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All Because of You: Saving Justin

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Charlie, Justin and Coke

“I don’t know Justin. You’re going to be in that cast for a long time. We’re going to be traveling around the country. I think it would be best if we postponed the first six weeks so you can get better.” I was bummed about the tour, but my health came first. There was silence in the room, until my mom remembered something.
“Oh, I almost forgot. Justin the ‘Today Show’ wants to have an interview with you and Charlie.” My mom looked at Charlie and back at me with hope in her eyes. I looked at Charlie and she nodded with approval.
“Sure why not.” It was getting to be around noon and I knew my mom, Scooter, and Kenny all had things to do, so I let them go. Now it was Charlie and I left.
We talked and laughed. These moments with Charlie were wonderful. I needed to be with her more.
Charlie’s Point of View
This is great. I get to spend time with Justin Bieber. Who can say that actually had a one-on-one conversation with him? What’s next?
“Umm, Charlie, I was wondering if you could stay here with me and kinda sort of be my nurse.” Wow didn’t see that coming.
“Sure I will stay with you only if you want me too.” Don’t worry Charlie you and Justin are just friends nothing else.
Justin wasn’t that bad. I thought hospital people were annoying. Oh well. But Justin had me mad once. I have to admit it was funny though.
“Charlie! Can you get me a Coke please with sprinkles and a cherry on top?”
“Sure Justin.” I came back with a Coke and a straw.
He said thank you as I handed him the Coke and straw. Justin took a drink and gave me a weird look. “Is this diet?”
“Yes it’s diet. The machine didn’t have any regular.”
“Oh, I don’t like diet.” Justin gave me the can back. “Can you try to find a regular please?” He then did his famous hair flip and started to make a sad face. I couldn’t resist.
“Okay, I guess I can. Only because your awesome hair flip made me.” After I said that, Justin did his hair flip again right as I was leaving the room.
“I came back into Justin’s room with a regular Coke in their trademark glass bottle. Let’s pray I don’t have to go looking again.
“Here you go, a regular Coke.”Justin grabbed the bottle and looked at it. Without even taking a drink from the Coke, he handed it back to me.
“What now?” I put my hand on my hip and took the bottle from him.
“I hate the bottled kind. It tastes weird.”
“Well too bad,” What’s wrong with this boy? Coke tastes the same even if it’s in a can or in a bottle. I tested that theory. “I'm not getting you another one. Drink the Coke.” I put the bottle so close to his face that it made him go cross eyed.
“Fine” he sounded like a five year old giving into taking really bad medicine.
Justin’s Point of View
It was getting later in the day, and by the looks of Charlie getting slower and slower, she was tired. She needed to rest. I was making her do a lot of stuff for me. It was fun.
“Hey Charlie, come here.” I moved over on my bed so we had enough room. “Lay down.”
“Okay?” It seemed only the least bit awkward, until I flashed a small smile and she finally layed down. She rested her head on my shoulder and I turned the T.V. off.
“I know you’re tired. Go to sleep, I’ll be here in the morning, I promise. I'm not going anywhere.” She let out a laugh and her eyes slowly started to close. I intertwined my fingers with hers as she drifted off to sleep.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 Next »

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