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All I Want To Do Is Love You Part I

Author's note: Please, forgive me for every piece that is on this website. These are all of my old things that I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Please, forgive me for every piece that is on this website. These are all of my old things that I don't necessarily care about. Including this piece right here. This was written when I was nine. Nine, people. Anyway, I hope you learn and forgive the fact that I used to be a very horrible writer.  « Hide author's note
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I reached for his hand, as both of my feet hit the warm sand.
Anh, Haelii, and Dillon, run past us, kicking up the tan power on the ground.
“Ha, Ha, you can’t get us Nathan!” Anh screams looking back.
“Yeah.” Haelii protests.
“Ahh!” They scream as Nathan sneaks up behind them, tongue out, and hands in the air.
I laugh and walk on into the sunset, holding the hand of the man I have loved since day one.
The sky is a mixture of colors; purple, pink,
They have magic powers....forgot to include that...sorry.
orange, and a little bit of dark red.
The ocean sings its own sweet song, alongside us.
“Hmm.” Tyson is humming a tune, and like always, I have no idea what it is. “Suicidal blonde, was the color of her hair, hmm.” He continues on singing. “You want to make her suicidal blonde.”
My white sun dress blows in the summer air, my hair softly whipping around my face.
I steal a glance at Tyson.
He is staring at the long walk ahead of us; carefully watching our creations, laugh and giggle.
“Tyson.” I say.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.” He looks at me, and smiles. A smile I haven’t seen in forever.
Then I hear more screaming and laughter. I whip my head back.
Tessa and Nick run from the littlest of their babies.
“Hi!” Tessa slows down when she sees us.
“Hi.” She stops and walks beside me, takes my hand.
“Hey, Ty, can I talk to Ash for a minute.” His smile fades. “It’s only a couple seconds,” She laughs.
His smile reappears. “I know.”
Tessa tugs my arm. It’s like neither of us wants to leave each other’s side. He shakes his head, and urges me to move away.
“Jeez.” Tessa says after we leave his sight. “Hey, Ash.”
“I have some news…” She says.
“You’re pregnant! Oh my gosh! Am I the first one you told?” She knows that I am joking around, they have nine children, I don’t think they want anymore. I hope not.
“Really?” She places her hands on her hips, and cocks an eyebrow.
“No, I’m joking, you know that.” I giggle, and walk forward. “So, what is the news?”
“I think that Nick wants to move back to Oklahoma, and he wants to bring-“ I block out the rest of the conversation.
“He wants to bring who?”
“You guys. I just said that.” Tessa has a weird look on her face.
“Why?” I am shaking.
“I don’t know.” She pauses. “Hey, are you okay?”
“Yeah,” My knees are going weak.
“Ashton, you’re not okay-“
“Yes, I am.” My legs give out, I am on the ground, the water is climbing closer and closer. It reaches me, and a little bit of the water seeps into my skin.
My voice is being called in the distance. But, my mind blocks it out.
I can hear something. A sweet voice, no a song. I can recognize it, but, I can’t remember the words.
Tears are now pouring from my eyes.
There it is again, but, it’s closer now. Closer it comes, then I look into the body of water that might gulp me down.
My body is moving closer to the water. I can see something, bobbing up and down in the salt water.
It is sparkling in the almost dead sunlight, the voice fills my ears.
My grandmother’s voice. She is calling me.
Then the thing pops in front of me. A mermaid. Her scales shine bright, her hair is out stretched in the water.
“Assssshton.” She hisses.
My feet are now at the bottom of the shallow entrance of my death.
“Come here my darling.” He long, green, webbed, fingers are urging me closer.
“Ashton, No!” The water is at my waist, the mermaid, hisses and shows me her yellow, pointed teeth.
Tyson’s hands are the ones to grab me.
“Ashton! Talk to me.” My eyes flutter, from dark to light. “Ashton!”
“Hmm.” I move my head.
He lifts my body, caring me in his arms, as if I am a child.
“Honey, talk to me.” My eyes are partially open, I can see his, they are set on something in the distance.
“What?” My voice cracks.
“Tyson, really you shouldn’t talk to her, she should get some rest before she use all her strength talking to you.” Nick’s voice fills my ears. I nod.
“Thank you.” A hot tear, falls on my stomach.
My head falls over his arm.
Talking is occurring in the background, but all I see is darkness.
Next, I am set in something hot.
My eyes shoot open, as a pain shoots up my body. I scream and look around me.
I sit in a hot bath. Clothes still on, and head positioned against the bath wall.
“It hurts!” I try to move my muscles, but can’t.
A killing pain in bouncing of the walls in my head, running through my blood stream, and ending it’s cycle in the bottoms of my feet, then starts again.
“Shh.” Warm fingers are twirling my hair.
My body allows me to move my head, to find Tyson sitting on the bathroom floor.
“Why does it hurt so much?” I wince at the pain in my neck.
He doesn’t answer me, he just looks at his lap.
“Tyson?!” I take my hand out of the warm water, and reach down for his.
He takes it.
“I love you,” Puddles are forming in his eyes.
What’s the big deal? I didn’t do anything but, walk into the ocean. I think.
No you didn’t A voice fills my head. I glance around the bathroom to see how else is talking. Nobody. I look at Tyson. Yep. It’s me. You didn’t just walk into the ocean. That mermaid almost took you away from us. And, that’s not onlyy thing she did.
My breathing grows faster.
This is you I am hearing? I think.
Yeah. His thoughts tell me.
So can I hear anybody else thoughts. I may use this as an advantage.
Probably, I guess so. Tyson shrugs.
So, what else did she do? My mind doesn’t want to hear the answer. But, it comes anyway.
Do you remember in high school, when you met your grandmother in the realms? And she told you about the Order? And that you were a part of it?
I ponder. Yes, but, I had to bind the magic so I could let my grandmother’s soul free.
He takes a moment. Well, when you did that, you crushed the Rosetta Stone and locked the door with your her amulet, right?
I nod.
That kept the magic from escaping to our world. That simple stone, breaking it into a million pieces, let the magic free.
I shake my head. But, that was just to set her soul free.
Yes. But, that stone, was made by the original Order to protect the magic from this world. Not to let other things from that world enter ours. Now, anybody can use it.
I bit my lower lip. So, what happened to me?
You, the next generation of the Order, were almost taken from this world and swallowed into theirs.
That doesn’t answer my question. But,
He sighs. Some of your magic was taken, that means that your body needs to readjust to the new you. Then, once you get the magic back you will have to do the same.
I take my other hand out of the water and bit one of my finger nails. What will I do to get my magic back?
His is now rather pale. You will have to go back to the realms and find the Forest of Fairies, talk to them. I have no idea, what will happen after that.
Our thoughts are silent.
“Can I get out of this tub?” I blurt.
“Yeah.” He stands, and my hand falls back into the water. “Can you get up or not?” I try to position my legs to get up, but, I can’t.
“Hang on, don’t move.” He rolls up his sleeves. Then, he reaches under the water, and lifts my tired body out.
I look down at the tub. It sparkles. Little bits of scale float atop the water.
My body, is being spun around, in between doors and hallways.
Finally, I am set on a soft bed. “Ash.” My eyes catch his. “You need to get out of those wet clothes, do you need help with that?” He doesn’t smile as I nod.
“Tessa,” He calls down the hallway.
And comes running the wife of the month.
“Can you help her get dressed?” She nods.
“Hey she helped me. Today, I could try to shed a little love.” Tyson leaves the room and Tessa helps me slip into some of Tyson’s old shorts and one of his tees.
I sit on the bed now. Thinking to myself, what I am going to do in the realms.
I knock comes across the door.
Nick steps in. “Hey, little sister.” I smile and see that he has his guitar behind his back.
“What are you doing?” My voice cracks, as I carefully sit myself up.
“Singing you your favorite song.”
“And, what song is that?” I question.
“Okay, like your fifth favorite song.” He chuckles. “But, I do what your favorite song is.”
“What is it then smarty?”
“Glitter by Motley Crue. But, Tyson can sing that to you.” He sits in the rocking chair across the room, positions his guitar, and stops. “I suggest that you lay down. You do need rest.” I nod, and slowly, lay down on my soft bed.
He starts to sing. “This is a story of a girl who cried a river and drown the whole world, while she looked so sad in photographs, Tyson accidentally loved her, when she smiled.” I laugh and close my eyes to dream.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 14 Next »

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CountryRose This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 1, 2015 at 11:07 pm
I think it is good too. Is there a part two?
BriannaKnowsBest said...
May 3, 2013 at 6:32 pm
its good and i look forward to reading more of your work  

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