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Author's note: I have had battles through my life and it inspired me to write this piece i hope you like it.
Author's note: I have had battles through my life and it inspired me to write this piece i hope you like it.  « Hide author's note
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The Beginning

Sometimes I wonder is there a better place out there for or is this all I am going to see. I have been at this orphanage for eight years not once would I remember my parents’ death and everyday I wonder if there is someone out there that I will meet or something may happen. My name is Robin I’m one of the best sword fighters in the orphanage, the only one to master double sword fighter.
I teach the little ones to understand the way to use your body, and sometimes or most of the time the older ones. Today the king, queen, and Prince are coming to watch us practice to see if one of us may be a guard for them. All the girls wait by the entrance for Prince Jace while I practice with some of the guys. Once the royal family came to the practice field I didn’t stop practicing I didn’t care for them. I beat about ten people in a few seconds and stood there with swords in hand heard, the royal family start to clap put my swords back on my back and then the Prince says…
“Where did you learn to fight like that?”
“I teach myself I didn’t learn by a teacher why do you ask,” I said while turning around.
“Just wondering do you mind if I fight you,” he asked. I looked at him with no emotion on my face and with an evil smile I said…
“Sure, but just telling you I’m not holding back since you’re a prince.”
Prince Jace grabbed his sword from his parents and then stood a little ways from me. I took my swords out, and held them in one hand, Jace is the one to make the first move I blocked it and spun around while putting each sword in both hands. “Impressive no one has ever blocked my blow.” Jace said. I tried to kick his feet from underneath him but he jumped and with my back to him, he makes an attack, but I jump and landed behind him. This time I put him to the ground with ease because he was off balanced, and when he hit the ground he lost his sword. I pointed one of my swords at him so he wouldn’t get up again.
“You’re really good no one can really beat me, but you managed to do so how is that” Prince Jace said. I helped him up, and then said…
“Well first off that sword your using is a two handed double edge and you only use one hand which makes it unbalanced and second you footing is off badly.”
“O and how that is,” he said. “Because your feet are not even with your sword, and your feet are not moving the right way you’re going back-words,” I said while putting my swords back on my back. Jace went and talked to his parents when he left a sworn of girls came over to me and started asking questions. After about a half an hour the girls left, and Jace comes up to me, and asks…
“Do you mind coming with us to teach me, um what is name your, I don’t think I cached it.”
“Names Robin and I don’t mind teaching you,” Robin said.
Jace’s servants already got my stuff and a beautiful stallion to ride, its black with a red mane, and tail. I said my goodbyes to everyone then mounted my horse and laugh at all the girls crying because Jace is leaving too. Jace rides a white mare that has a gray mane and tail with spots on the horses back too. Prince Jace rode beside me while his parents rode behind us in their carriage and then Prince Jace says…
“So is your hair always been like that.” “Yeah it’s always been like this Prince Jace,” Robin said.
“Please don’t call me prince I hate being called that its sounds like all I care about is money and the throne which I don’t,” Jace said.
“Why not you have everything you can ever want I never met a prince who doesn’t want the throne why do you not like it Jace,” I said.
“Well yeah I can have almost everything, but it doesn’t make me happy fighting with you today made me feel free how did you know that my sword is a two handed blade,” he said.
“Because the handles are longer with a two handed blade then with a one handed,” I said.
“What about two double edge swords like yours how can you tell them apart,” Jace said.
“Double edge swords have a little smaller blade, and is a little longer than the others,” I said with a laugh. That whole time was heading to the castle Jace and I talked. We got to the castle at high noon and stopped at the front entrance, Jace and I went to the practice field after we talked to his parents. Jace showed me around the practice field and the Blacksmith it’s so big I can hardly think of what to do.
“So do you want to start tomorrow first thing in the morning sound ok to you,” Jace said.
“Ha yeah sounds good ok,” I said.
Jace took me to one of the maids who took me to my room which is in one of the towers. Once we got there I laid on the bed, then the maid said… “I ‘m sorry the queen put you up here most of the time its just some slaves.”
“It’s ok besides I like to see the world below, and maybe put some fun back into this old castle,” I said.
”Good this place needs it his uncle use to be quiet the fun lover until the queen told him to leave,” She said.
“I think this is going to be a great friendship,” I said while both of us laughed.
Anna and I talked and laughed almost tell the sun went down until Jace came in. Anna left then Jace said while sitting down beside me on the bed…
“What were you two laughing about?”
“O nothing besides you wouldn’t understand,” I said.
“Yeah I guess I wouldn’t,” Jace said while standing up to see out the window. I got up and stood next to him and said…
“There’s your problem Jace you just need to have a little fun that’s all.”
Jace and I talked almost every-day and practiced. It’s been two years since I changed this castle into having a little fun. The queen, and king love me and Jace is awesome to hangout; today is Jace’s eighteenth birthday. The castle is alive and moving for his big party tonight there are a lot of people coming.
I’m in charge of the guards and I have everyone in their right places I have to guard the king, queen, and Jace. For some reason something is not right and I can’t shake this feeling, everyone is arriving now, and the servants are getting ready for the meal. I stood by Jace while two other guards are behind the king and queen while they ate.
After Jace’s father gave a speech we all headed to the ballroom and continued the party. There is almost ten to five princesses here that prince Jace needed to dance with. I watched from a distance as Jace danced with Princess Abigail; suddenly one of my wounded guards came in and yelled…
“Captain enemies at the front gate their coming this way.” Everyone starts to yell, scream, and run I tell five of my guards…
“Take the Queen, King, and Prince to one of the safe rooms I’ll take car of everyone else.” The five guards rushed and took them to the safe room I stood by the door helping the guests leave carefully. The ballroom is empty in less then five minutes before the thief’s busted through the windows and doors.
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