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Death of a Orchid

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Chapter 6

A few years later i’m in college. Andy and I have been dating for 3 years. I decided to get a degree to become a wedding planner, because Desiree always said that I would be a great wedding planner with my attention to detail. I’m still friends with the crew but we decided to stop it because we are in college now and we have a lot of stuff to do. I don’t think about Desiree that much anymore. I am sitting at my computer working on homework. I then hear a knock at the door. I get up and see who it is. I see a bouquet of orchids’. With a single rose in the middle. I pick it up thinking it was from Andy, but it has no note. I look at the flowers and then I notice that the rose looks off. I realize that the rose is dead! I throw the flowers down on my bed and a letter falls out from the bottom. I walk over and pick it up and it says “Why have you forgotten about me?” My heart is beating fast. Who would send this? Why would they send it? I pick up my phone and call Andy. I tell him to come to my dorm room now. When he gets there I am sitting on the other side of the room. I could not move, I was frozen in fear. He was able to come in because I gave him a spare key at the beginning of the year. He comes over and tries to comfort me. I then say “Why would someone do this?” I look at the date and I realize it. Today is the anniversary of Desiree’s death. I tell Andy and he says “I don’t think that is happening. I’m sure it’s just a prank.” Looking at him I can feel myself freak out. “Who would know the anniversary of her death, besides the others?” We talk for a bit and decide to get something to eat and try to get our minds off of it. While at the restaurant I was on edge. I kept looking around. When the waiter came over with our food we thank him and I look down at my salad. I take a bite and it tastes funny. I taste something that tastes like metal. I take it out of my mouth and it is exactly what I thought it was. I take my napkin and wipe of the ranch and it is a pendant. I look at Andy and he nods agreeing that I should open it, so I do. I open it and look inside and it is a photo of Desiree and myself hugging. On the other side of the pendant it has something engraved in it I read it and it says “Happy Birthday to my BFF, Desiree!”  I look at Andy and he is already getting money out of his wallet because he knows that I want to leave the restaurant. I get up and walk out and I hear the waiter yelling at me saying that I have to pay for my meal and then I hear Andy telling him that he was paying and then I hear silence. When I am outside, I sit on the bench in front of the water fountain. After a few seconds of trying to calm myself down, a piece of paper hits my foot. I look at it trying to tell myself that I shouldn’t pick it up. But right after I tell myself that I bend down to pick it up. It’s folded twice. When I unfold it, I read what it says “If you didn’t really forget about me, go to where I am buried.” I decide to do so and I go back to the campus, get my keys, leave a note for my roommate, get in my car and drive to where she is buried.

Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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