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All Because of You: Saving Justin

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A New Start

“Excuse me Ms. Mallette. Um hi, is your son okay?” I tried to act like I didn’t know anything about Justin Bieber at all. Pattie exchanged looks with Scooter and Kenny before answering.
“No, he’s not okay. All we know is that someone found him on the side of the road in a bag with an injured leg.”
“Oh, well that someone is me.” Pattie’s eyes widened. “On my way to school, I saw a bag large bag with red snow surrounding it. I wanted to find out what was in the bag so I walked over to it and found your son inside. I had my bus driver take us to the hospital where we are now.”
“Wow.” Pattie and I were getting along well; she pulled me in for a hug. “Thank you for finding him. We don’t know why that man wanted Justin out of billions of people.”
“Yea what actually happened?” That’s all I really wanted to know. Why would someone take Justin? This time Scooter spoke.
“Well, from security cameras, we know who abducted Justin. Detectives say that the man’s daughter, who had cancer wanted to go to one of Justin’s concerts, but couldn’t because of her death on the day of the show. The family was devastated.” From here Kenny took over.
“He was furious, so he took out his anger by abducting Justin.”
There was utter silence between the four of us. Shortly afterwards a doctor came in and sat down.
“Ms. Mallette, I have news on your son Justin.”
Justin’s Point of View
There were tubes and wires all over me. I still felt weak and limp but my mind was on that Charlie girl. She saved me. Without her I wouldn’t be here.
I just had my surgery and the doctor went to go tell my mom, Scooter, Kenny and Charlie what the deal was with me. I also asked him to bring Charlie in so I could talk to her. My room had a window that could see into the waiting room. I could tell Charlie was surprised of what the doctor told her because she lifted her head really fast. She got up and the doctor walked her to my room. I looked somewhere else so it didn’t look like I was watching. Charlie came in and the doctor smiled. I nodded letting him know he could leave. And he did. Charlie stood in the middle of the room looking around.
“Nice room, umm do you feel okay?” She seemed out of place I needed to make her feel comfortable and welcome.
“Come here,” I patted on the hospital bed signaling her to come and sit. “I’m fine; I have a broken leg no biggie. I know we hardly even know anything about each other so I want to know everything about you.”
“Okay I’ll start. Full name: Charlie Jessica Brown. Gender: female, but I act like a dude sometimes. Hair color: brown. Eye color: green.”
She went on and on until she came to some interesting things.
“I enjoy talking to my Justin Bieber standee when I'm bored or lonely.” I let out a laugh and let her finish. “I am an only child. When I was getting g older, my parents were worried about me being by myself all the time. On a random day, it just appeared in my room.
I also like the color purple and writing. But what I really like to do is swing on my swing.” This girl is amazing. Everything about her is. The way her eyes sparkle in the light, how her smile is the cutest thing I've ever seen, even her freckles. I let her keep talking and kept my ears wide open, until we were interrupted were interrupted by my mom, Scooter, and Kenny. I was overjoyed to see my mom. My mom and I are super close, ever since my dad left. We go everywhere together. I couldn’t imagine a week without seeing her.
She attacked me with hugs and kisses. I missed her so much a few tears came out.
“Oh Justin,” There were tears escaping her eyes too. “I’m so glad this fine young lady found you.” Scooter wrapped Charlie in for a hug. She was now a part of the family.
“The doctor told me that I have to stay here overnight for observation. Other than that, I can go home tomorrow. I have a broken leg that has to be in a cast, so I can use crutches to get around. Can we still do the tour?” My mom looked at Scooter and her smile faded away. Scooter came over two my bed and layed his hand on my shoulder.
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