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Secert Under Cover Vampire Who's a well-Know Rock star

Author's note: This started as a Short Story for a school paper, it turned into my own little personal story. It...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This started as a Short Story for a school paper, it turned into my own little personal story. It bring alittle bit of everything in it first love, moving on, family and how some families deal with step parents and the disownment of family members.  « Hide author's note
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Two different lives

They kept the promise they never gave their cell numbers to them they kept their lives apart from them. Their children got their friends numbers and texted and called them. All of them were having a great time Bella, Kiki, Thea grow up without their father and their brother’s. Tala never spoke to Hade never again; her son’s grew up without their mother. They never spoke not even through email or letters. Hade took care of his son’s. Tala and Hade both met other people the only thing Tala sent to Hade was divorced papers her name was on all the papers and Hade signed them without any thought and they both moved on married other people. Tala became a half Human half Vampire again had more kids and turned her second husband into a Vampire so he wouldn’t be left out. She had three more kid all three were girls. The big girl’s got each their own baby sister they help take care of Bella took care of the first born her name is Alice, Kiki took care of the second born her name is Chenoa, Thea took care of the third born her name is Wapeka. They love their new father (name is John) and he does everything they want and half-sister’s very much. Their mother turned back into a full Vampire. Hade found someone who wanted to keep moving from place to place and had two more kids with his second wife both were boy’s which made it easier to move. The girl’s never once called their own father. John adopted them as his own the adoption went through. The girl’s jumped with joy when their father John told them; that he adopted them. When they heard that news they disowned their actual father and only had one. When the girl’s talked to their friends they would say: “Our father says that we can come hang with you guys for 4 hour’s but then we must go home.” Their friends would always ask “are you talking about our father John or your actual father?” They would always say in return “we only have one father that is father John we just call him father now, we’re sure that our actual father already disowned us the way we did to him, Mother and Father have no problem that we are not talking to that man. To us he’s just a stranger.” After hearing that their friends dropped it and started talking about their brother’s but knowing what they did to their actual father they were pretty sure that they no longer accepted their own kin any more only the ones that are living with them are the only family they have so that would be they never had any brother’s. The whole family was torn apart. Hade doesn’t even talk to his own daughters. Concerning his new family he knew it was best to forget them and never speak to them ever again. The boy’s became his son’s and Tala never spoke to them even though they email their mother all the time. They wanted to be with her their own father doesn’t want them. He just wanted to be with his new family and wanted no reminder of his old life new wife new start. Tala is reading the email “Dear Mother, we want to come be with you and our sister’s we want to get to know your new husband; we don’t care if it takes forever to find you. We don’t want father anymore. He only wants his new family he wants to forget his first family ever happened. We pled with you Mother Please let us come to live with you. Your loving and almost homeless son’s, Aden, George, Theo.”
As Tala read this she asked John “is it okay if my son’s come to live with us their father dumped them for his new family. You know I wouldn’t do that and you wouldn’t let me but I have to ask can you adopt them like you did with our daughter’s.”
John thought for a while about it and said “That’s just wrong with what he’s doing, so of course they can I wouldn’t ever turn your son’s away and I can adopt them if they want me to I won’t force them into adoption if they do not want to. But email them back and tell them I said they can and what I said about the adoption thing it’ll be their decision if they want me or not and they’ll have time before hand so they don’t have to right away.”
Tala said “Thank you John you are the most awesome guy never I’ll email them right away.”
Tala Started emailing the boy’s back saying “ Dear boys of course you can come live with us and get to know my husband John, I told your sisters they’d love to have you back as brothers. They can’t wait for your arrival, and John say’s he would love to adopt you like he did with your sister but he wants it to be your decision. We have three new babies all three are girls. The first one is named Alice, the second one is named Chenoa and the third one is named Wenona, they would love to see all of you. Please come as soon as you can.”
The second she sent the email the boys were at the door and sent another to answer her back but they opened the door before the boys could send it. The girls were waiting by the door to finally see their brother’s for after so long. When they heard noise at the door they swung the door open and hugged their brother’s and dragged them through the door to meet their new father and they were talking and a few minutes after talking to John; they decide to ask him to adopt them and make them fully apart of the new family and John said “I can if that is want you want, then I will and I have to ask this one question.”
“It is what we want and yes what is you’re question.” said the boys
“What about your father wouldn’t he be mad or something?” asked John
The boys replied “No he’ll be fine; he dumped us for his own new family he wants nothing to do with us. So we want to be a part of this family if you want us to, if not we’ll leave and not bother any of you again.”
“I will adopt you I want to you are a part of this family; I can believe your father would do that to you he did the same thing to your sisters and I adopted them so I will the same the little ones will love to have big brothers, No you can stay with us I will officially adopt you right now; I just wanted to make sure this is what you want. I know what your real father did. But I do have to ask do you disown him like he disowned you?” said John
“Thank you and we can’t wait to meet them, yes we would like that very much thank you; and yes we disown him as he did to us. said the boys
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 6 7 8

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