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Not easy being me

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September 10
There’s not much to say today, except for who is that girl who is going after my man?

It was 10:24 the next morning and Arianna took her phone out of her bag to see if she had any missed calls or text messages. She had 4 from Greg.
“Hey im really sorry I’ve been acting weird lately text me back”
“Hey babe, I know you’r probably mad at me. Txt me later?”
“Arianna. I’m going to call you”
“ Ari please answer me”
Arianna picked up her phone and started to text.
“I was sleeping sorry. What’s up?” she had to act totally natural, if Greg found out she was creeping on his face book he would think she was the creep. Her phone buzzed.
“u mad at me?”
“why have you been acting strange?”
“I don’t know, I cant tell you”
“just as I suspected Greg. Nice, real nice”
“you know?!”
“yeah I know all about your new girl friend”
So much for keeping it cool.
Arianna’s phone rang. She picked it up and they talked.
“hello?” she asked.
“Arianna what are you talking about? I don’t have a new girl friend?”
“I know it’s blondey! You don’t have to lie”
“man, Arianna…I wasn’t going to tell you-“
“tell me what Greg?”
“well if you let me finish, I was going to say she was helping me plan the best date we would ever have. We haven’t gone out in a while and I wanted to make up for my weirdness.” He said apologetically.
“oh, is that, is that what you were doing?” a smile slowly appeared on her face as she blushed.
“yes that’s what I was doing. Her name is Rachel, she is my cousin. And not to mention it would be a little weird if I dated my cousin”
“oh” Arianna felt stupid and wrong that she blamed her boyfriend for cheating on her. How could she do that to the best boy friend in the world? He was all she ever wanted and she was all he ever wanted. “sorry “
“that’s okay babe, so you want to hear where I was going to take you?”
“surprise me, I have to get changed”
“okay, talk to you later”
Their conversation ended and yet she was still blushing. Emerson came out of the bathroom laughing. “I know it’s blondey”
Arianna sighed. “emerson shut up” she laughed
“what it was funny”
“did you know about this?”
Arianna had to pack up quickly and get home to head off to the salon with her mom. Every Sunday her and her mom get manicures and pedicures together to spend mother daughter time together. Ever since the accident with Arianna’s dad, Mr. Tuplin her and her mom became very close. Almost like best friends. They got in the car and drove off.
As they were driving they saw Jordan and Whitney.
“mom don’t beep the horn”
“why not honey they are your friends”
“just don’t mom”
Her mom gave her a puzzled look and they were quiet the rest of the ride. They got their nails done. Her mom’s a pretty shining pearl color and Arianna got hers done a pretty pink color. Arianna likes the way it brings out her tan.
“So why are you acting strange girl? You can tell me anything”
“well, there’s just some rumors I have to take care of” she stopped. “that’s all”
“already? You’re three days into high school and already the drama starts?”
“I guess so.”
Arianna’s mother offered to stop for some ice cream. It was a hot day, who could pass up ice cream anyway.
Arianna took the ice cream cone from the guy behind the counter.
“enjoy Arianna” Arianna had to do a double take to realize who it was.
“oh hey Logan”
Logan was one of Arianna’s friends from elementary school, he was cute. But not as cute as Greg. Logan had dark brown hair, back muscle, played football, was Greg’s best friend, had blue-grey eyes and a killer smile. Okay so maybe he was a little cuter than Greg.
“Hey, haven’t seen you around much. Liking the school?”
“yeah it’s okay. How do you like your school?”
“Let’s just say it would be a lot better if you were there” he smiled at her with his big white teeth. And she smiled back.
“come on honey”
“Bye logan”
“Bye Ari” he said as he waved goodbye
Arianna got in the car again with her mother as they drove home. Her long brown hair flowing in the wind. Everything felt nice to her. Her newly painted nails shining in the sun. what could possibly go wrong?
Her mothers phone rang and Arianna turned down the radio.
“Hello?” her mother answered
“hello ms Tuplin this is Mr. Gage from the home services. I am afraid I have some bad news for you”
“uh-oh, I don’t like bad news”
“nobody does ms Tuplin. I’m afraid you haven’t payed your last three payments on your house”
“what, that’s crazy! I must assure you I have”
“that’s not what the papers say. Do you have the money to pay off the late due’s?”
“I can check my bank for it”
“okay thank you, give me a call when you check the bank please”
“Okay will do, thank you Mr. Gage”
Arianna over heard the whole conversation her mother had with Mr. Gage.
“Looks like we are headed to the bank”
Arianna sighed. She hated going to the bank. Unless it was for herself.
“Just for a minute Arianna” Her mother sounded frustrated. Who wouldn’t be after they got accused of not paying off the rent for the house?
They pulled up to the bank and Arianna slammed the door shut. She punched in the code for her bank account and just like that, everything went from being good, to being a nightmare. Ms Tuplins face went from Frustrated to angry in a split second and Arianna’s face went from Worried to scared.
“empty?” said her mother. “empty?!” her mother repeated this word like it was the only word she knew how to say.
“mom maybe there was just a mistake in the programming situation, maybe we will get help!”
“mom, calm down”
And finally her mom said something other than “empty?!”
“Don’t tell me to calm down Arianna Marie Tuplin! We have absolutely no money and I want to know who stole all of it! There was over 500,000 dollars in that bank account and now it’s gone!”
Arianna’s face grew wide. “mom!”
“this means you can’t go to the mall to get those new shoes you wanted”
“What?! Empty?! Oh we have to find out who did this” said Arianna.
Arianna was selfish in many ways. But not as close as Rebecca was. Arianna and her mother went home and Arianna turned on the TV to find that there was a bank robbery at the same bank Arianna and her mother just got back from. Over 1,000,000 dollars had been stolen. Looks like Arianna’s mom isn’t the only one panicking tonight.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4

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