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Secert Under Cover Vampire Who's a well-Know Rock star

Author's note: This started as a Short Story for a school paper, it turned into my own little personal story. It...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This started as a Short Story for a school paper, it turned into my own little personal story. It bring alittle bit of everything in it first love, moving on, family and how some families deal with step parents and the disownment of family members.  « Hide author's note
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Trouble is coming

Years later Tala and Hade go off on their own and go places. Hade started to notice that when they go out for dinner Tala never eats’ anything and that she disappears by herself and comes back at midnight smelling like blood. Hade never say’s anything about what he kind of almost knows.
Tala start’s to notice that Hade is acting weird, she talking to her band mates and they asked “does he know what you are other than a well-known Rockstar?” “I don’t think so even if he did know that (I’m a Vampire in a whisper voice.)” Tala said to her band mates and she also said that “I hope he doesn’t know what I am and then we don’t have to run for his life and hopefully save him but if he does than we better get going.” “Ok and yea we would have to get going if he ever finds out” said the band mates
“Hey Tala” said Hade
“what’s going on?” asked Hade
“Hi Hade, nothing much but soon we have to get going and can I ask you something?” said Tala
“ok and yes, you can ask me something. What is it?” said Hade
“Well I was wondering if you know what my secret is that no one can know about?” asked Tala
“um…… probably, give me a clue and I’ll tell you if I do know it.” said Hade
“ok well, it has something to do with blood and not sleeping and other things humans don’t do.” said Tala
“Is it that you’re all Vampires and I’m not supposed to know and now I have to run for my life, did I get it right?” asked Hade
“how did you know that and sadly yes we are and yes you do have to run for your life now but we’ll be with you.” said Tala
“ I over herd what you guys were talking about, I didn’t eardrop on you, all of you were talking kind of loud and You all are going to come with me?” said Hade
“oh ok and Yes we are we got you in this and we have to save you from the head Vampires.” They said (looking at each other stupidly).
“Ok thanks but you don’t have to come with me I don’t mind.” said Hade
“Yes we do it’s our fault and the head Vampires always say if a human finds out about the Vampire world they die so we have to protect you from them NO arguments what’s done is done we all have to go and hide out.” They said in union
“Alright come but I should probably get going now.” said Hade
“Ok good, yea we should get going.” said Tala
“Ok, let’s get going.” said Hade
“Tala can you go with Hade or Hade to come with one of us as we run as like you said he’s a human and as we said human’s don’t run that fast.” said one of the band mates
“I’ll run with him it’s ok I don’t mind, you guys know what our ma use to say Life it’s all about taking chances; about doing something [everyone] Said you couldn’t do. It’s about being goofy; it’s about Not caring what other people think. It’s about learning to [love] what you have. That’s life! So brothers what you say will you help please!” pleaded Tala
“Humans are different from us but will help you Tala you are our sister after all remember what else ma said Tala well you probably don’t but she use to say Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind…… or forgotten. Family help’s family no matter what happens so we’ll help you little sister.” said her brother Jaden
“thank you my brothers I love you all dearly and What was that other quote she use to say? didn’t it go like this Laugh at stupid jokes Cry Get revenge Apologize Tell someone how much they really mean to you Let someone know what they’re missing Laugh till your stomach hurts live life, because tomorrow’s not guaranteed to anyone.” said Tala
“yes it did go like that but we’d better get going if we’re going to run from the head Vampires in time a head of them, we got to go little sister.” shouted her brothers (while starting to run)
“ok big brother’s we are going so where should we go where they won’t find us. What about the Amazon in Brazil we have friend’s there that would help us or should we just change him to a Vampire? If he’s willing.” asked Tala muffled by Hade holding on tight so to not fall off. Hade not being able to hear a word they just said let it go and just watches what they were passing by.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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