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Freelance: A New Begining

Author's note: Live your live the way you want to and don’t let anybody tell you what to do. Because if you...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Live your live the way you want to and don’t let anybody tell you what to do. Because if you can find something you love, then your life will be full of happiness.

I dedicate this story to all those who have lost the battle with depression.

A special thanks to TWLOHA. For getting me out of the dark before I drowned in it. For giving me something to believe in and for steering me in the direction of writing in the first place.

To my best mate for being the inspiration for Wendy.

And to Short Stack, for unknowingly giving me the ideas for the main characters Adrian (Andy), Shaun (Shane) and Bradie (Ben)  « Hide author's note
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Everybody has dreams and aspirations, goals of their lives to say the least. And we all know that it is a great sensation when we achieve the things we want. Not everybody gets what they want but I am one of the lucky ones who got what they wanted, but had never dared dream it. This is the simple story of how I got everything I had ever wanted in life plus some, nothing less and nothing more.
* * *
I was getting myself together before I ask mum if I can go to a concert in Melbourne. My mum is really nice and would let me do anything I wanted at school, but I had never asked her to let me leave the state before so I had no clue at all about her reaction.
In the hallway I stoped and took a few unsteady breaths to calm myself down enough so I could at least look like I had a fair amount on confidence. As I stood there I looked around at the all to familer photos of our family. My attention always stoped at the only photo of my father that my mum had left in our house.
Dad was the one who would have let me go to the concert without a second thought. And with that single thought, all the worry I had managed to flush out of my system came flooding back three times worse than they had been in the first place. Pointless.
I guess I can’t freak out just yet, I really don’t see her letting me go, but who knows she might just let me go and see the concert. I am about to walk into the lounge where Mum usually is when she walks into the hallway. Well it’s now or never.
“Hey Mum I have a really important question for you. I doubt my luck but I wouldn’t know because it’s like the first time I have asked you something like this.”
“What is it darling?” I think I may have phrased the words wrong because Mum was looking worried. You could hear the worry in her voice as well.
“I was just wondering if you would let me go to the Freelance concert in Melbourne that’s all. The Brisbane and Sydney ones are sold out already, and I really, really want to go see them.” Okay I got that out now I have to put on my ‘You know you want to let me’ face.
“Well I guess you can go, I’ll give Ticket King a call and order two tickets.” Wow that was really easy, maybe I should have tried this earlier than today for all the other concerts I wanted... “If you clean your room.”
I knew I shouldn’t have relaxed so soon, it always happens like this. Not that I really care, cleaning my room is so worth being able to see Freelance, Wendy will be stocked when I tell her.
Wendy is my best friend in the whole world we do almost everything together, plus we tell each other everything. Nothing is private between us. Wendy and I are the only two people in our school who defended Freelance before they were famous. Now that they are famous everyone thinks they are awesome and it really pisses us off at how people could hate them one day then love them the next week.
So without another word I turned around and walked out into my room, and realized that there was like only one thing on my floor anyway. I walked over to my cupboard and opened the door, clean, organized even. I closed the doors and headed for the worst part of my room, my CD rack, well it’s more of a pile... clean as well.
This was kind of strange, I didn’t clean this, that I can tell, because I would have remembered that. Then I saw the little note an the edge of my bed. My normal reactions took over and I had picked it up and was reading the neat writing on the little piece of blue paper.

Hey Jess.
I thought I would help you out a little bit, I remembered you saying how you were going to try and get tickets to see Freelance, and I saw that two of three shows are sold out so I figured your mum would play the ‘Clean your room and yes’ card so I got my cleaners to do it for you. I hope it works for you. Then I can come with you, HA-HA.
Love Wends

Aww Wendy you rock. I don’t think I said that Wends family is like rich or something. She always does this kind thing for me and I can’t do anything back because she yells at me if I do, besides I think the things she does always involve her as well. Normally I will call her and tell her she didn’t have to and I wished she didn’t but this time I am really glad she did because it would have taken me like five years to clean it myself.
“MUM.” At that Mum ran into my room looking worried again. In about three seconds flat her face changed from the worry to a look I couldn’t really place, but I think it was amazement at how my room was spotless. “I think I am done, but that is up to you. So what do you think?”
“Jessica it’s perfect, the tickets are done I got two because I figured you would like Wendy to go with you. I am so happy you have found something to look forward to.” Please no, not again with the ‘After your father’ talk. “Oh dear, look at the time you have to get to school.” THANK GOD.
I don’t think I have ever been so glad to go to school before in my life, and that is saying something because I have triple geography today. Geography is the worst class in the history of all bad classes... EVER.
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