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Death of a Orchid

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Chapter 7

When I get there, it is ten o’clock pm. I go over to her grave and sit there. Thinking “why am I here?” Next thing I know the cemetery is getting foggy. After a bit I start to get a little scared. I decide to leave and then I feel a hand on my shoulder. A slowly turn my head and I see it, or her I should say. I’m about to scream but she covers my mouth. “Shhh, somebody is gonna hear you and they will think you're crazy.” When she says this I can feel that i’m going to faint. “Don’t you think about it Cheyanne.” I look at her and I mean really look at her. She looks exactly like she did the day she died. She didn’t look the slightest bit of ghostly to her. “Desiree? Is it really you?” I say feeling stupid, of course it’s her! “Well i’m not your grandmother now am I?” She says with a smile on her face. “But how? I thought you were dead?” I say sitting down because I know if I stand any longer that I might actually faint. “Of course i’m dead. I just made it so that you can see me. You know that bouquet of flowers that showed up at your door? I sent them. The reason that the dead rose was in there, was so you can see me. The moment you touched it, you were able to see all the ghost who want you to.” She sits down and we start talking for what I think was forever. “So tell me can you go anywhere?” I say leaning like I used to when I really wanted to know something. “Sometimes I can. But the rest of the time I go wherever you go cause when I died you were holding me right?” I nod not wanting to remember that terrible day. “Well apparently whoever is touching you at your last moments alive, you get latched onto them. I have been trying to give you hints that I was there but you just threw it off like it was a coincidence. I mean come on who else would convince you to go into wedding planning?” Now that I think about it, there have been things that I have done that only she would do, like asking out my crush. “Wait so if you could show yourself whenever, then why today, the day of your death?” She looks down as if trying to apologize with her eyes, I missed her doing that. She then sighs and says “Yea sorry about that I have been trying to get you to touch a dead rose but your subconscious was fighting me about it. So I figured that the only way to get you to touch it was if you thought it was from someone you love. And I thought that the orchids would be a huge hint there. I mean I am the only one you know who likes orchids.” We sit there and talk some more on how she was always there and giving hints that she was there with orchids. I then take my phone out after a bit and see that Andy has been trying to get a hold of me. I then see the time and it was one in the morning. “Oh god! I need to go back to the dorms!” I get up and run to my car. “Wait! Can I come with?” Desiree says showing up in front of me. “But I thought that anyone can see you?” I say walking to my car. “No, you idiot…” She says this with a smile so that I know she is joking “Only you can because you touched the rose and, I am letting you see me.” She says walking right next to me. “Oh, ok then, yeah you can come with.” We get into my car and we go back to the campus. When we are there, I show her where my dorm room is and she reminds me that she is attached to me so she knows where everything is. When we are about to go in I reminded her that I have a roommate and she won’t like it if I wake her. When we get in, I grab a notebook so we can still talk. With me in my bed under the covers, I give her the notebook so she can talk to me without me actually talking. But before she can give me the first note I am asleep.

Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7 8 Next »

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