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January 31, 2018
By Liz_Nerd, paragould, Arkansas
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Liz_Nerd, Paragould, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
"I want everyone to stick your middle fingers in the air, and say fuck you to the motherfuckers who judge you for being you!"
~Andy Black!

Author's note:

Me and my bestfriend wrote it and are currently half way through the second one!!!

**Chapter 1:Skyler Rannals 

One day I  was sitting in my room. When I heard a message on messenger. I thought it was odd for someone to text me. I’m just a nobody and people are always calling me names.
I checked the message, to see what it said.
“Hey, I know that you think that you are a nobody, but to me you are a somebody.”
What the hell? Why is this guy texting me? And why is he saying that I’m a somebody.
In case you're wondering, this certain guy is the most popular guy in our school. His name is Daemon McCamey. Why is he saying he likes me. This has to be a prank.

“ Are you being for real because no one likes me. You’re also the most popular guy at our school.”

“ Yes this is for real. I really do like you and I was wondering if you like to eat with me at lunch tomorrow.”

“ How do I know that this not a prank?”

“I’ll prove to you if you sit with me tomorrow”

“ I guess that I can bc I have no one else”

“Thank you, see you tomorrow”

What have I got myself into. Deep down I feel like something wrong with this, but I can’t back out now.

**Chapter 2: Daemon
I can’t believe she said yes. I’ve liked her since the 2nd grade. I might actually love her.
“ Why are you so smiley little brother” Stacy said

“Well the girl I’ve liked since 2nd grade said she would sit with me at lunch tomorrow”

“Isn’t the girl that is really shy and doesn't even eat in the cafeteria. She eat in the library”

“She has a name, you know. And yes it is her” I roll my eyes.

“Yeah , yes i do know that she has a name and she is really pretty. I don’t get why she isn’t popular”

“Me either, But, she is my dream girl and I really care for her. I just might love her” It is so weird to say aloud.

“Aww, I hope everything works out for you, little bro. Because I know that you treat her right.” Stacy smiles brightly.

“ Thanks,big sis, I love you and hope your date goes well tonight.”

“Thanks. I love you, too”

**Chapter 3: Skyler
Today is going to be a disaster. I’ve had a crush on this guy since the 2nd grade. I might love him. I really hope this isn’t a prank.

Lunch time, finally.
I walk into lunch thinking this a prank, when I get in the lunch line. Someone taps my shoulder.
When I turned and look there he is. Right in front of me.

“I got us food from Mcdonald's.” he holds up a McDonald’s bag.

“How do you know if I like McDonalds”

“ Trust me, you’ll like what I got. Now follow me” He curls a finger at me, trying to make me follow him, knowing that I was thinking of chickening out.

“Okay, but where are we sitting because won’t people see us sitting together”

“I don't care if people see us and we will be sitting with my friends. They know that you will be joining us today”

“ okay……” I hesitate.

We get to his table. Daemon’s friends turn and look at us.

“Hey, look it’s Daemon.” Bret said which is one of Damien's best friends.

“And Skyler, glad that you will be joining us. Since Daemon never has people come sit with us.” said Logan Damon's best friend

Hey, shut up, will you!”  Damon said.

Daemon only sits with two guys and that's it. We sit down and Damon puts a 20 piece chicken nugget box with a large fry and a coke in front of me.

My mouth fell open “How did you know that is what I get everytime I go to mcdonalds” I asked

“ Because I know everything”

“ Boi, you don’t know everything and where is our food” Logan asked.

“ I don’t have to know everything. I do need to know what the girl I like, likes to eat. By the way, your food is in front of you. Because I don’t have to buy food for you. ” Daemon said. “Now eat school food, it isn’t gonna kill you.”

I started to laugh. The boys looked at me.

“ What are you looking at?” I asked

“ Why are you laughing at us? We didn’t do anything” they say at the same time.

“ Because ya’ll fight like me and my brother. If one us buys food he's always like ‘where's my food?’” I told them

“Ohh, okay but still are you going to share with us. Since you are a really nice person.” Bret asked with a goofy grin.

“ Sorry, but I don’t share with people I don’t know.” I smile back.

“ Well you’ll get to know me if you keep sitting with us. I do hope you do keep sitting with us.” Logan said.

“Why do y'all want me to sit with you?” I asked it's really weird that they want me to sit with them.

“Because you’re a great gall and we would love for you too sit with us.” Logan said

“Yea” Damon and Brett said together

“Okay i’ll sit with you idiots again, but on one condition.” I said

“And that would be?” Logan asked

“You guys can’t do anything to embarrass me”  I look them all in the eyes.

“ That’s a deal then” they said in unison

“Okay” i said

Ringggggg! the bell.

“Yeah, and  I get to spend my rest of my year with you idiots. Lucky me!” I say, as I stand up, and walk out the door.

As I am walking down the hall. Everyone is staring. I mean everyone, but why. At that moment I feel someone grab my hand and pull me towards them. I was pushed into the wall

“UGGGHHH, What in ff.” I said angrily

“ I’m sorry, did I hurt all your books .” Jillian  said

“NO!!!! Why do you always have to be a Royal B, and leave me alone.”

“NO.” Jillian said 

My life is just great. The best part of this day is my brother is coming home from the army. Yeah you heard right my brother.

Seth is this 19 year old that enrolled in the army after high school. He’s been gone for 3 years. He’s this really smart guy and he is the best big brother ever. No other than Miss Brice his annoying girlfriend which is like a sister.
She is like a sister but she gets on my last nerve. We get along great most of the time. She's been living on the army base with my brother.


**Chapter 4: Daemon
Well that was a bust.
Instead of talking about how I like Skyler, Logan, and Bret had to take it to a whole new thing.
All over chicken nuggets!
That makes me want to kick them in the nuggets!!!
Jillian is hollering my name from across the cafeteria.
Is there no way to get away from her for one day? She is gonna drive me insane.
“I seen that you were sitting with Skyler Rannals.” She  sounded jealous.
“Yea...so?” I ask her as I gather what was left of Skyler’s Chicken Nuggets, and head to the trash cans that face the far wall.
“Are you too, like, a thing?” She asks me. “Because I kinda thought that if you weren't, we could go to a party at Juliette’s house this friday night if you wanted to.” She touches a pastel pink nail to my chin.
“Sorry. I can’t” I say to her.
She blinks a few times, then turns and walks off.
“Bro!” I hear Logan yelling at me.
“What?” I say back.
“Did my sister  just ask you to Juliette’s party friday?” He is smiling.
“Yea. She did but I told her no so that I can spend my Friday taking Skyler to the movies.” I say.
“You asked Skyler to the movies, and she said yes?” Logan looked skeptically at me.
“Well not yet, but she will.” I look at my phone screen. “I would have at lunch, but you an Bret would not shut up arguing about chicken nuggets!” I roll my eyes.
“Well what can I say we are making you and her wait to do your thing.” He grins an evil grin.
“Yea, Yea. Laugh all you want to, Logan. I, for one, have never seen you in a serious relationship with a girl that last longer than one night, so you have absolutely NO room to talk.” I say.
“Whatever.” He just looks away from my stare.
“Look, I know that you have problems that you don't wanna talk about, but if you DO ever wanna talk about them, you know that I am here to talk to.” I put a hand on his shoulder, and then say, “I gotta go to seventh period so talk to you at football practice?”
Then I turn and walk you the doors to go to Criminal Justice.

**Chapter 5: Skyler
There are times when you just wanna hurt someone for doing something incredibly stupid.
And the person I wanna hurt right now was myself. I wasted that perfect time  talking to Logan and Brett about Chicken Nuggets, and how they are idiots. Instead of talking to Daemon.
“Sup’, Nugget.” Someone behind me says.
I turn and there is Jillian, Daemon's strobe light girlfriend, looking at me with a look of pure hatred.
“What do you want, Julian?” I intentionally say her name wrong. “On the way to the market to find another boy toy, because yours broke and rejected you?” I say.
“No, I am going to the mall to find a new outfit for a party that Damon asked me to a few seconds ago.” She studies her pastel nails. Those are the only things that she studies. “And how does it feel to be the biggest loser at this school? Not even the other losers want you to sit with them!”
That is why she is failing SENIOR YEAR!
“You can lie all you want to, Mathews. Your last name should not have the word ‘math’ in it because you are obviously failing that class, too!” I say.
“I am not failing math!” She looks me in the eye.
“Okay. Then what is the square root of 4?” I ask her the easiest question I know.
“Umm….16?” She looks like she is trying to get this one right, but she fails epically.
“No. The answer is 2. It is what times itself gives you that number. That's what square root is.” I grin, and turn and walk away.
As I walk out the  door, I am
I almost slam the door into someone. I turn and look, it’s Daemon. “What’s up, Sky?” He smiles.
I just roll my eyes,“Whatever.”
He just look puzzled. “What?”
When I go to walk away, he grabs my wrist and pulls me back around, so I have to face him again. “What did I do to make you so mad.”
I bring my palm up, and slam it into his nose, as he stands there looking at me like i'm stupid or something.
“Okay, I don’t know what that was for, but that hurt. May I ask what that was for?” He rubs his nose, as blood trickles between his fingers.
“No, you can’t. Just go ask your off and on girlfriend!” I yell as I shove him out of my way so that I can walk down the hall.
When I walk in the doors to Spanish, Senior Gregori looks at me and says, “The office called for you to go home, Miss Rannals.”
“Ohhh someone is in trouble!” I see Logan in the back of the classroom saying.
“Shut up, Logan,” I look at him in the eyes- even from across the room.
“Go, Senorita, Go!” People all around the room yelp.
I turn and I go to my locker, grab my stuff and sprint to my car after signing out.

**Chapter 6: Skyler
When I get home, the front door is not locked, but I locked it when I left the house this morning!
And there are socks kicked across the living room, and underwear on the couch.
Guy underwear!
I toss my backpack on the floor, and head to the kitchen. The fridge door is open.
“Umm...do you want grilled cheese for dinner, Sky?” The burglar say.
“SETH!” I practically scream.
I ran and jumped in his arms. Knocking us over.
“I can't believe you’re home. Wait where is Brice?” I asked
“Well about that…… She’s visiting her mom. Which her mom is in Oklahoma.”  He scratches his neck.
“Why would she do that? She doesn't like her mom!” I look him in the eye.
He just continues to look down at the floor.
“Seth, what did you do?” I put my hand on his chin  and force him to look at me.
“I don’t really know, but she got pregnant and she did not want to come here, so she went to her Mother.” He looks me in the eye.
“How far along is she?” I ask.
“Thirteen weeks.” He looks at me like he is looking for disgust.
“Okay. So she has a baby bump. When is she going to be back?” I ask him as I reach into the fridge and grab my apple.
“Hey!” Seth gets off the floor. “I was gonna eat that!” He whines.
“That is why I took it.” I take a big look at Seth, then bite into the apple with a loud smack.
“Go to your room.” He says. “I didn't check you out, just so you can play around and steal my food!”
“No, I am the one that does the food shopping. You’ve already gave up on that when you left.” I turn and walk not to the stairs, but to the front door.

**Chapter 7: Daemon

As I was walking down the street. I ran into someone.
“ Hey, watch where you going will you?” the girl said.
“Sorry” I stopped mid sentence. As I seen who I ran into.
“ Daemon? Wait are you doing out of school ? Skyler asked
“ I need to talk to you about Jillian” i said
“No don’t worry about it” she started to say but I cut her off.
“ NO!! You are going to listen to what I got to say. Jillian is a deceiving liar. She is the one that asked me to the party. I told her no. The reason I said no was because i was going to ask you to the movies or something.
So will you hang out with me this weekend?” I ask taking a leap of faith, and blocking my nose from her palm. Oddly I would like her to do it again so that I could smell her palm that smells oddly of roses.
“No, And if you don't back off, my brother just got back in town from being in the Army for three years, Daemon.” She says, and her eyes start to water.
“Hey, Sky!” Someone yells. “You out there?”

**Chapter 9: Seth
“It’s nothing, Seth,” She lies.
I shake my head, and as I do, I see the boy standing on the sidewalk staring at the door that Sky just walked through.
“Hey!” I yell, as I jump into a run.I barrel into him and knock him to the ground. And there I start punching him.
When my hand starts throbbing, I asked him “What did you do to my sister? Why was she crying?”
“I did nothing, she thinks I asked my ex to a party that is this weekend. Which I
came to talk to her about and she won’t listen to me.”
“okay , start from when this all first happened.” I said, “Because I wanna know.”
“Well I texted your sister yesterday and told her  ‘Hey, I know that you think that you are a nobody, but to me you are a somebody’. And asked if she would sit with me at lunch. She said she would and it was going great through lunch expect for my friends were talking to her and I couldn’t tell her how I feel about her.”
“Wait stop there, how do you feel about her specifically?” I asked
“Will you please let me tell you rest of the story? Then I will tell you how I feel about your sister.”He rolls his eyes.
“ What are you waiting, for go on” I said.
“ Okay after lunch my ex asked if I would go to the party with her. I told her no because I have plans. She decided to go tell Skyler that I asked her to the party.” the boy said.
“Okay , well ex is a Royal B I have found out, and tell me how you feel about my sister now.” I just wanna get to the point now.
So I have liked your sister since the 2nd grade. And I have now gathered the courage to talk to you.” he said
“Okay, I’m going to help you to get my sister to listen because I’ve had my phone recording this talk.”
“Thanks.” There is a ghost of a smile on his face. “Oh, and I am Daemon McCamey.

**Chapter 9: Seth
“It’s nothing, Seth,” She lies.
I shake my head, and as I do, I see the boy standing on the sidewalk staring at the door that Sky just walked through.
“Hey!” I yell, as I jump into a run.I barrel into him and knock him to the ground. And there I start punching him.
When my hand starts throbbing, I asked him “What did you do to my sister? Why was she crying?”
“I did nothing, she thinks I asked my ex to a party that is this weekend. Which I
came to talk to her about and she won’t listen to me.”
“okay , start from when this all first happened.” I said, “Because I wanna know.”
“Well I texted your sister yesterday and told her  ‘Hey, I know that you think that you are a nobody, but to me you are a somebody’. And asked if she would sit with me at lunch. She said she would and it was going great through lunch expect for my friends were talking to her and I couldn’t tell her how I feel about her.”
“Wait stop there, how do you feel about her specifically?” I asked
“Will you please let me tell you rest of the story? Then I will tell you how I feel about your sister.”He rolls his eyes.
“ What are you waiting, for go on” I said.
“ Okay after lunch my ex asked if I would go to the party with her. I told her no because I have plans. She decided to go tell Skyler that I asked her to the party.” the boy said.
“Okay , well ex is a Royal B I have found out, and tell me how you feel about my sister now.” I just wanna get to the point now.
So I have liked your sister since the 2nd grade. And I have now gathered the courage to talk to you.” he said
“Okay, I’m going to help you to get my sister to listen because I’ve had my phone recording this talk.”
“Thanks.” There is a ghost of a smile on his face. “Oh, and I am Daemon McCamey.

**Chapter 10: Skyler
As I was getting ready for school this morning my brother called for me.
“Sky come here, please!” seth yelled.
“What?” I yelled back.
“Just bring your ass down here right now, Skyler!” I hear Brice yell.
“Brice!” I yell, happily and run down the stairs to her.
When I see her standing in the hallway downstairs, her hair is brown curls to her waist, her tattoos showing, and her blue eyes shining like ice. She is wearing a shirt that I have never seen, and was pretty sure it is a shirt for pregnant women, and sweats, I barrel into her, hugging her with all that I’ve got.
“Easy, Kid. Seth has to talk to you.” She pulls away from me and grins.
“Ohh yea. Yes, Seth?” I turn and look at him.
“Look, last night when you came in crying when last night, I talked to that kid.” He scratches his stubble. “And…”
“And? What?” I asked
“ Never mind” he said “Just go to school or you're going to be late”
“Okay…….” I said, “I’ll Just ask Daemon myself.”

**Chapter 11: Brice
“Well that went well.” I turn fastly, and glare at Seth with eyes like daggers.
“I dunno how to tell her.” He shrugs his shoulders.
“Well, you better find a way, because remember the same thing happened with us, and look at us now, Seth. ”   I gesture down at myself. “Daniel helped us and now we have to help them, and repay it to Daniel.”
When I got to turn away and walk to the bedroom, he grabs my wrist, and rubs his thumb against the inside of my wrist. “You know, I never had time to thank Daniel for bringing me the best thing.”
“I miss my brother so much sometimes.” I whisper.
“Your brother was a fine man, Brice.” He touches my face. “Now are you two hungry?”
“I, for one, know that I am.” I smile, and pat my belly, “GRRRR.”
He just smiles, grabs my keys, and my hand and we walk out the door to my car together.
“Where are we going,Seth?” I ask for the fiftieth time in the last half hour.
“Somewhere.” He grins. “With great irony.”

I just roll my eyes. “Why can’t you just tell me? I hate surprises!” I am getting grouchy.
“I’ll tell you later, but right now I have to pee.” He reaches over and pats my knee as we pull into a gas station lot, “I’ll be right back.”
“Wait, Seth, I need to use your  phone to call my mom.” I lie.
“Why not use your own phone?” He goes to shut the door.
“It doesn't have any juice. Died.” I hold up my phone that is on like 89 percent.
“Here,” He tosses his phone in the car, and it almost hits me in the face. “I’ll be right back, babe. Lock the doors.”
As soon as he walks into the gas station, I push the lock button to lock the doors.
I open his phone, and get on his messenger, and I start up a message to Skyler.
Sky, I am going to send you a recording of the conversation with that boy from the other night.
Then, I attach the voice record to the message and hit send, just as a big truck full of people pull into the parking lot.
Then a large group of college boys fall out of the truck, looking a little drunk.
Then, one turns and sees me looking in their general direction, and  he lets out a holler and all of his friends turn, and then boy number one says something and they all charge to the car, and start shaking the car.
“Stop!” I start yelling.
And when they did not stop I started screaming.
Then, the boys stop shaking the car, and they all stop, and look scared.
Then, I see that Seth has come out of the store and is now jogging to the car.
As he walks to the driver side door, the boys make a path for him. He opens his door, “You okay, Brice?” He asks me.
“Yea. Can we kick their butts?” I get excited.
“I will, but you are going to stay in the car. I don’t want you two to get hurt.” He doesn't even smile, he looks really mad.
“Aww please.” I beg, “I haven't got to hurt anyone in like four months, Seth.”
“No.” He says and that is the final words that he says to me before he shuts his car door and starts to move in on the boys.

**Chapter 12: Sky
My phone dinged with a text from Seth.
  Sky, I am going to send you a recording of the conversation with that boy from the other night.
And there is a video/ recording attached to it.
“What did you do to my sister? Why was she crying?”
“I did nothing, she thinks I asked my ex to a party that is this weekend. Which I came to talk to her about and she won’t listen to me.”
“okay , start from when this all first happened.”
Seth said, “Because I wanna know.”
“Well I texted your sister yesterday and told her  ‘Hey, I know that you think that you are a nobody, but to me you are a somebody’. And asked if she would sit with me at lunch. She said she would and it was going great through lunch expect for my friends were talking to her and I couldn’t tell her how I feel about her.”
“Wait stop there, how do you feel about her specifically?” Seth asked
“Will you please let me tell you rest of the story? Then I will tell you how I feel about your sister.”
“ What are you waiting, for go on”
“Okay after lunch my ex asked if I would go to the party with her. I told her no because I have plans. She decided to go tell Skyler that I asked her to the party.” The other boy  says.
“Okay , well ex is a Royal B I have found out, and tell me how you feel about my sister now.” I just wanna get to the point now.
“So I have liked your sister since the 2nd grade. And I have now gathered the courage to talk to you.” he said
“Okay, I’m going to help you to get my sister to listen because I’ve had my phone recording this talk.” Seth says.
“Thanks.Oh, and I am Daemon McCamey.”
Then, the recording ends and I am setting in the car alone, quiet.
Then I am scared there was a knock on my window.
“Skyler.” It’s Daemon. “Just let me say what I have to say. Please.”
“ I’m sorry for the way treated you. I should have let you explain Yesterday.” I said in tears. As I got out of the car I hugged him.

**Chapter 13: Daemon
That’s it? I didn't even have to say anything.
She leaps out of her car, and hugs me.
“That was easy enough.” I say as I hug her back.
“Seth showed me the recording.” She smiles.
“Ohh yea, I forgot that he said that he was recording that rather uncomfortable conversation.” I smile back at her.
“I think that we should call him,” She pulls out her phone, and starts typing.
Then her phone starts ringing.
“ Speaking of the devil himself.” she says
“It’s him isn’t it” I asked she shakes her head yes.
“ Hey brother, yes I listened to the recording. Yes he here with me right now. Okay I will be sure to tell him. I love you too.” she finished and turn to me. “ Seth said you better thank him. When you talk to him again.”
“ Okay…. I’ll be sure to do that.” I said
“ Before you saying anything else.” she said “ I would like to tell you that….. I’ve liked you too since 2nd grade.”
“ Then there is one thing left to do.” I said
“ That would be?”

“ Skyler Jolie Rannals will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend? I will make sure that you will be safe and NO ONE will hurt you ever again.” I feel a blush creep across my face.
“ Yes, I will be honored to be Daemon Austin McCamey’s girlfriend” she said.

**Chapter 14: Brice
“So we need to just find a smaller house, for Skyler. She wants to be independent. She knows how to live on her own.” Seth is saying.
“I know, Seth, but I don't want her out there on her own she is only seventeen.” I am saying.
“Brice, she is gonna be fine out there, just like she was when we were at the Army Base. She was perfectly fine. And we will see about that house on Court Street. You know the big one with six rooms.” Seth grins, “And think of all the parties she could have!”
“Whatever! Just call her first!” I walk out of the living room, and slam the bedroom door.
Thirty minutes later. As I get up from taking nap. I walk into the living room, but I don’t see Seth anywhere.
So I walk into the kitchen, and tacked to the fridge there is a note.
I went to pick up Skyler from school, and we drove to the house on Court Street to look at it and call me when you get over this little thing.
So I immediately run to the room, and get my phone off of the nightstand and push call on Seth’s name.
Ring. Ring. Ring.
“I am sorry. The person you are trying to call does have a automatic voice mailbox that has not been setup yet. Goodbye.”
Well, Damn.
I go out to my car, And I pull out and head to the highway to get to Court Street.
When I got to the house on Court street. I seen Skyler talking to the owner of the house. Then Seth walked out of the house with the real estate agent.
      “Brice come and look at the house that Skyler and someone else will be living in” yelled Seth.
“ Okay….Be right there” I yelled back
Seth showed the house to me. It was huge, there was six bedroom, Two master bedrooms with full baths, in the entire house there is 7 bathrooms. Also there is a huge backyard with a pool.
“So Skyler, are you going to actually get the house?” I ask, feeling my sadness leak out of my pores, but I soak it back up fast.
“I think so. You, the twins, and Seth can have Mom, and Dad’s house. And I could do a roommate thing here!”” I asked
She looks really happy about it.
“You need furniture before you can move in.” Seth is saying, but I don’t hear him.
I am trying to focus on breathing. It is getting harder to.
“I have to go.” I put my hand to my forehead.

**Chapter 15: Seth
I hate it when she gets like this! Lord have a pregnant girlfriend is tiring.
“I have to go,” She whispers, and puts a hand to her forehead, and takes a wobbly step forward.
“Babe, are you okay?” I ask her.
“Yea. Whatever.” She grabs her coat off of the door knob, and walks out the door.
“Seth,you better go with her.” Skyler says.
I walk over to her and kiss her on the forehead. “Thanks,Sis.”
I turn and run out the door. “Brice!”She was already driving away when i got outside. “ Dang it, now i got to go after her.”
As i'm driving down the road i see Damon drive by. I wonder if he is going to be Sky’s roommate. I wouldn’t really mind.
When I got to the house. I see her car in the driveway.
“ Brice are you here?” I yelled
“ Yea Im in the bathroom .” she yelled back
“ Do you need anything, babe?”
“NO I’m good. I’m just tired .”
“Okay.” i said, but i don't believe her.

**Chapter 16: Skyler
After Brice and Seth left. I went in the house that is mine now. As i was looking at the master bedroom. I heard a knock on the door. It must be Daemon. When I got to the door Daemon is standing there. “ Hey” I said
“What no kiss for future husband” He said  
“ Ummm No” I teasingly said as I got in his face. I was quickly pulled into his arms.
“Are you sure about that, because that's not going to work for me.” He whispered in my ear.
“ I’m pretty sure.” Then he crushed his lips to mine. I could feel sparks between us. It was my first kiss and it was amazing.
“ Wow” he said
“ Wow is right” I said back 
“ Why have you asked me to meet you at this house” he asked
“ Well i was wondering, if you would like to be my new roommate. Since my brother doesn’t want me to live on my own in this big house.” I said.
“ Umm is your brother going to be okay with it?”
“ Yes, he is okay with this.” I reassured him.
“Well in that case, I would love to be your roommate.”
“ Really? That’s great”
“ But where will I be sleeping?” he asked
“ Well that is up to you. You get to pick your room.” I told him. As I show him the rooms that was left because I already have mine picked.
    “ Isn’t there six rooms in this house and you have only showed me 5 rooms.” he asked
“Yes there is six rooms but I’ve already  picked mine.” I said
“Oh. Of course you did.” He smiles at me. “Where is your room” he asked.
“ That's for me to know and you to find out later.”
“Okay” he said sadly

**Chapter 17: Daemon

Today is moving day. I can’t wait to be living with Skyler. “ Hey Stacy do you know where my box of Books are? I yelled
“ Dear brother you already put the box in the car. Now go and help Skyler move all the stuff in the house.” she said
“ Okay, I love you and make sure mom and dad know that I love them too.” as I’m walking to the car I see a dog running towards me. “ Wow boy, down down now.” i yell at the dog.
“ I’m sorry for him. I hope her didn’t hurt you Daemon.” the person said
“ No he didn’t hurt me” I said as I look at the person. It was Skyler “ Skyler what are you doing here and why do you have a dog with you?” I asked.
“ Well i was bored at the house and my Brother got me this dog. So I thought I would take him for a walk.” she said
“ Well did your brother get you a big enough dog?” I asked
“ Hey!! Lager get back here.” she screamed at the dog.
“ NO!!!! Don’t you dare pee on my tires.” I yelled. As Skyler died laughing at Lager peeing on my tires. “ I’m glad that you think this is funny.” I said to her.
“ It’s not funny. It’s hysterically funny.” she said laughing
“ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA It’s not funny” I said
“You’ll live little baby.” she said as the dog looks at me like he’s laughing at me too.
“ Oooo you’re getting it now” I said as i ran at her and picked her up and spun her around. She kept hitting my back telling to put her down and when I finally did. I held her there and kissed her. “ Now get in the car so we can get the house in order.”
“ Okay” she said as she put Lager in the back of the car. I’m surprised that he fits.
When we get to the house. I see that she has all of her stuff unpacked and set up.
“ So are you ready to unpack? So we can make something to eat and chill.” she asked
“ Yeah” I said
Finally we finished setting the house up. Skyler and I are laying in her bed watching a movie. When I Hear my phone go off.
“ Hello, Oh hey stacy. Yes you can come over. We were just watching a movie. Okay see you in 30 mins”
“ So your sister is coming over?” Skyler asked
“ Yea, shes been dying to meet you baby” I told her.
“ Okay well I’m going to get in the shower then.” she said
“ Okay” I walk into the kitchen. To find something to eat. When smell the smell of shampoo behind me. I turn and see Skyler in one of my hoodies. Dang she looks good in my hoodies. “ Was your shower good?” I asked as I walk up to her and put my hands around her waist and pull her close to me.
“ Yea” she said as a breath was hitched in her throat.
“ Good” I said as I kiss her. Then the doorbell rang. “ That must be my sister” I said.  When I opened the door. I get tackled by my sister. “ Hey, will you get off me? Please.” I asked
“ yea sorry little bro. I’ve just missed you since you’re not there to get on my nerves.” she said
“ That because he has a new person to bother. You must be Stacy, I am Skyler.” Skyler said with her hand out to shake. But Stacy just hugged her.
“ Omg!!!! You are so pretty. No wonder you have my little bro’s heart.” she said
“ Hey you need to keep things to yourself sister.” I said jokingly
“ Thank you, you are really pretty too.” Skyler said
“So are you going to show me this beautiful house.”Stacy asked
“ Well come on and we will give you your tour then.” I told her.
When we finished showing the house to my sister and talking about things while doing so. It was time for my sister to go home.
“ Your sister is really nice” Skyler said
“ you haven’t seen her at her worst”
“And you haven’t seen me at my worst” she said

**Chapter 18: Skyler
I must have fell asleep, but I don’t remember going to bed. I felt an arm tighten around my waist. I turn and see Daemon fast asleep. Then I notice that we were in his room. “ How did I end up in his bed” I asked aloud
“You fell asleep in my arms on the couch and my room is closer to the living room. So I just brought you in here.” Daemon said in a husky tired voice.
Dang! He sounds so cute when he first wakes up. He moved his other arm around the other side of me and pulled me close.
“ Okay...um...well are you hungry?” I asked. I hear his stomach grow. “I guess there is my answer” I laughed.
“ Yea I think i’m hungry” he said. He picked me up bridal style and walk to the kitchen. When we were in the kitchen. He sat me down on the counter.
“ So i’m guessing you are cooking” I said
“ What makes you say that?” he asked
“ Well if I was cooking. You would have sat me on my feet.” I said
“ You’re right, I am cooking.” he said as he reached in the fridge. “ I am going to cook some french toast and scrambled eggs”
“That sounds great and what am I supposed to do?” I asked
“ You’re are going to sit there and be my taste tester.”
“ okay” I said
As Daemon started cooking. I sat the looking at him. I can’t believe that he is mine. Also why hasn’t the guys been to the new house.
“ Why hasn’t the guys been to the house?” I asked Daemon
“ Ummmm, About that. I was wondering if they could come over today?”
“ Yea sure, I don’t mind them coming over today. I think it would be nice to actually hang out with them again.” I told him
“Well good, because they will be here any minute now.” he said as he started to put four plates on the table. Then I hear the doorbell.
When I got to the door and opened it the boys pulled me into a huge hug. “Hey guys! Will you let me go before I call for lager.” right when I said lagers name he was right next to me.
“Wow, is that a great dane?” Logan asked
“Yea” said as I bent down and played with lagers ears. “We might want to go to the kitchen before Daemon comes looking for us” I said
“Yea we don’t want Daemon to think that you got kidnaped or something.” Bret said
We walked into the kitchen and there is Daemon standing in front of the table waiting for us.
“ Hey Babe,” I said as I went sit but got stop by Daemon. 
“Hey Babe,” he said back and kissed me on the forehead.
“ EWWW” Brett said
“AWWWWE! I wish I had a relationship likes y’alls.” Logan said
“Okay it is time to eat.” Daemon said as he picked me up.
“Hey put me down. I’m hungry.” I yelled he just down and placed me in his lap. “Why are you making me sit in your lap?” I asked
“ Because that is where you belong.” he said
“No, I belong in a chair like a normal person.” I argued. Logan and Brett just sat there laughing at me.
“ But you’re not a normal person. You are the only one that has our precious Daemon's heart.” Logan said
“ I’m not sure if I do have his heart.” I said Sadly. I look at Daemon. He looks like he is thinking really hard.
“ I guess I’ll have to show you that You have my heart later.” Daemon said
“ And how are you going to show her that.” Logan asked
“ ways that you will never find out.”  Damon said.

**Chapter 19: Brice
“Will you not even tell me why you sped all the way home just to use the bathroom?” Seth asks from the other side of the closed, and locked bathroom door.
“Nope.” I say, fastly feeling the bile growing in my throat. “Now you can go back over to Skyler’s house and leave me be.”
“No way. Something is going on.” He tries to turn the knob, and I hope to god that he can’t pull the door knob off.
I don’t want him to see me throwing up blood in the toilet.
So, I wipe my face, flush the toilet, and brush my teeth, then open the door while he is trying to open the door.
“Are you okay, Brice?” He runs a hand through his  coppery hair, then lets it slide down to his stubble.
“I am fine!” I almost yell, “I have told you this.”
His eyes seem to pop out of his head when I yelled. “Brice.”
He looks a little hurt and that makes me feel regretful for yelling at him like that. That was me. NOT the baby talking.
I really don’t wanna tell him what is going on because he will be heartbroken.
I just push my way around him and I take my shirt off and pull back the covers on the bed. I lay down in fetal position, and pull the covers over my head.
Then a hand grabs the covers, and yanks them back. “Tell me what the f*** is going on, Brice!”
He is standing over me looking as mad as ever.
“Why? Why do you want to know when you don’t even care?” I ask, my voice giving way to the tears.
He does not saying anything, he just walks out of my view, and then I hear the front door slam shut.
I am left alone to cry. Alone. Crying to myself.
I cry until I fall asleep.

**Chapter 20: Seth
She thinks I don’t care.  But why???
“I think something is wrong with Bruce, Sky, will you try to talk it out of her?” I ask
“ Yea. I’ll talk to her” Sky said.
“Well Skyler, I’m going to go and I guess visit some old friend.” I said
“ Okay, I love you big brother.” she said as she hugged me.
“ I love you too.” I walk back to the car. Well today has been eventful. I think as I Call Hunter, one of my old high school pals.
“Hullo?” He answers on the fifth ring.
“Hunter?” I ask.
“Is that you, Sabur Seth?”

**Chapter 21: Daemon
After the boys left, I walked into the kitchen and wrap my arms around Skyler. “Hey, babe” I ask.
“ Yes,” she said in her cute voice.
“Remember what I said earlier? About showing that you have my heart.” I asked.
“ Um I’m not sure.” Skyler said psyched
“ Just follow me” I told her. As I’m guiding her through the hallways to the back yard, I can feel her hand  trembling.
“ Babe, there is nothing to be scared of.” I say, trying to bolster her feelings
“ Okay…” she said quietly
When we reached the back yard, I heard Skyler gasp at the sight.
While Skyler was Clean up the kitchen. The boys and I were in the backyard, putting flowers in the pool, putting up Lights around the deck. We also laid out blankets to sit on. 

“ Oh My Gosh” skyler said as she was precipitousness
“ Do you like it?”
“ Do I like it? I love it, Baby” she said in a jubilant voice.

**Chapter 22: Seth
“Hey, Seth, how are you?” Hunter asks, from where he sits on Me and Brice’s Couch.
“Tired. But let's see, I have a pregnant girlfriend, and a 17 year old sister, and the army calling my name again.” I look over at him.
“This girlfriend, she lived on the base with you, too?” He asks, interested.
“She did. She was in the army, until she found out she was pregnant. Then,she had to quit.” I pick up my phone, and I open my images, and pull up a picture of Brice when she was in the army.
“Dang,Seth, you did good.” He grins like a bat.
“That I did. And my sister is having all of this trouble with this boy at her school,too.” I roll my eyes.
“Drama, drama, drama.”  Hunter says.
“So how are you, how have you been?” I ask him, as I kick my feet up.

**Chapter 23: Skyler

“ Hey Brice, I was wondering if you could help me with somethings.” I asked
“ What do you need help with Skyler” she asked
“ I just really need some help please.” I said
“ Yea I’ll be there in 10 mins” she said

Ten minutes later my doorbell rang. As I walk up to the door.
“ OKAY,” I yelled back. “ Don’t get your panties in a twist.”
I opened the door. She ran straight to the bathroom. I walk into the living room and sat on the couch.
“ Oh my gosh, If you haven’t opened that door in time. I would have to wear a pair of your pants.” Brice said as she came into the living room.  “And my booty would be sticking out. Your butt is too small.” 
I started Laughing, “Your butt is only bigger, because you are pregnant!”
She tries, and fails to look serious.
“So what do you need help with ?” she asked
“ Well, first I need to ask you something.” I bite my lip.
“ Okay ask away.” she said
“ Are you okay? Seth is worried about you.” I said
“ Can I tell you something?” she asked
“ Of course, You can tell me anything.”
“ Okay, The day that I was looking at the house with you and Seth. The reason I ran out of the house and left is because lately, I’ve been throwing up blood. I have a doctors appointment at two tomorrow.” she said
“ Oh my gosh, you think it has something to do with the twins?” I asked
“ Yes, That’s why I was wondering if you would could come with me?”
“ Of course, I’ll come with you.” I said.
Brice and I sat talking for like four hours about stuff that has been going.
“ Ugh , I don’t want to go home.” Brice said.
“ Well...just stay the night.” I said
“ Okay. Just let me call, and tell Seth that I am staying.”
“ ‘Kay.” I holler, as she retreats out the backdoor, to call him.
This feels wrong, so very wrong to keep this from him, he deserves to know to truth.
I will tell him, just not today. But I will.
Just then, the “Bro” ringtone starts playing, indicating that Seth is calling me.
“Seth, ughh, it is like eleven thirty, what do you need?” I ask him.
“I called to check up on Brice.” He sounds worried.
“Yeah, she’s fine. She is here with me, she is gonna stay the night.” I yawn.
“Oh okay than. Did you find out?” He says lowly.
“Yea. Tell you whenever. Just not at midnight, Bro.” I look down at my  lap, thinking of the second twin.
“‘’Kay. Tell her I said ‘I love you’.” Then the line goes dead.
“Hey, Brice, no need to call Seth, I already did.” I yell.
No answer.
“Hey!” I yell again. “Brice!”
I bolt up from the couch and I go to the back door.
I look around the deck, and I finally see her lying on the floor of the deck.
“Oh my god, Brice!” I yell, and I run to her.
“Don’t tell.” She mumbles.
“I wouldn't.” I pick up her phone, and I call an ambulance to come and help with her.
“Nine-one-one, what is your emergency?” The woman who picks up asks.

**Chapter 24: Brice:
I can hear the voices, but I can't see who says them.
“She will be okay.” One voice says.
“Are you sure?” A voice says. Seth. He sounds tortured, sad.
“Seth, she is gonna be okay, okay?” I hear Skylar whisper to him.
Than there are two footprints that are walking farther away then there is a door clicking.
“Brice, Babe, wake up. Wake up so you can tell me that you are okay.” A hand touches my cheek.
“Brice is in here.” I hear him say say from me.
“Oh wow she looks the same as she did in High School.” I hear a familiar voice say.
“Yea. She is beautiful.” Seth says.
“She is.”
Then The fog lifts, and I can open my eyes.
Seth is standing over me, looking a bit scared. And worried.
  “Brice, Babe, you finally woke up.” He leans down and goes to kiss me, but I put a hand over his mouth to stop him.
I cover my mouth and point to the trashcan across the room.
He rushes to get it, and brings it back to me.
I nearly put my face in the trashcan, while Seth pulls, and holds my hair out of my face.
After a few minutes of vomiting into a small trash can, I grab a tissue from the box on the small table in view and I wipe my mouth and put it in the trash too.
“Babe, you remember Hunter, right?” Seth grabs a ponytail from the table, and he pulls my hair into a messy bun on the top of my head.
“Yea. I do. Hey, Hunter.” I look from Seth to Hunter.
How does Hunter not remember me and Hunter’s big relationship that we had in High School?
It was one of the biggest high school romances that our small town has ever had- up until Sky and Daemon.
“Seth, remember that you said that you need some help moving that couch.” Hunter stands up.
“Oh yeah.” Seth says, standing up, and letting go of my hand.
  When they leave, I fall into a deep sleep.

**Chapter 25: Seth
She finally woke up.
I want to say something smart to her. I stopped myself so that she can heal, or get better.
“So we are heading to Sky’s to move her furniture.” I tell Hunter as we get in my truck.
“Ohh your sister Sky? I haven't seen her in forever. How is she?” Hunter smiles.
“She is fine. She has her own house now, with her boyfriend, Daemon.” I start the car, and we are off.
After an hour, there is one more couch to move, and Bret pulls up, just as I go to lock the front door.
“Seth.” He says. “Is Daemon here?”
“No. He is at work today.” I stand there looking at him. “Why?”
“Oh nothing.” He fidgets.
A dark car goes by, and a loud crack goes off, and before i realize what it was, Bret fell to the grass.
“S***!” I yell, running to him and the grass where he landed is red, with blood.
“Bret?” Daemon’s car just pulled into the driveway.
“Some car went by and shot him.” I look up and see Daemon running a hand through his hair.
“I will be right back, Bret, hang on.” Daemon is off.
He closes the front door right behind him and he is running toward us with a sheet to wrap around his wound.

**Chapter 26: Sky
MY phone rings in my pocket, it's Seth.
“Sky, I need you to keep Brice calm.” He says frantically.
“What? Why?” I look at her sleeping.
“Bret was shot.” He says.
“What???” There is an edge to my voice.
“Explain later.” Then he hangs up.
Then a nurse comes in, “Miss Richardson, you have been checked out, so you may go home now if you would like.” She smiles.
“Thank you. Sky, can I stay at your place? With you?” Brice puts a hand on her large belly.
“Of course you can.” I smile back.
“I’ll get your stuff ready.”
“Thank you bunches.” She takes her hair out of it's bun, and lets it go loose.
As we get to my house, I get a text from Seth.
  Bret didn't make it, Lil’ sis.
OHh. Brice now, grief later.
When we get into my living-room, we decided to watch the longest movie that I have, it is six hours.
As the credits role, she is asleep. So I get up and turn the TV off, grab a throw blanket, and put it over her slim shoulders.
I go to my room, that I share with Daemon, and I let my feet glide over the wood floors, and I accidentally kick something across the floor.
“Crap, Daemon, learn to pick up you junk.” I whisper-yell.
It lights up.
I bend to pick it up.
It’s  a phone. One I have never seen. It looks like a business phone.
As I hold it, it dings, and the message says: Right Hand Man
It is done, boss. He is dead.
What? I go to say out loud, but than a loud yell cuts me off.
“Skyler Danielle!” Brice is yelling.
I almost fall, as I run to the living-room, “What? What is it?”
Her sweats she has on are wet.
Damn! Her-
“My water broke.” She has tears streaming down her face.
“It is going to be okay.” I pull out my phone. “I am calling Seth, He can drive you while I get your stuff.”
He picks up on the third ring. “Sky, what’s wrong? It's eleven thirty.”
“It’s Brice.” I say, as I grab her slippers.
“What about her?” I hear him grab keys. “Is she okay? Is she going to be okay? What happened?”
“Her water broke. I need you to come get her, Seth. So I can get her stuff ready to go to the hospital.”
She is taking deep breaths, than yells, “Hurry, Seth!”
“I am on my way, Baby.” He yells back.
She starts crying more, when Seth gets there.
I bet she is hurting bad.
“Thank..you...Sky.” She moans as she tries to get in his truck.
“Now go!” I nearly yell at Seth.
Brice is like more than a sister to me, she is a best friend that happen to be having my brother’s baby.

**Chapter 27: Sky
Early the next morning, Brice gave birth to an adorable baby boy.
Emmitt Daniel Rannals.
Named after her brother, who died.
She made me cry when she said that I was his godmother.
And Seth, well he… He cried the whole time. He kept holding Emmitt’s hand with one finger, and Brice’s hand in his as they held him together.
As I stood off to the side, I just sat and watched them, than Emmitt looked up and seen me, and it made my heart melt.
I was already attached to him, and I haven't held him yet.
He had Mom’s eyes. And Seth’s chin. And my cheekbones. Brice’s hair and nose.
He was so cute.
I go to sit down when I get a text on my phone. From Daemon.
Babe, I have to go to memphis with my dad. I am sorry we haven't talked much lately.
I want to be mad, but I just can’t.
Brice looks up at me, and reaches a hand out to me. “Come here.” Her face is pale, and smiling.
“It’s okay. I like watching you guys  with him.” I say back to her, tearfully that she is wanting me over there.
“Just get you hinney over here, right now!” Her voice cracks.
When I get over to them, Seth hands me Emmitt, and real tears are falling from his eyes, and onto my hands and I wipe a few away with my forearm.
He snuggles closer to me and i feel a great amount of love to Brice and to Seth, who are the best parents in the world, right next to my mom and dad.

Epilogue: Daemon
I hated lying to her. But I have to think about something else right now.
Not about her.
So I pull into a gas station that looks clean, I go to get gas, and pay, and there is a guy in front of me that has the same hair color as Brice does.
“‘Sup.” He says, when he turns.
“Hey. You look like someone that I know.” I say to him.
Same cheekbones and nose, oh and eyes.
“Who?” He sets his coffee cup down of the counter.
“Brice Richardson.”I say.
“She is my sister, dude.” He just grins. “Do me a solid and don't tell her I am coming to see her.” He pats me on the shoulders.
“She does not know that you are alive?” I say, right when he reached the door.
“Nope. So how is she?” His face falls.
“She just had a baby this morning.” I laugh inside that he missed it.
“By who?” He seems on guard now.
“My girlfriend’s Brother.” I pay, and walk right past him to my car.
How can he still be alive?
She has thought he was dead all of these years?
That is just wow.
I need to tell her before time, so that I don't get the blame for it.
It's bad enough I am lying to the girl that I love.
I hate it.

**Bonus Chapter: Seth:
As I picked him up for the first time, I felt tears sting the back of my eyes.
He has Dad’s eyes. Mom’s chubby checks, and Brices nose.
As if she knew I was thinking of her, she rolls over, and sees me holding our baby, and she smiles, weakly.
“Hey, Baby.” I say, grinning wider that ever, feeling more of a man than I ever have.
How is it possible to be so happy, when I am supposed to be sad for someone that I barely knew, but liked, and saw get shot?
Maybe this is what Dad said when he told me that when I get older, I will see and do more.
He told me that when Sky was born, and I asked why he was crying.
I get it now.
God, if Dad was here!
“What are you thinking?” I hear Brice’s frail voice ask me, as I look down at the little baby in my arms.
I can just imagine him being mischievous.
“Thinking about how mischevious our baby is going to be.” I smile down at her, as she settles deeper into the covers.
I set my baby boy back in he baby bed thing, and walk over to where my girlfriend lay on the hospital bed.
“What is bothering you? If you don’t tell me, I will find someone to tell me.” I put a hand on her check.
“It’s nothing, Seth.” She tries to turn away from me, but I force her to look at me, by grabbing her chin.
“If you are not going to tell me, then don’t act like it is the end of the world.” I say.
“Fine.” She rolls onto her other side.
That's it.
I crawl in the hospital bed beside her, and wrap an arm around her, and I can feel that she is crying, but I don’t say anything.

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