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Freelance: A New Begining

Author's note: Live your live the way you want to and don’t let anybody tell you what to do. Because if you...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Live your live the way you want to and don’t let anybody tell you what to do. Because if you can find something you love, then your life will be full of happiness.

I dedicate this story to all those who have lost the battle with depression.

A special thanks to TWLOHA. For getting me out of the dark before I drowned in it. For giving me something to believe in and for steering me in the direction of writing in the first place.

To my best mate for being the inspiration for Wendy.

And to Short Stack, for unknowingly giving me the ideas for the main characters Adrian (Andy), Shaun (Shane) and Bradie (Ben)  « Hide author's note
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Didn't See That One Coming

It’s been about two months since I got the part in the band and we are on our first tour. I am in The Royal Hotel of Yorkville, the place were we are playing our first tour. We only just released our first album about three weeks ago but enough of the CD’s were sold for us to do a tour. Anyway back on track, so I am in our room looking like a mad woman for my phone.
I can’t believe I lost my phone, well not lost I just can’t find it. Now this isn’t the first phone I have lost in my life, but this one was different, this one has Freelances new agents number. Adrian will not be very happy with me when he finds out. Just as I was about to freak out to the max, Adrian came into the room holding up my phone.
“Don’t you ever fall for things like that ok. Ben likes playing pranks on us all, he doesn’t play them on Shane and me much any more because we don’t fall for them now. You how ever are a brand new target for him, so if anything goes missing just come and find me.” Ok Ben is going to pay, I can pull a good prank just as well as any boy.
“Grrr. Well then I will just have to retaliate with an even better prank. Will you help me?” Adrian seemed really eager to help, but his simple nod wasn’t very reassuring. “Ok then I will tell you what we will do just as soon as I know for myself.” With that said and done I went to go and plan but Adrian put his arm around my waist and pulled me back over to him.
“Well I will tell you this much. Get a nice outfit on, do your makeup and anything else you need to do, and meet me in the lounge room in half an hour. We have a gig to go too.” He let go of me and just as I turned to leave... “Oh and I love you.” That last comment stoped me dead in my tracks. He said he loved me. Wow.
“I love you too.” And it was true, I really did. I was about to walk over to him but yet again the moment was ruined by some one walking into the room. I swear to god if it is Shane I will hurt him I really will. I turn around slowly to make me look even angrier than I am.
HOLY CRAP! It was Ben and a man that looked a lot like my dad did before he left, only older. The man was not interested in us, he was looking around the room, just looking at random things like the phone. But this isn’t dad, it can’t be... can it? He is supposed to be in France or some place like that To my relief Ben had his mouth open so I think he was about to explain why a man who looked like my dad was in the doorway of our hotel room.
“Hey Jess, I would like you to meet my father. His name is Jackson ok, and he is kind of stand offish.” I looked over to Adrian because I was still not so sure that this guy wasn’t my father, but Ben just said he was his dad. Adrian nodded at me then looked over at Bens dad.
“Hey Jackson, it’s good to see you again, it’s been a while.” Jackson made this grunt sound as if he didn’t care. Even his attitude was like dads, but just to be sure I reach into my pocket and grab out my wallet. I kept a photo of my dad because as much as I hate him for leaving he is still my dad.
I find the picture and look at it closely. In the picture Dad and I are out in front of this massive as hell shark that the local fishermen had caught out on the little rent-a-boat. I had loved the look of it so mum took a photo of us with it. I held the photo up and compared dad and this man, and it was a splitting image. That and my dad’s name is Jackson Witens. Mum kept her name. Just as I finished connecting the dots Jackson looked at us for the first time.
“So this is your new singer?” Ben just nodded when his dad I mean OUR dad looked over to him for an answer. “Huh, pathetic. I thought you would have at least got someone with a more distinctive look. You know the kind of look a girls father will insist on. You girl, is that the look your father wanted you to have?” Ok that’s not fair, I at least recognised him. But it’s ok because I get pay back on him for leaving me and Penny.
“I wouldn’t know, my father ran out on me and my sister about twelve years ago.” When I said that dads head snapped up faster than anything I have ever seen. “Yer that’s right about the same time you ran out on your wife and two kids... Oh wait, that’s the same event isn’t it dad? I guess I finally got my answer to why you left us, you had another family.” Ben and Adrian were looking at each other with the same expression. What the?
“Penny?” Great not even the right kid. I shook my head instead of talking because him not remembering which one I was hurt a lot more that I thought it would. “Jessica, is it really you? My god you have gotten big.” He was talking to me like he hadn’t left twelve years ago and not got in contact since.
“Na duh, how the hell is Penny going to remember you? She was one the day you left, literally. You left on your daughters birthday, without a word. I don’t even mind anymore because I got over you a long time ago. You’re a jerk and that is all you will ever be in my eyes, there is nothing you can say that will make me forget or forgive what you did to us.” And with that I walked right passed him, out into the lounge.
I walked right over to the red couch that was placed randomly in the middle of the room, and sat down. I can’t believe how much it had hurt to see that my own father had forgotten what I looked like. There doesn’t seem to be anything else to do but cry, so I did. Adrian who had walked out of the room just after me walked over to me and knelt down in front of me looking really worried.
“It will be ok, I promise you that much. Ben is in there giving him hell, but if you look on the bright side I don’t think Ben will be playing pranks on you any time soon.” I couldn’t help but laugh at that, mainly because it was true, but also because I was glad Ben was angry at the man. “That’s what I like to see, a smile on your face. It is a horrible thing to watch you cry, or it is for me anyway.”
Adrian moved from in front of me to sitting next to me, he wrapped his arms around me in one of the best efforts of comforting me that I have ever seen. Shane came home at just that moment, he had been out with Kelsey so I guess the last thing he had expected was to come back to yelling and crying.
“What the hell is going on in here? Jess you look horrible, what happened to you?” Just like that a very angry looking Ben came storming out of the bedroom followed by a very upset looking jerk that just happened to be my father. “Mr Witens? Ben? I am confused.” Ben didn’t notice Shane talking because he was to busy yelling at his father.
“DID YOU THINK YOU COULD GET AWAY WITH IT? Look you know what, I don’t care.” Ok I had seen Ben angry before and this was not it, he was pissed off to the max. “Get out. Just leave before I call mum and tell her.” And I don’t care what Ben is going to do but I am telling Mum and Penny. But that was enough warning for dad, he turned and walked out the door without a word.
We all spent the next hour talking about what he had done, and explaining to Shane what had happened. We eventually worked out that Ben and I sharing the same father made him my half brother and me his half sister. Both Ben and I called our mothers and told them what we had found out that day, both of them found the information very interesting.
I did sort of feel sorry for the guy but not enough to give him a second thought after he walked out of the room. I was were I had always wanted to be, and to tell you the truth my life was never really that bad without the man. Everything about him that I had always looked up to had disappeared the day he left. Besides he didn’t care enough for us to call or send a letter or anything so in my eyes he doesn’t deserve a second chance.
I could feel my tears starting to find there way back to my the front of my eyes, but I somehow managed to keep them inside.
It was the last night here before we headed to Melbourne for our concert in Festival Hall, it’s amazing how quickly time had flown since I joined the band. This was the concert I had gotten tickets to, well Penny has mine now but that’s not the point.
We decided to get one last practice session before the big night, and it went for hours. We even wrote, composed and perfected a new song for Shane and I to sing. I was starting to panic, because every fan knew and loved Freelance the way they were. I had no idea how they would react to me being thrown into the mix.
It is really good to know that we have a few breaks during the show, but the fans don’t go without entertainment because that’s when the support band start playing. ‘Moonlight Boys’.
The best thing about them is that not only do they stop all the fans from getting bored but they are also some very good friends of ours. Now I had already heard of the support bands through my friends who had already been to one of the concerts, but I wasn’t expecting them to be anywere near as good as they were,
The Moonlight Boys are really great, there are six of them. Sam Heresh is the drummer, he is the out there one and always cracking jokes. Thankfully they are always on topic and he does know when to stop. The back up singer is Peter Jorenks, now he is the down to earth one I guess. You try to crack a joke with him and he would probably give you a series explanation that lasts for like the rest of the day. But hey we still love him because he sort of keeps the boys together. Now the bassists are Charlie Renkals and Norman Renkals, obviously they are brothers, but what’s not obvious is that they are they most brotherly figures you could ever meet. If you needed help then go to these guys because even if you don’t know them they are too nice to not help. Now you cant forget Christopher Getrol, the lead singer. I don’t know what else to say, you drop him in any place and he would fit in. But of course there is the sinther, now that’s Matthew Delorist. He is the radical one, anything you always wanted to try? You can bet your next pay check that he is in.
As for there music, well it is a very smooth mix of pop rock and Goth rock. The best of its kind. True it is the only of its kind but still, it is really good, and it’s bound to catch on some time soon. Not that long ago they got number five on the charts. And try and keep in mind we are talking about a currently unsigned band.
* * *
Over the next few months we have a completely packed schedule filled with concerts, meet and greets, interviews and get togethers. We are due to release a new album in a few months. Do you remember Wendy managed to get an internship with Chalt design well turns out its doing, you’ll never guess what... designing the album covers for Freelance. So now she is now one of the touring roadies.
Oh and she finally got up the courage to ask Ben out, and he agreed, without hesitation. Wendy didn’t think it would last long but he stepped up and took her to the nicest place he could find on short notice. Sure it wasn’t a perfect first date but still, both Wendy and I got the guy’s of our dreams.
That concert Wendy and I were going to go to, neither of us needed the tickets so we gave them to Samantha
So this is my story, the part of which I tell. All this started when I wanted to go to a concert and now I’m in the band.
The past is written, but no one will ever know exactly what the future has in store.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5

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