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All Because of You: Saving Justin

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The Hospital News

Charlie’s Point of View
My breathing was intense as I ran over to the bag. It was tied at one end with blood all over. I quickly untied the tightly knotted rope as fast as I could. To my surprise there was a boy inside the bag. He was seconds away from closing his eyes. His jeans we covered with blood. I lifted his head to check for a pulse. As, I lifted his frail, lifeless head his body slightly moved. He barely had a steady heart beat. I knew this boy was badly hurt. I needed to save him. His as in Justin Bieber, just looking at him made all my feelings for him as the teen heartthrob, put aside.
“Hey, hey, hey I’m here. You’re going to have to open your eyes for me okay?” At first, I had no hope for Justin. It looked like he was laying here injured severely for at least for over an hour. My opinion changed when I saw him try as hard as he could to get his eyes open for me. Once he had opened his eyes, it was like a weight being lifted off both of our shoulders. After Justin had regained some but very little strength, he managed to say a few words.
“Who are you; and where am I?”
“Well I’m Charlie, but let’s not worry about me right now we need to get you to a hospital.”
It’s seven in the morning, and we are nowhere near a hospital let alone Elk Rapids. Idea: the bus. Char will understand when she sees this. All I had to do, is get Justin up and to the bus that is over ten feet away.
“Justin you’re going to have to try really hard with me to get up and over to that bus. Okay?” Justin looked over to see the bus before answering my question.
“Let’s do it.”
From those weak, quiet words I knew Justin was a strong fighter, he was going to survive. Together we managed to get Justin up on his slightly better leg, and out of the ditch. After a couple stumbles, we eventually made it to the bus. Char figured out what I was doing after we had gotten out onto the road, so she cleared a seat for me. As soon as we got on the bus, Char told the other people that another bus would pick them up at the hospital, so they could get to school.
“Hang in there Justin; you’re going to be fine now. Just stay with me.” I looked into Justin’s eyes and he grabbed my hand. His eyes looked down at our hands and a smile grew upon both our faces.
Right as our bus pulled into the hospital driveway, there were medics waiting for us. When the bus came to a complete stop, at least five people barged on to get Justin. It was scary to watch as they were checking his vital signs. Justin saw the in my eyes, that I was worried for him. He mouthed: “I’m going to be okay, don’t worry.” Then he was whisked away. There were people running all over the place. I walked over to the waiting room and sat down. My head fell into my hands on my lap. Minutes later a lady and two men ran into the lobby of the hospital.
“I’m looking for my son, Justin. Is he okay?” The lady must be Pattie Mallette, Justin’s mom. But the other two must be Kenny, Justin’s body guard and Scooter Braun, his manager. Yes, I know some Justin Bieber stuff.
“Sorry Ma’am, you can’t see him he is in an emergency surgery. For now you’re going to have to wait.” Pattie buried her head into Scooters chest for a bit after hearing the startling news. The three slowly walked over to the waiting room Scooter put his arm around Pattie and started to pray.
“Lord, please keep our Justin safe today. We love him unconditionally and we would like to see him happy again. Thank you Lord, amen.”
I need to tell them what happened.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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