. I’m the daughter of a prominent noble. I’m betrothed to Richard Montgomery. I’m getting married in two months. I have obligations, you don’t. Don’t drag me into our life. You’re condemned and I’m not. I hate you and you love me,” she said dryly and pulled herself away from me like I was the very dirt under her shoes. I wouldn’t admit it but it hurt. “And what do you want me to do?” I asked. Her body stiffened with pride, “I want you to send me home. I promise not to give you away and not to aid the Navy in your capture. Just send me home.” She sounded home-sick. I cursed myself, “Fine. I’ll send you home. I’ll send you back to your bloody pampered life. And you can forget anything and everything that happened here.” To fight the urge to hold her, I jammed my hands into the pockets of my breeches and stormed out.

My crew were lined up outside the stairwell. “Sir,” my second-in-command, Colt, saluted, “what are your orders?” “Turn the bloody ship around. We’ve got a pampered princess to send home,” I grimaced. “Send home, sir?” he dropped his hand. “I don’t want the b**** on my ship and I don’t bloody well want her in my bed and cabin,” my anger got the better of me. Colt hesitated. “Colt, what are you waiting for?” I asked acidly. “Nothing, sir,” he stood to attention then barked out orders to the rest. I stormed to the study and fell into the lounging chair. I closed my eyes.

“Someone’s here to see you,” Colt’s head poked in. “Who and what?” I demanded. “A lady,” he mused, a smirk playing on his lips. I had the urge to smash a fist into his face. “Send her in,” I said through my teeth. “Captain,” she said as soon as she stepped in and Colt left us alone. “Miss Ashe, I see you’ve decided to use my men against me,” I said as coolly as I could. “I needed to see you. And it took a lot of banging to bring even one to my rescue,” she said. “Sit,” I commanded and she slid into the seat, smoothing out her beloved skirt. “Captain,” I grimaced when her delicate voice drawled out the title and not my name, “I want to apologize. I was rude and it’s unacceptable. I only want you to understand that I’m to be married and my family will be worried sick about me. I need to go home. It has nothing to do with you.” “Lucinda Ashe, who would have thought you had a heart?” I mused. “I would say the same about you after your confession earlier today,” she was calm.

I was impressed, she was holding her ground. But I was, as she pointed out, a pirate. And we don’t play fair. I stood, crossed the table, wrapped her hair around my hand and yanked her head back to accommodate my kiss. She was stiff as she sat calmly but her mouth was responding eagerly; a pleasant combination. When I let her go, she was slightly tipped but she recovered quickly. “That was a dirty move,” she mumbled. “I’m a snake when it comes to your posh society, remember? Only fair to live up to that,” I couldn’t help grinning. She smiled, “You’re a disaster, Daryn.” My breath caught when her voice caressed my name. Blood rushed from my head. I was already imagining the things the delightful things that same mouth could do for me; the way that same voice would be screaming my name. “Taking a side trip, Nightshade?” she asked sweetly. “A hell of a good one too,” I let my breath blow out slowly. “Mind sharing?” she asked. There was mischief playing in her eyes, in the way they danced. “Oh yes,” I grinned and kissed her again. I made sure she would feel the desire rippling through my body.

She gasped and her hands snaked around my neck. I yanked her off the seat and into my arms. She sighed as my hands ran their course up and down her back. “Daryn,” she whispered. “Yes?” I pulled away slightly and looked into her hazed gray eyes. “I don’t want to marry Richard,” she sounded small and fragile and my heart went out to her. “I don’t want you to marry him either,” I said and nibbled on her bottom lip to keep myself from blurting out what I wished I could tell her. “I don’t want to think,” she stammered. “Then don’t. Don’t think about the consequences, don’t think about tomorrow. Think only about me, here and now. I’m yours and you’re mine; even if only for an hour. I’ll take it for now. Think about me, don’t stray from that,” I urged her and she took a sharp intake of breath. “I don’t know if I can,” her words tumbled from her mouth. “Why not?” I asked, bracing myself for the blow. “Because I’m ashamed of the things I think about you,” she buried her face in my chest. I laughed, “Ashamed? I see I’m not the only one taking side trips.” “Shut your yap,” her voice was muffled. “Shut it for me,” I challenged and she did just that. She pushed me harshly and my hip was against the table. She caught my face in her hands and devoured my mouth with hers. I kept my eyes open to watch the way hers fluttered. I smiled and she pulled away to lean her head on my shoulder. “I think I love you,” she whispered. I felt the wall she erected shatter. “That makes two of us,” I brushed her hair away from her face and kissed the top of her head.
“How is it the devil can love? That the devil can be so gentle?” she mumbled. “How does the sun and moon share the same sky?” I answered. “Because they fit; day and night,” she smiled and kissed the hollow of my throat. I swallowed, “Yeah, I’ve got a little bit of each in me.” “You have more night in you,” she sighed. “So we’re back to my black heart,” I said dryly. “Even the darkest of hearts have a little bit of light. Just like even in the darkest time of night, the stars and the moon still shine,” she smiled. I touched my lips to her, “I found the moon and the stars in you.” And I found the night I have to brighten in you,” she smiled back. We were perfectly content the way we were; I was resting against the table with her in my arms and her face pressed into my shirt and my cheek resting on her hair. The truth was our only barrier.
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