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Death of a Orchid

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Chapter 8

When I wake up it is seven o’clock. When I get up my roommate is gone because her courses are earlier than mine. I get out of bed I see Desiree looking in my closet. “What are you doing in my closet?” I say still shocked from last night. “Well last night when you ditched me to sleep, I found a note from your professor and saw that they think you should dress better and not in baggy clothes. Which by the way, why are you wearing baggy clothes? Especially if you are studying to become a wedding planner?” She grabs a pair of my favorite sweat pants and says “Seriously? The sweat pants from high school?” She throws them in the trash can that is right next to my dresser. After a bit of arguing on what I should throw out (which is pretty much everything) I tell her “You know what, I get paid today so after my last class we can go shopping ok.” We agree to this, so I get dressed in the best clothes I have (a blue highlow dress that has a sparkly waist) and we head off to my first class. She tells me to sit in the back off the room, so we can talk. In the middle of the class I look over at Desiree I almost giggle because she is pretending to sleep. “What are you doing?” I say lowering my voice so that I don’t get yelled at. She opens her eyes and laughs. “Man I have no idea that wedding planning would be so boring.” Then she disappears, I start to freak out and then I see her down by the professor and I squint trying to figure out what she is doing, then I see it, she is mocking the professor. She then comes back up to sit next to me again. “That is the most fun I have ever had in this room.” I say and she nods and says “When you couldn't see me I would be doing that everyday. One time you did laugh and I thought I had gotten through to you but it was just that Andy set you a text.” I look down because I still have to pay attention even though I'm still talking to Desiree. After the bell rings I get up and I am about to walk out the door until I hear my name “Cheyanne. Can I speak to you.” I turn around and see my professor is leaning on her desk. I start walking toward her and she starts talking,”Cheyanne, may I ask you a question?” I am now a few feet away from her “Yeah of course you can professor.” She goes around her desk to grab something, it looks like a piece of paper. “I found a piece of paper that had your name on it and I was curious so I decided to read it. I was halfway through when I realized it was a story. Cheyanne, I asked you to stay back because I don’t think you should be a wedding planner…” At this I am very nervous and I feel like i’m going to faint. “...I think you should transfer to literature instead.” She says handing the story to me. “Really professor? But I don’t know if i’m good enough to get a degree in literature.” I see Desiree standing next to the chalkboard and she rolls her eyes. “Are you serious Cheyanne, you are a fantastic writer. You even won the writers contest in high school.” I nod knowing that she is right. “So you agree then?” I hear my professor say. I look at her and I say “Yes, I think so. Thank you professor.” She nods and I walk away with Desiree at my side. “I knew you would do it. You are a gifted writer Cheyanne.” Desiree says looping her arm around mine. I try to hide that my arm is out a bit because her arm in mine. We walk by a girl who has blueish green hair looking a bit lost. “She we help her?” I whisper to Desiree. “Yea you should. You are the one who has a kind heart in this friendship.” I nod and I unloop my arm from Desiree’s and walk over to the girl. “You seem lost, do you need help?” I say with a friendly smile. “Yeah, I do thank you. I am new and i’m looking for world history.” She says handing me her schedule. I look at it and see that she is in the same class as me. “I was just heading there. Come on i’ll show you the way, …” I look at the top of the page for her name, “Gabrionna.” I give her back her schedule. “Thanks, you can just call me Gabby. Uh I’m sorry what’s your name?” She says grabbing her schedule back from me. I then remember I haven’t told her my name. “Oh sorry, my name is Cheyanne. Now we should get to class.” I say moving her hand that we have to go the way I was walking. We talk about what we are majoring in and we find out that we used to live close to each other. She is a year younger than me. That makes sense because she has introduction to a college environment on her schedule. I tell her that class is going to be boring because I was in that class last year, and the administrative office puts all the new kids in it. We keep talking until we are in front of the door for our next class. I tell her to go talk to the professor and I go take my seat all the way up of the classroom. I can feel Desiree following me but I am already used to the feeling. “Do you think she will be our friend?” I ask Desiree. She just shrugs and looks at me. “You’re not going to forget about me will you?” I am shocked after she says this. She should know that she is my best friend no matter what happens. I hit her with my elbow and say “Of course I won’t. Even in death, you're my best friend.” During the entire class I am writing notes and Desiree is trying to make me laugh and talking to me. At the near end of the lesson, she goes down by the professor and mimics him. When the bell rings she comes back up to me and when she gets by my side, my phone goes off. I see it is a text from Andy. I unlock my phone and read his text. It read “Hey Samantha, I can’t wait to see you later after I deal with Cheyanne. I will be by your dorm around 7. Luv u <3” I look at Desiree and she says “You should call him and ask what he is doing around 7. See if he will lie to you.” I nod and I call him when he answers, he says,
“Hey sweetie, what’s up?”
“Oh nothing just got out of world history.”
“Yeah, that class is boring.”
“Yeah it is. Babe I got a question, what are you doing around 7 tonight? I could really use a movie night.” he pauses at this then eventually says
“Oh I would love to, but I can’t because I have a lot of homework and need to study for a exam tomorrow.”
“Oh ok then. I guess I will see you tomorrow then.” then we hang up. I look over at Desiree and I think I can see steam coming from her ears. She tells me that “We are not going to let him get away with this.” She tells me that we will go to Samantha’s dorm room and wait for him to show, then if he does, we walk into the room a few minutes afterwards. So I nod and go on to my next class.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 6 7 8

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