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Not easy being me

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Let the Drama Begin

Let the Drama begin

September 9
It’s official, Rebecca and Whitney are leaving everyone out like the mean biotches they are. Thank goodness it’s the weekend. I thought I would go in to Drango high loving it, meeting new people, hanging out with my best friends, passing notes during class. But high school definatly isn’t what they say it is in movies. The only thing that came straight from the movie is the cliques. You have the emo’s, the nerds, the shy ones, the jocks, preppy girls (Like myself, Whitney, Ally, Emerson and Rebecca) and the populars. A.K.A the cheerleaders and dancers. School used to be fun when everyone got along and everyone was friends, but it was in 4th grade when I found who I was “destined to be with” my so called best friends. I met Ally in my math class, Emerson in pre K...like I said, Rebecca is my 4th grade English class, Jordan was in my gym class and Whitney was in my arts and crafts class. Then in 5th grade we all had the same teacher for every subject. I guess as you get older your friendship grows weaker. I heard that once, on a TV show I watch. Well I’m headed off to Emerson’s house, she always knows how to take my mind of stressfull situations.

Arianna walked down the street to Emerson’s house. All of the houses in the small development looked just about the same to Arianna. They were big, white; although some were brick houses, they all had blue or white shutters. The only way you could tell who’s house it was is because of the cars they have. Usually people around there only owned Porsche’s, Mercedes, Mustangs, Mazda’s. any car that is worth over 100,000 dollars the people of Wiley Hills owned it. Arianna approached Emerson’s house and rang the doorbell.
“Hey come on it” said Ms Quinn
Arianna called Emerson’s mom by her first name only because Ms Quinn had so many husbands it’s hard to keep up with her last name.
“Em is downstairs in her room”
One thing you should know about Ms Quinn and emerson’s house is that it was always neat. There were a lot of paintings on the wall and almost everything was made of glass besides their furniture. Emerson used to take ballet class at a high class school just last year, until she fell off the stage in front of everyone and broke her ankle. Emerson’s room was pink with lots of ballet shoes hanging on the wall and posters of ballerinas, she even had ballet music playing every time she came home in a bad mood. She says it calms her down a bit.
“Hey Ari, so is what you said about Rebecca true? Does she really still suck her thumb?”
Arianna looked puzzled. “What are you talking about?”
“Our website, it says you updated a post about Rebecca. I mean, I know she was a little mean to you but don’t you think that’s a little harsh?”
“wait, can somebody say confused?! I have no clue what you’re talking about”
Emerson went over to her computer and went on the girls’ website. After clicking and punching in passwords, a picture of five girls appeared on the screen. Ally, Emerson, Arianna, Rebecca and Whitney.
“take a look” said emerson pointing to the screen.
Arianna whispered to herself. “ Rebecca Henny still sleeps with her thumb in her mouth ,no wonder her teeth are so bucked.-Arianna.” She looked down at the ground and remembered the text. Someone was out to get her. If she typed this lie she would have remembered it.
“I don’t remember typing this Em”
“say what you want, I think it’s kind of funny”
“well I don’t. Obviously someone wrote that stuff pretending to be me!”
“I got a text yesterday during 4th period. Someone said they know I’m saying stuff and signed it in Rebecca’s signature, but it came up as a blocked number.”
“wow, and to think we just started school three days ago and the drama already starts. We kind of deserve it though for even being Rebecca’s friend, All she ever does is boss us around and tell us what to wear”
“true, but as much as I despise her, I would never write something like that about her. You believe me don’t you?”
“of course I do Ari”
The girls smiled at each other. Knowing they were best friends made them happier every time. Emerson and Arianna had their differences but they work through them. Like any other best friend would do.
Arianna looked at the clock.9:17pm.
“Ready for the most buttery popcorn ever!” yelled Emerson.
“Butter it up!”
“did you see last night’s episode of Degrassi? Eli totally loves Claire.”
“I know, I wish Greg cared enough like Eli does” Arianna gave a slight giggle.
“Do you love Greg?”
Arianna paused. Looked up like something was there. Then looked at Emerson.
“I don’t know if I do, were a year apart I mean, he doesn’t seem to really care for me anyway”
“don’t say that, he does care about you. You guys have been going out for a year!”
“maybe that’s just it. Maybe I’m just getting old to him ya know? Maybe he likes someone else”
Arianna found herself having a hard time talking about Greg when he wasn’t around. She felt as if he’d been there with her all along and is listening to every word she says about him. Maybe that’s why he isn’t paying her any attention.
“you never know unless we find out”
The girls went over to the computer again and went on face book to look up Greg Rivers. And sure enough a girl with blonde hair and rosey red cheeks with light blue eyes had comments up and down his page. The comments were cute little ones like “Hey you” and “We going to prom together?” Arianna couldn’t help it but yell.
“This pig!” Arianna was madder than ever, how could you feel like you love someone at one moment and then feel like you hate them the next.
“Calm down maybe it’s just an old friend of his or something Ari”
They scrolled down to the bottom on the page to find that the girls name was Rachel. Rachel had 3,956 friends. As if she really talked to them all. After looking at her picture for a while Emerson knew she looked familiar, she was the girl Greg was talking to after school when he ditched Arianna. That gave her a sick feeling inside. She knew it was her all along.
“let’s just forget about this and go watch a movie or something” said emerson.
“sounds good to me. What are we watching?”
“well I have a load of movies downstairs, as you know, let’s go look”
The girls went downstairs and picked Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine. Arianna sat down on the couch as Emerson put in the DVD.
“Hand me the remote?”
Arianna reached over on the coffee table and put the remote in Emerson’s hands. Two hours passed and the girls were tired. They couldn’t wait for their heads to finally meet their pillows and go to sleep. Emerson got up to turn the lights off and Arianna lay on the couch.
“Night Em”
“Night Ari, try not to think about Greg too much okay?”
“im trying”
“good. Night”
The lights were out and so were the girls.
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