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Secert Under Cover Vampire Who's a well-Know Rock star

Author's note: This started as a Short Story for a school paper, it turned into my own little personal story. It...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This started as a Short Story for a school paper, it turned into my own little personal story. It bring alittle bit of everything in it first love, moving on, family and how some families deal with step parents and the disownment of family members.  « Hide author's note
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Normal Life vs. hiding in the Shadows

Everyone wanted their kids to have a normal life and not be treated differently because of their parents and how they have to live and move around more often than regular people and kids do. But they don’t mind and hope they can make friends wherever they go. Tala wished they could give the kids a stable home and her hade were talking about staying for a year in one place so they could finish the grade they are in and then start somewhere else with their cousins (they wanted a close family for the kids)
“Hade I have a pondering a question and it’s been bothering me I was hoping we could stay a year in the next place we go to so the kids could go to school and know the kids in their class?) said Tala
“Well Tala I think that would be fine but how would we know if the rest of the family won’t be waiting for us in the next place they go? We only stay in one place for a short time because people catch on to fast.” replied Hade
“ Hade I know that it was just a though, maybe the kids would feel like humans hate them I want them to feel like they can fit in and don’t have to leave before they find out, i feel like they always have to leave before they know their accepted by others that are not our kind.” said Tala
“okay Tala how about we stay a little longer than get up and move before we get into trouble with everyone that is human, we did have an arrangement with them with moving more and leaving them alone; not everyone is okay with Vampires not even offspring’s of vampires. Some humans don’t want to believe at all and others don’t want their kids be friends with ours. That’s why we leave every time before our kids find out others want nothing to them.” replied Hade
“OH! Alright we’ll leave now for our children’s sake.” yelled Tala. Tala packed everything and left with the children and Hade followed slowly after them, their youngest Thea asked her father
“Daddy are you okay?” whispered Thea
“Everything is alright little Angel” said Hade
“Okay Daddy I’m going to go with mommy see you wherever we end up, (tiredly) this time.” madly said Thea
Hade thinking to himself “maybe Tala was right we should have stayed and let our kids meet the other kids so they can be normal.” It is too late to fix it their already moving to a new country and town. They shortly found out that humans were fine with them staying in town for a little longer and the kids heard of this news and were just upset. They wanted to get know the kids in the last town, when the humans went to give them the good news they were gone.
Hade went up to Tala and asked “Tala I rethought on what you said and the news from the humans in the town we left shocked me and I was hoping before the kids start the new school we could go back and let them get to know the other kids. Okay?”
Tala thoughtfully said “maybe, you have to run it by the kids and Thea already met some nice kids, which is why she upset, if you really knew Thea she’s a very talkative girl and other kids just love her and the other kids parents love her also she hates moving, she knows kids all over North American. You wanted to move and I decided this morning that Thea, Bella, Kiki and I are moving back they all know a lot of kids that are their friends. So I’m taking the girls and leaving; going to any town they want to go to I’m getting them all cell phones so they can keep in contact with their friends. They well have normal childhoods, we’re leaving now goodbye the boys are not coming they want to stay here with you.”

“Tala do you really want it that way? Because that just sounds wrong.” painfully said Hade
“Hade I’m sorry but that how the girls and I want it, and the boys want to stay here because the fathers of every girl hates them and they don’t want to go back, so since you were the one who wanted to move you can stay here with the boys and live and let us live our way.” shouted Tala
“Alright fine Tala it’ll be that way I’ll be here with the boys, but well you at least write to us so your brothers can keep in touch?” whined Hade
“Good I’ll write letters to my brothers so they know were safe but that is all; Goodbye Hade and boys we’ll see you whenever.” said Tala
“Goodbye mother.” said the boys
“……………………” Hade
The door is slammed shut before Hade could say anything. Tala took everything that belonged to the girls and her and hided it in a house somewhere in the world; so none could find it never not even their own family only the four girls could find it. Everyone was surprised when they left and as promised Tala sent letters to her brothers to let them know they were safe. But that was the end of contact; they tried sending letters back to them and there was nothing.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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